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Emotional Intelligence

ATC volunteers at the annual Mater Little Miracles Walk at Southbank

As we approach the halfway point of the academic year it is a good time to reflect on the following questions: How is your son going at school? Do they look forward to going to school and enjoy the challenge of learning? Scientific studies suggest that emotional intelligence helps a person to become successful in life more than the quality of schooling they receive.

This is because the emotional brain, known as the limbic system, has the power to open or close access to learning and memory. When a student feels angry or stressed they are less likely to learn because their mental energy is expended focusing on the cause of their negative emotions. So what can you do as parents? You can attend to not the ‘three Rs’ of education but the ‘three Es’ of emotional intelligence – Eliminate, Educate, and Encourage.

Parents can Eliminate the number of situations generating negative emotions for their son. Some of the more common sources include: fighting with parents and siblings, family breakdown and a parent leaving/absent from the family home. Be proactive about modeling constructive conflict resolution in the house. If there are significant changes happening at home, make an extra effort to go out of your way to try and connect with your son more often with the intent of finding out how they are handling the changes.

Parents can Educate their son to talk about their feelings as this develops an improved emotional awareness. Educate and model basic anger management and conflict resolution skills that prevent your son from becoming victims of their negative feelings. Parents can educate their sons about their strengths and interests and actively encourage them when they show enthusiasm for a particular subject or pursuit. Educate them to set attainable goals as they often need help in taking big challenges and breaking them up into smaller achievable tasks.

Parents can Encourage their son’s emotional intelligence by acknowledging and affirming achievement as this strengthens their self-esteem. Encourage academic grades by acknowledging their emotional resilience, problem solving, and personal growth in dealing with difficult emotions.

Parents can encourage their son by applauding them when they demonstrate compassion for others through our Service Program. Encourage them by allowing them to participate and contribute to family decisions and discussions. People like Edmund Rice and Ambrose Treacy knew that learning is not all about a boy’s IQ nor the quality of education provided. They knew also that young men need to be in good emotional space have the ability to manage their feelings.

As parents, you can assist in this quest by focusing on the ‘three Es’ as well as the ‘three Rs’.
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Service Program Week 10

Xavier Flynn (Yr 7 ) participated in the Mater Walk for Little Miracles at Southbank on Sunday 5th June.

Blowing bubbles for Mater Little Miracles

Cam Kilpatrick, Liam Barrie, James Grant and Eli Neville from Year 7 also volunteered their time to the same event. The boys had a great time. They were given the role of Route Marshalls for the walk and were allocated to the “Bubble Station” section (who says service isn’t fun!) with instructions to “create a fun, happy atmosphere of bubbles and to cheer on the walkers, especially the Mater Little Miracle kids”. The boys really got into the spirit of the day by dressing up in bright colours, they put a lot of effort into making the kids laugh and smile. Lots of kids stopped to play with the bubbles, and the kids loved it, the boys did an amazing job.

While their main role for the day was to be Route Marshalls during the walk which started at 10am, they arrived at 6am to help set up for the day and stayed until 2pm until all the packing up for the day was done. At the end of the day they even got to help pack up Old McDonald’s Baby Animal enclosure and carry all the animals.

Helping to pack up the Animal Nursery at the end of the day

Cu Chullain Awards Week 10

Year 4 : Kelby Eilert, Taj Webster-Maunder, Daniel Neroni, Stuart Nichols
Year 5: Noah Clifford, Henry Hill, Fergus Keogh, Oliver Stanley-Jones
Year 6: Kai Dittmar, Will Baker, Xavier Georghiou, Josh Burgess

Mr Conor Finn, Dean of Formation