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eSports - Our Newest Club

eSports (the ‘e’ stands for epic) has swept Asia and is now taking off in Australia. No wonder! The 21st century is looking for athletes who impress with their cerebral fire-power and manual dexterity rather than the Stone Age skills of running (often into one another) and using clubs (or ‘rackets’ if you insist). Mr Schaab’s eSports Club is in training and our Senior team has soared to 2nd place in the XP High School League QLD Conference and our Year 7s-10s have commenced training to take on other schools in Term 2.

Many people wouldn’t consider virtual vehicular soccer (aka Rocket League) a sport. But we think it is at least as fast-paced as Fuzzy-Ball-Over-Net, at least as intense as Run-With-Ball-Until-Tackled, and requires just as much technique as No-Bendy-Elbow-Throw-Ball-At-Sticks!

If you are interested in joining this new club, click here to email Mr Schaab to register.