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Diversity is in our DNA

College Principal Michael Senior was in Rome recently as part of his Professional Renewal Leave and was blessed to be in the presence of Pope Francis. I am not sure if Michael was in the audience to hear Pope Francis when he stated last week ’An essential characteristic of Christian community is its unity in diversity and the freedom this gives to Christians to come alive as witnesses of Christ.’

At our Community Mass on Saturday evening a mix of families from across our community celebrated the Feast of the Holy Trinity. Father John spoke of the necessity to be an active communion of love. This means a love for all people and to be active in this love. Pope Francis also stated that this “shows how in the DNA of the Christian community there is unity and freedom from oneself, which make it possible not to fear diversity, not to attach oneself to things and gifts and to become martyrs, that is, luminous witnesses of God alive and active in history”.

Ambrose Treacy College aims to be an inclusive community. This is part of our Enrolment Policy as we strive to have a diverse school community and be part of a diverse local and global community. At ATC, we are continuing to expand programs such as our Service Program to develop in boys the notion of respecting diversity. Our blog last Friday highlighted, as it does almost every week, examples of young ATC men being active participants in the diversity around them.

For example, there are opportunities for students to be involved with a Fabric Drive to produce sustainable recyclable shopping bags; for Year 7 students to contribute to community via their Service Expo; volunteers can attend the annual Operation Rimau Commerative Service; a Community Sleepout is held to build awareness of the plight of homeless people and the whole College has the chance to support the Vinnies Winter Appeal with donations of food, blankets and clothing. This list highlights the opportunities aimed at increasing awareness of others, the need for empathy and a respect for all. The holy spirit in our hearts is a vital component in our efforts of building a House culture, facilitating teamwork and forming Men of Courage.

I always encourage the boys to finish the term strongly and as we enter the final week of Semester 1 it is a time for everyone to focus on the small details to finish strong. I ask families to encourage their sons to prepare the best they can for their exams, to attend and be involved in the Inter-house Track and Field Carnival on Wednesday, and to be here on Friday when we bring to a closure and celebrate this terrific semester.


I wish to thank the six staff who accepted acting leadership positions whilst Mike Senior has been on leave. These people Conor Finn, Brendan Flanagan, Sam Brown, Patrick Behan, Sharon Davidson and Tom Woodley have all made a great effort to ensure the continuity and excellence in everything the College provides.

As the term comes to a close we farewell Ms Sharon Davidson and wish her well in her new position at another school. We also say goodbye to Ms Jennifer Novak and Mr Kevin Van der Weide who completed contracts for staff who have been on leave this term.

Timetable Change

The College timetable will be adjusted for Semester 2. Changes are prominent in Year 7 as well as elective changes in Years 8 and 9. Only minor changes are involved in other year levels. The Semester 2 timetable will be available on SEQTA during the first week of July. Semester 1 reports will also be available in SEQTA by the end of the upcoming Student Free week.

Enjoy the chance to close the laptop, relax and have a safe and happy holiday. I look forward to welcoming families back to school on Monday 15 July.

With best wishes

David Gardiner
Acting Principal