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Finding a Career Pathway

Considering possible career pathway options can be exciting for some yet overwhelming for others. Possibilities can seem endless so where does a young person begin? Ambrose Treacy College provides students with many opportunities to assist them in choosing rewarding and satisfying pathways. One of these opportunities is through Work Experience.

Work Experience provides students with an opportunity to investigate a career they are passionate about and see if they would enjoy working in that role. In trying different jobs, a young person can identify their strengths and therefore motivation towards a pathway. Undertaking Work Experience shows a willingness to try the unknown, as for many students a placement is their first experience in the workforce. With this opportunity young people can start to build their own networks and employers may offer a kick-start to their career through a School-Based Apprenticeship or casual employment whilst studying. But as well as providing an opportunity to develop ‘soft skills’ a student who has undertaken a Work Experience placement, typically displays a clearer sense of their post-school priorities and continues through the Senior Phase of Learning with a greater sense of focus and drive.

Each year, Year 10 students are given the opportunity to undertake Work Experience and this year the placements occur in the week 25 – 29 June. Work Experience is also available for any Year 11 student; however, placements need to be organised on an individual basis with the student finding an employer. As always, I am available to offer Assistance can be given if necessary.

If you can provide this valuable experience or know someone who can for a Year 10 or 11 student, please contact Senior School Reception. Other career news includes Patrick Robinson and Alistair Bradford being accepted into the QUT Future Leaders Program. The QUT Future Leaders program provides a broad selection of activities for these students including: enrichment in specific subjects, with a strong emphasis on innovation and entrepreneurship and life skills such as networking, leadership, an awareness of social justice and community engagement.

A reminder that every month the ATCareers Bulletin will be released on the College app. This bulletin contains important information regarding your son’s options for the future. Please keep an eye out next week for this vital resource.

Melissa Peacock
Head of Vocational and Career Pathways