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Formation & Service Week 5 Term 4

Year 7 students Gabriel Lentz and Elliot Hewett present flowers to Mrs Lois Smith and Mrs Kaylene.

Our Year 7 boys continue lead by example and their contribution to the Meals on Wheels Queensland program in Indooroopilly is invaluable. Today the Year 7 cohort met to celebrate the great work of the Meals on Wheels Program for 2016. We acknowledged the generosity of Mrs Kaylene Perissinotto and Lois Smith who were extensively involved in the program.

We also highlighted the support of Mrs Andrea McAvoy, Mrs Trish McKenna, Mrs Sarah Godbolt and Mrs Natalie Treasure. Thanks to all who were involved and thanks to the boys who generously gave of their time to help the elderly in our community.

Earlier this week Tom, Ralph and Liam were on the Meals roster and enjoyed interacting with senior members of our community. Thank you to both parents and students for your commitment to this program and we look forward to our continued relationship with Meals on Wheels in 2017.

A wonderfully rewarding part of my job was providing the opening reflection at the Night of Excellence last week. As a way of incorporating and summarising so many of the phenomenal attributes of ATC, I sat down with some students and we compiled a ‘dictionary,’ or A-Z, of Ambrose Treacy College in 2016. I’d like to share just some of our 26 characteristics as we enter the final stages of the school year. These definitions sum up or pillars, our approach to education and the eagerness of all who a part of our school to consistently add to our positive culture.

B is for Brotherhood. For many people, the friends they make in high school will forever remain life- long mates. We form bonds with our peers in so many experiences, inside and outside of the classroom. We depend on, laugh at and grow with our peers and allies.

C is for Community. We acknowledge that Ambrose Treacy College is such a unique and special place due to the wide range of stakeholders that contribute to such a wonderful community. We value the gifts and talents that we all gift to our school and recognise that our diversity is one of our greatest assets.

E is for Excellence. Our crest embodies the personal excellence that we all should strive for. Reaching our personal potential is a goal for all in our community. Excellence in so many ways is an attitude as opposed to a final result.

G is for Gospel. We are who we are, because of the vision and deeds of Jesus, Edmund and Ambrose. We are proud to be a Catholic School in the Edmund Rice tradition. Sacred rituals and liturgies provide time for reflection, learning and hope. The coming together of our community in celebration is a cornerstone of our school.

I is for Inclusive. Short or tall, Year 4 or Year 9, sporting or musical, Ambrose Treacy is a school for everyone. We value each other’s uniqueness and embrace the energy that difference creates. We are richer because of our difference; ensuring respect, empathy and support are evident in all that we do.

S is for Service. Jesus was a person that socialised with all people. There was no difference between the tax collectors and the temple priests, the rich or the poor. Service gives us an opportunity to walk in the shoes of those in our world that needs us most. It creates gentle men! Over the course of the year our boys have logged more than 10,200 service hours resulting in more than 70 Gold service awards being presented. A remarkable effort from a community that prides itself on thinking about others.

U is for Upstanding. Ambrose Treacy College strives to create the leaders of the future. We are challenged to stand up to injustices in our world and in our school. The standard you walk past, is the standard you accept.

St Vincent de Paul Christmas Appeal

This year we are supporting St. Vincent de Paul with their Christmas Appeal and donations are flooding into Homerooms and Student Reception. Please continue to think of those who are in need and don’t have the privilege of enjoying Christmas like we do. Your donations of non-perishable food items and gifts of toys for boys and girls are very much appreciated. Another supporter of this initiative and our partner in Service, Simons Gourmet Gallery, are donation a percentage of the sales of the Cook Off Finalists breakfasts which are featuring on their menu each week. Treat your self to Matthew Perissinotto’s Boston Beans breaky this week!

Remember to drop donations to your homeroom teacher. Only two weeks to go and we want our Christmas Tree to be overflowing with gifts and food items.

Cu Chulainn Awards Week 5

Year 8

Nick Sherlock
Jack Hewson
Lachlan Cummings
Xavier Knight
Angus Murray
Jai Smith
Alex Stewart
Raph Barcelon
Mitchell Bradshaw

Junior School

Year 6: Oscar Holt, Sam Pandy, Luca Gassman, Daniel O’Shannessy, Jye Duncan-Cope.
Year 5: Rory Smith, Ben Cooke, Jack Sadler, Byron Butcher
Year 4: Lachie North, Aidan Warriner, Clancy Murphy, Jacob Cheung, Ciaran Chowdhury

Year 7 Friendship group visiting The Glenleighden School.

Friendship Groups

Friendship Groups are meeting for the last time in 2016 and Year 7 students visited The Glenleighden School Fig Tree Pocket and enjoyed a Friday afternoon of playing board games and sport with the Senior students. We are looking forward to our friendship continuing in 2017.

Mr Matt Warr , Assistant Dean of Formation:
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