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Elliott Beauchamp’s Musical Journey

In this blog, we look at an outstanding Music student, Elliott Beauchamp’s story and where he sees his love for music taking him in 2022. My first musical experiences at Ambrose Treacy College were in Year 5 with Ms Barbara McGeever’s Choir and Mr Skaar’s Brass Ensemble. I have been involved in many ensembles throughout my time at ATC, including both voice and brass and I have loved every minute of it!

When I first came to ATC, I set a goal to get into the top ensembles and make great music, and, after years of practice and heavy involvement in the wonderful Music program, I managed to successfully audition and participate in those top groups. It’s been an honour to have been selected as one of ATC’s Music Captains in 2021 and I have loved mentoring the younger musicians to enhance their experiences and learning. In regards to the parts of music I like the most, there isn’t really a stand-out feature that enamours me more than any other. I think that music is so broad that a person may not have explored enough in the landscape of music to find what truly draws them. One thing I do enjoy in music however, is the mingling of classical instrumentals in a contemporary format. I think that adding a violin, flute or tuba into a modern piece makes it a stand out – an unique medium that is becoming increasingly driven by sales rather than creative vision.

At the moment, my music career options are broad and I’m exploring as many things as possible before making a final decision. I’m very excited to have been offered a position and the University of Queensland to study Music. Currently I’m on a pathway to train my voice through tertiary education as I love to sing, but I am open to many fields of music study, such as conducting, arranging, composing and musical education. My dream in music however, is to become a film composer. It is a profession that requires a high level of technical skill, but I absolutely love creating music that compliments scenes and landscapes in media. I’m fascinated in how a film’s soundtrack can subconsciously enhance a viewer’s experience, and am very keen to learn the methods behind them!

Although I’m leaving ATC, I hope to remain an active member of the school community through our Old Boys program. I thank the Music Program teachers who have shared their expertise and guided me on the way to fulfilling my dream of making a career doing what I love.

Elliott Beauchamp