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The Green Green Grass of Home

Our intention this semester is to rejuvenate rainforest area located on College property, bordering the Witton Creek and Brisbane River. The project aims to rid the area of all weed species, clearing the location for students to plant native trees and provide habitat for native fauna.

Thus far we’ve been able to successfully introduce over 100 species of native trees to the area. Ultimately, it is hoped that the space is sustainable, allowing students to care and manage our urban forest. Alex Davies, student coordinator of the Environmental Club, explains the clubs focus for 2019 in this video:

To start the year, the environmental club was successful in securing a $6000 grant from the Brisbane City Council. This will allow for further weed control to take place in the Brother’s Gully, removing weeds such as Cats Claw Creeper, Climbing Asparagus Fern, Chinese Elm, Camphor Laurel, Ochna, Coral Berry, Balloon and Arrowhead Vines.

For the project to continue, we require more students to join in the battle for a sustainable environment. Thus, we would like to encourage students from the Middle and Senior school to add the very enthusiastic and dedicated team which currently give up their mornings on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7am – 8am to revitalise the area. Over the few years since the club’s inception, students have donated thousands of hours of Service to the gully precinct and their work should be applauded and recognised as an award winning, environmental project. It is obvious that the commitment and passion of our ‘greenies’ has made this space a wonderful retreat for local fauna and a green space that enhances our stunning College grounds.

Bernard Wong
Environmental Club Coordinator