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Eliminate Educate and Encourage

How is your son going at school? Does he look forward to going to school and enjoy the challenge of learning? Scientific studies suggest that emotional intelligence helps a boy to become successful in life more than the quality of schooling he receives. This is because the emotional brain, known as the limbic system, has the power to open or close access to learning and memory. When a boy feels angry or stressed he is less likely to learn because his mental energy is focusing on the cause of his negative emotions.

So, what can our staff do about this?

Our staff have begun to engage in a progressive training course in The Berry Street Education Model. This model enables teachers to increase engagement with boys and successfully improve his self-regulation, growth and academic achievement. Over the course of the year, our teachers will be equipped with the strategies to facilitate your son’s cognitive and behavioural change, thereby increasing his emotional intelligence and academic achievement.

So, what can our parents do about this?

You can attend to the ‘three Es’ of emotional intelligence – Eliminate, Educate, and Encourage instead of the ‘three Rs’ of education. Parents can Eliminate the number of situations generating negative emotions for their son. Some of the more common sources include: fighting with parents and siblings and a parent leaving/absent from the family home. Be proactive about modeling constructive conflict resolution in the house. If there are significant changes happening at home, make an extra effort to go out of your way to try and connect with your son and find out how they are handling the changes.

Parents can Educate their son to talk about their feelings as this improves emotional intelligence. Educate and model basic anger management and conflict resolution skills. Parents can educate their sons about their strengths and interests. Educate them to set attainable goals as they often need help in taking big challenges and breaking them up into smaller achievable tasks.

Parents can Encourage their son’s emotional intelligence by acknowledging and affirming achievement as this strengthens their self-esteem. Encourage academic grades by acknowledging their emotional resilience, problem solving, and personal growth in dealing with difficult emotions. Parents can encourage their son by applauding them when they demonstrate compassion for others through our Service Program. People like Edmund Rice and Ambrose Treacy knew that learning is not all about a boy’s IQ. They knew also that young men need to be in good emotional space to have the ability to manage their feelings. As parents, you can assist in this quest by focusing on the ‘three Es’ as well as the ‘three Rs’.

As we approach our scheduled Parent Teacher Feedback Meetings it is a good time to reflect not only on how your son is doing academically but also on how he is feeling.

If our Dads and Mums are looking for support in this journey we would encourage you to attend the following opportunities being offered at the College this term!

Dads’ Connect Powerhouse Program, starting next Monday 23 April at 6.30pm in the Chapel, continuing over four weeks and cover strategies and mindsets for effective teen parenting.
Click here to sign up for the 4 week course.

Mums’ Connect Powerhouse Program, starting on 21 May and continuing over four sessions, covers similar topics and exercises as the Dads’ Connect Program so couples can benefit from a consistent approach and discuss themes and strategies at home.
Click here to sign up for the 4 week course.

Conor Finn, Dean of Formation