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Formation & Service Week 8 Term 3

Week 8 will be a daunting time for our boys. On the back of Father’s Day celebrations over the weekend, exams take precedence for a significant number of boys. In addition to this, the College will hold a number of activities to observe ‘Child Protection Week.’ The saying ‘It takes a Village to Raise a Child’ is certainly pertinent in this case as boys are reminded of their rights and freedoms as young people.

ATC offers a multitude of support networks for all of our boys, and a significant focus of next week will be to remind the boys of those in our community that can assist in different situations. One such network will be ‘Ambrose’s Allies’ will be launched in the next fortnight. This is a confidential group designed for boys that do not have a significant male role model in their lives on a regular basis. As a formational experience, a number of staff will take the Allies to sporting fixtures, the movies, fishing ventures or camping trips. As a College, we are sensitive to the backgrounds and circumstances of all of our boys and assist in any way we can.

To Do Lists, Deadlines, Priorities.

What is most important to us at any point in our life? Luke presents this dilemma to us in this week’s Gospel. The message’s timing is particularly appropriate given we are at the business end of a school term. Our young men are preparing for exams, assessment, school sport, Community Mass, Service commitments, the formal music concert, social opportunities and family commitments. What should be given first priority? What will have to wait?

The forming of our young men will always be a complicated and tiring journey. It took Michelangelo four years to paint the Sistine Chapel, and throughout he had moments of praise, criticism, pain and elation. People demanded different things of him; a myriad of stakeholders had a range of agendas and pursuits. In some ways our young ATC Gentleman are no different. Parents, sibling, teachers and friends all expect consistent effort, courtesy, consideration and commitment. I believe our boys do a tremendous job of prioritising the things that are most important to themselves as individuals. However, it is the adults in the communities’ responsibility to try and guide our young men to understand the significance of each commitment.

Swagtember Year 6 Initiative

With spring comes our annual Service initiative supporting Swagtember. We are passionate about helping our local and wider communities and Street Swags is an incredibly worthy cause providing a practical solution for those sleeping rough around Australia. Our Year 6 boys want to make a difference in the lives of those who are less fortunate than ourselves so please get behind us and support us in sleeping rough for one night to raise funds for those on the margins. Our goal is to raise $1500. This year we will also focus on collecting items to make hygiene packs for homeless. Please donate any of these items: toothbrushes, toothpaste, body wash, face washers and combs. They can be dropped in Mr Sullivans Classroom. These will then be packed by Year 6 boys when they have their sleep out.
Please go to this link for our initiative

Mr Matt Warr, Assistant Dean of Formation

Cu Chullain Awards

Year 4:Eli Bond, Trent Semiao, Ben Morgan, Harry Spencer, Harry Macdonald
Year 5: Cormac Williamson, Hugo Paterson, Peter Ullman, Andrew Dunn
Year 6: Alex Griffiths, Saacha Paulberg, Sam Gordon, Joseph Clifford.