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Everyone is a Winner!

The Co-curricular department rounds out the year with more celebrations of musical talent and House spirit from ATC students. The final Music concert and House competition demonstrated the endless energy and enthusiasm of our boys and the wealth of community spirit from our parents both of which that typify the #ambrosetreacylife

Friday evening saw the culmination of our inaugural House Touch Football Competition. After four rounds of competition, each team played in a repechage final, with points contributed to a house total. Based on finals results and results throughout the competition, Connacht House were the overall winners, followed closely by Leinster House in second and Ulster and Munster tied in third position.

Congratulations to the following teams who won their respective competitions!

Year 4 – Leinster
Year 5/6 – Leinster 2
Year 7/8 – Leinster 1
Year 9, 10, 11 – Ulster

The level of community buy in and engagement into this program was so pleasing to see! We had many parents helping out with coaching and refereeing as well as many more assisting with team management on game day. Eight of our boys completed their touch football referees course and were instrumental in officiating the games each week. Twelve staff were involved in coaching, competition facilitation, managing and refereeing to ensure that the program ran well each week. We also had over 30 volunteers assist our fantastic Sport Support Group lead by Helen Hicks, Donna Densley, Reg Roberts and Lisa Mortlock, to ensure that spectators and players could enjoy something to eat and a cold drink whilst watching games. All involved made this such a success that we have scheduled this program again for Term 4 2019 and will look forward to huge buy-in from the whole community! See the full album of photos by clicking here.

The 2019 Co-curricular Music year came to a finish last week with our Junior Band Breakfast Concert and Summer Music Concert. Authentic and varied performance opportunities are a significant part of the success of our music program. Not unlike our sportsmen who train and prepare for competition and fixtures, performances contextualise the work that is done in lessons, rehearsals and practise at home. Performances are also an opportunity for others to share in the musicians journey, to celebrate their successes and at the risk of offending the musical purists, to entertain! As one of the greatest drummers of all time Buddy Rich puts it ‘You only get better by playing.’

Our performance venues and events across the year have been diverse. From coffee shops to Performing Arts Centres, festival tents to the JBTR stage, nursing homes to cathedrals, basketball courts to carparks each opportunity has given the boys the chance to give life to their music and realise the joy that comes from a great performance. Along the way things have gone wrong. Sheet music gets dropped, cues get missed, power cords get disconnected and clarinets squeak! But the growth for our musicians is in the resilience that comes from recovering from their mistakes (or that of another) and moving on, looking ahead rather than focusing on the inevitable bumps in the road.

In 2019 we again look forward to offering our co-curricular music students the opportunity for diverse, challenging, rewarding and motivating performances. Earlier in the year we surveyed our co-curricular music community regarding our performance schedule and were very appreciative of the feedback and insight that we received through this process. When our College calendar comes out early next year, parents and musicians will note a slightly different performance schedule to previous years. The intent of our performances does not change. It is a necessary and rewarding aspect of our program and one that motivates and engages our musicians and inspires our community. As Rolling Stone Keith Richards would say:

“Music is a necessity. After food, air, water and warmth, music is the next necessity of life”.

Congratulations to all of our musicians and music staff for another amazing year of performances! See the full album of photos for our Summer Concert and the Junior Band Christmas Concert

Dave Capra
Director of Co-curricular Activities