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Formation & Service Week 2 Term 4

As an Edmund Rice School, we frequently discuss with the boys our need to be an ‘Inclusive Community.’ This is defined as an environment “which is accepting and welcoming, fostering right relationships and committed to the common good.”

This entails the need to be a community which accepts people for who they are, and celebrates the range of gifts and talents which enrich our school. From Year four to Year nine, from staff to students, Ambrose Treacy College hopes to be an authentic representation of Australian society. This includes the families and communities who work with the College regularly. A significant contributor to our boy’s school are the countless women who work, care for and guide our young men. This includes teaching staff, administration staff, support officers and the mums, aunties, sisters and grandmothers whom we form a partnership with.

A recent initiative launched by Ros Peters and the library staff is the ‘In the Bag’ awareness campaign. Many women are not in a fortuitous position to be able to access the resources that they need to live a healthy and hygienic lifestyle. In October, we are asking all boys to bring products which can specifically be used by women to make their lives easier. This could include ladies’ deodorant, toiletries and sanitary products. Although being a boy’s school, we value the importance of women in our world, in our school and in our lives. We want to be supportive wherever possible. Your generosity and consideration would be most appreciated.

As we move towards Christmas, I also ask all families to also begin to think of our St Vincent De Paul Christmas appeal. Many in our nation will spend December searching for simple resources and gifts which may brighten the lives of their families and friends. In the last month of the school year, all boys will be encouraged to think of those less fortunate and to attempt to add a product or two to their shopping trolleys which can be donated to such a worthy cause.
The formation of our young men is an integral part of daily life at Ambrose Treacy. We strive to do this through our curriculum, sporting / cultural opportunities, service program and awareness campaigns throughout the year. As always, we rely so much on our wider community to support our mission as we strive to be inclusive for all who need us.


The College’s Retreat Program aims to support the formation of our young men. The days are designed to engage the boys, allow them to reflect and share, and to have an enjoyable day with their peers. The Year 8 Retreat to be held tomorrow will have a focus on the ‘Power of Relationships’ and why family and friends are the most important people in our lives. For this day to have maximum impact on the boys’ journey from ‘boyhood to manhood’, we have enlisted the support of ATC dads. I would like to thank all the men that have volunteered to help out and I am sure you will enjoy the day as much as our Year 8 students.

Service Program

Year 7 students are active participants in our program, serving the community and logging their hours. Cooper recently provided service assistance, handing out food to members of the Burnie Brae community centre. Liam (7 Wynne) assisted in preparation for the Suzy Connor Charity Shield at Moggill Football Club and was a linesman for the footy games between the ANZACs, Barbarians, England and Gaels. This event raises funds for local charities and causes. As the end of the school year draws nearer, students are encouraged to log all their service hours and send their stories to

Liam, linesman at Moggill Football Club Charity event.

Cu Chullain Awards

Year 4: Jack Brennan, Zach Smith, Santi Ferrando, Tristen Meekin

Year 5: Max Rylands, Fergus Robertson, Calum Bonner-Jerrett, Oliver McMeniman

Matt Warr, Assistant Dean of Formation