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Future Proofing Your Son - Construction Industry

Building activity across Australia’s housing construction sector improved sharply in recent months, fitting with recent underlying strength in Australian residential building approvals. Queensland has unparalelled strength in engineering and commercial construction, and these sectors have had a strong surge during 2018. The construction and engineering career pathway is a very popular one for young men to take and at ATC we offer Certificate I which is a great introduction to the trade.

Our Certificate I Construction students are currently undertaking their first community project within the College grounds by fencing the schools Environmental Precinct and gully area. Students have been demonstrating the skills and knowledge that they have learned in the course in the preparation of the timber and construction of the fence. While students have been working in small teams on site performing different functions and rotating through the different tasks, they have learned the value of communication and how teamwork, synergy and workmanship on a worksite are vital to a successful outcome.

During Semester 1, students completed multiple tasks which introduced them to the Construction Industry including achieving the Queensland Construction Industry White-Card and undertaking minor practical projects, including making a saw stool, two-man work benches and a paddle. These projects developed the student’s ability to accurately plan and organise their work and safely handle construction tools which have been invaluable in their preparation and undertaking of the gully fencing project.

This will be the first of many community projects that the Certificate I students will complete leaving a lasting legacy for future generations of ATC students. This is a source of pride for the students who have contributed to the first student construction project at ATC and a real introduction to possbile career paths after school. Many of the students have already expressed interest in the next project and are experiencing ‘job satisfaction’ as they cement their place in the evolving landscape of Ambrose Treacy College and prepare for their future.

Students continue to develop the skills and knowledge and with rising employment levels in the industry, and demand for qualified construction workers, the healthy level of work at present means job opportunities in the future as businesses look for sufficient resources are in place to meet future demand. This demand will create real jobs for our graduating students at the end of 2019. The Certificate 1 also offers very relevant experience on site and off site, for students contemplating further study in Construction Management, Engineering and Architecture.

If you and your son would like further information, please contact the Vocational and Career Pathways Department.