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Formation & Service Week 4

“A child educated only at school is an uneducated child”. George Santayana.

Parent Engagement

The recent Night of Excellence reminded me of the importance of parent engagement with the College and its aspirations. Behind the awards and performances were hundreds of thousands of hours of endurance, resilience and grit from staff, students and, most importantly, parents.

The literature on parental engagement is extensive. There is strong consensus that positive parental engagement can and does significantly influence student academic attainment. The specific positive impact appears to include higher grades and test scores, higher successful completion of classes, higher graduation rates, and a greater likelihood of commencing postsecondary education. In addition to these educational outcomes, there appears to also be a number of positive developmental outcomes including more regular school attendance, better social and emotional development, and improved social-emotional behaviour. These impacts have the potential to be financially quantified, with evidence suggesting that positive parental engagement returns positive financial benefits to the nation. There is no doubt that parental engagement has the greatest impact when the behaviours of families, teachers and students are linked. Some of the themes connected with this include the need for:

• consistent, positive and trusting relations between the school and parents;
• a clear and shared understanding of the roles of parents and teachers in the process; and
• a variety of communication channels between parents and teachers.

Given the clear benefits of positive parental engagement in student outcomes, by way of improved academic achievement, wellbeing and productivity, resourcing and effectively progressing parental engagement is warranted, if not essential to education reform and the future of Australia. So what can you do? The College Service Program is a perfect opportunity for parents to engage in their son’s (and family) development. The students have logged almost 9000 hours of service for the year and are required to log any remaining hours prior to Friday 4 November to be eligible for Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards. Below is a reminder of our expectations as a community:
• The minimum required service hours (displayed below).
• At least four Service Journal entries.

Service Awards are also available to all students. The Service Awards are not a competition against anyone else, but rather a personal challenge. A minimum number of hours are required for a student to qualify for a Service Award:

How have you engaged with this distinctive aspect of our community in 2016? For more information, please see your Parent Service Journal.

Gold Service Awards

We will be presenting Gold Service Awards to students who have attained the minimum hours for Gold level community service on Friday 11 November. Silver and Bronze Service Awards will be presented in Homeroom or Year Level assemblies before the end of Term 4.

Please ensure student’s service journals are updated before Friday 4 November to ensure their hours will count for Service Award acknowledgements in 2016.

St Vinnie’s Christmas Appeal 2016

With over two million people living below the poverty line in Australia, including over half a million children, your support for the St Vincent de Paul Society Christmas appeal will immediately bring joy to those who need it most. The collection will end by Friday 18 November. That gives us only 3 weeks to collect items in homerooms. Some suggestions include Christmas hamper foods (puddings, bon bons, tea, coffee, biscuits, candy canes, fruit mince pies, confectionary, cordial, soft drinks, jams and tinned or dried fruit.) You can also donate new toys and games.

Cu Chullain Awards

Year 4: Bede Stuckey, Ben Bladen, Oliver Fay, Finn Macleod, Jake Mardell
Year 5: Luke Taylor, Ben McGraw, Finn Eldred, Ben Bunzli
Year 6: Callum Conole, Harry Walsh, Sam Miley, Ryan Forrester, Sam Hewson

Service Program

Clancy Murphy in 4 Treacy has been altar serving this year at St Ignatius to attain his service hours and Liam Barrie in Year 7 attended the Pullen Pullen Catchment Group at the Anstead Bushland Reserve contributing to his service hours. Thank you to both students for submitting your stories to

Mr Conor Finn, Dean of Formation