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Formal Concert

On Saturday the 27th of August we will be staging our first ever ATC Formal Music Evening at St. Laurence’s College ERPAC.

This exciting evening of music will feature most of our ATC Choirs and Ensembles in a world class venue and is an opportunity for our musicians to perform in a formal setting in front of a large audience.
The concert commences at 6.30pm with pre-concert entertainment from 6.00pm in the foyer.

Afternoon rehearsals/sound checks will be held at the venue following the proposed schedule below. Students (except for Junior Choir and Junior Concert Band – who will be in uniform on arrival) will arrive in free dress but bring their full formal performance uniform to change into along with all necessary instruments and music. They will stay on from their scheduled arrival/rehearsal time and will be provided with pizza for dinner prior to the concert commencing.

ARRIVAL TIMES AT SLC ERPAC Saturday 27-08-2016
- Performers in more than one group please arrive for the first of your rehearsals and then stay on for the second
(Please note all performers remain at ERPAC from this arrival time until conclusion of the concert)

1.30pm – Big Band and Jazz Ensemble & Cultural leaders

2.00pm – Remaining members of ATC Symphonic Winds

2.30pm – Remaining members of Wind Ensemble

2.45pm – Remaining members of Concert Band

3.00pm – Remaining members of Middle School Handbell Ensemble

3.30pm – Remaining Guitar Ensemble and Middle School Singers

4.15pm – Junior Choir and Junior Band (in full uniform)

5.00pm – Dinner for all groups except Junior Band and Junior Choir

5.30pm – Dinner for Junior Band and Junior Choir

6.00pm – Pre-concert entertainment commences- Senior Flute Ensemble & Senior Clarinet Ensemble

6.30pm – Concert Commences

8.30pm – Proposed conclusion of Concert (with 20 min interval)