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Formation & Service Week 6 Term 4

Throughout life we all experience change or transitional phases. The ability to cope points people on the path to leading a more satisfying fulfilled life. Being flexible, looking on the bright side and finding inner strength to cope with the challenges of change are life skills that we are instilling in our students.

Recently our year 6 students have been participating in a program developed to assist students with the transition to Year 7 in our Middle School. It comprises of three distinct components:
• Reflecting – Year 6 retreat
• Responding – Open Forum & Middle School 4 A Day
• Ritualising –End of Year 6 Celebration Liturgy

The first component of this program occurred in week 3 with the Year 6 retreat. The boys immersed themselves extremely well on this day engaging in ‘reflection and appreciation’ of their first 7 years of schooling through photos and story-telling. The second component, the Open Forum was held last week and provided an opportunity for current Year 7 students to share their experiences. This Friday our Year 6 students will experience ‘Middle School 4 a Day’ by undertaking lessons taught by our current Middle School staff in the Middle School precinct. This will provide boys a chance to appreciate the movement that occurs and the teachers they will encounter in 2017.

The final component involves celebrations to mark the completion of the Junior School journey. The last week of school will comprise of an “End of Year 6 Celebration Liturgy” on Wednesday 23 November at 6pm in Nudgee Junior Hall as well as the traditional tunnel symbolising the rite of passage into Middle School. More details regarding these celebrations will be forwarded very shortly.

These events provide a valuable opportunity for the boys to reflect on and be thankful for the opportunities that have been afforded them during their times in the Junior School.

Year 4 & 5 End of Year Liturgies
As 2016 rapidly draws to a close I wish to invite you to our end of year celebration liturgies. This is a chance for each year level to reflect on and be thankful for the opportunities that have been afforded them during the year.

The celebrations will be held on the following dates:
• Year 4 – Tuesday 22 November, 9:15am
• Year 5 – Wednesday 23 November, 9:15am

At the conclusion of the liturgy, parents are invited to join the staff and students for morning tea outside the hall.

Service Program
A full report on the Service Awards ceremony will be included in next week’s ATConnect.

Xavier Flynn (7T) prepared muffins for cricket at Jack Bowers Oval. This was the first time he’s ever baked anything and they turned out pretty good. Seamus Duell (5B) participated in the 10km MS Moonlight Walk on Friday 21.10.2016 to raise funds and awareness of Multiple Sclerosis. Over 4,400 people participated raising over $570,000 to help people living with MS.

Christmas Hamper Collections
Over the last few weeks of the term we would appreciate donations towards the St Vincent de Paul Christmas appeal. Some suggested ideas include Christmas pudding, Custard, Tinned fruit, Bon bons,Tea, Coffee, Milo, Long life milk, Sweet biscuits, Candy canes, Jelly, Jams, Long life juice, Christmas cake, Pancake mix, Cordial, Lollies, Couscous, Cereal, Dried fruit, Fruit mince pies, Savoury biscuits, Tinned vegetables, Confectionery, Muesli bars, Pasta and Pasta sauce. The SRC students will be collecting from each class on a daily basis and placing these items under the Christmas tree in the library which has been decorated so beautifully by Mrs Brink.

Cu Chullain Awards
Year 4: Blake Densley, Willem Keiper, Charlie Ingham-Myers, Hamish McCarthy, Josh Snyman

Mr Michael Stewart, Head of Junior School