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Futureproofing Your Son - Let's Get Down to Business

The number of students studying in the Business and Economics Department at ATC continues to grow. This trend of continued growth mirrors the the upward trend worldwide of business and related subjects such as accounting and economics becoming the most popular fields of study at universities. Business graduates are in high demand because business touches on pretty much every aspect of modern society and careers with a business degree are diverse and versatile.

Students in Year 7 are exposed to a compulsory introduction to the subject in a single term unit. In Year 8, students may choose a semester elective by studying a term of Economics and a term of Business. Year 9 students are offered the same elective choice as Year 8 if they wish to continue in the subject. In Year 10, students are then offered a link to the Year 11 Business and Economics subject suite by studying the subject Accounting and Economics and this is delivered to students on a term by term basis with the subjects alternating each term. At this early stage of ATC’s development, the subjects on offer in the department’s Senior phase of schooling include Economics, Accounting, Diploma of Business and Certificate III in Business. Moving forward the choice of subjects in the department is expected to grow to allow students a greater range of subjects to meet their needs and lead them towards diverse career pathways.

It is the department’s aim to engage students in appropriate learning activities which reflect real world practices. Students in Years 7, 8 and 9 are exposed to many different topics ranging from the current workforce to completing Bank Reconciliation Statements manually and using the Accounting package MYOB.

The Accounting/Business students engage in practices that are completed every day in both profit and not-for-profit organisations. They learn that the financial documentation which is produced is used to fulfil the objectives of Accounting and Business. Economics students are exposed to both the theoretical aspects of Micro and Macro Economics. Students are provided with learning experiences which are current and relevant to both their lives and the economies of Australia and the rest of the world. After completing Business and Economics courses at ATC it is hoped that students will be financially savvy as they pursue further study or enter the workforce. The answer to the question why study business? is best answered by exploring possible careers with a business degree.

All students in the department have also been fortunate to have guest speakers supporting what is taught in the classroom. Troy Walsh from Smart Start has delivered some very entertaining sessions dealing with topics such as saving to investing to earning. A number of students have provided feedback to their teachers on how valuable these sessions are to their future and understanding of real-life issues. Further aspects of study in the area of business is reflected in the offerings at a tertiary level and graduates from the University of Queensland are often sited as saying that the skills of higher order thinking and analysis have equipped them to manage in the constantly changing world of business.

As the Head of Department of Economics and Business I am very proud of the programs that have been developed by the staff at ATC. I am also very pleased to see how the students have taken up the challenge to be involved in the subjects that are on offer. I am very optimistic that the current trend of students selecting subjects in the Business Department will play a major role in our commitment to futureproofing your sons.

Patrick Howell
Head of Business