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Different Abilities Providing Much Needed Perspective

Courage comes in many packages. It takes great strength of character for those with diffability of all types to confront their fears. Sometimes just walking out their front door is like walking into a foreign and hostile land. Next time you see someone with a diffability, admire their courage, applaud their instincts, and most of all, see them as your friend.’ Laury Bray, Dandalion Founder

Ask a friend, colleague or even a stranger how they are doing and you are likely to get a response along the lines of ‘busy’, ‘flat out’ or something similar. We certainly live in busy times, which is why phrases like ‘well being’ and ‘a balanced life’ are now familiar terms. And whilst productivity and hard work are certainly necessary for the achievement of goals, the business of life, as well as our daily, weekly and monthly routines can often narrow our perspectives. We can take for granted the many blessings in our lives, lose sight of the difficulties that others face, and lose our perspective on what it means to be a sign of faith.

Service is a wonderful circuit breaker during busy times. It provides us with opportunities to see how other people do life. We get glimpses of how they go about their daily lives, and we appreciate the many different abilities, or ‘diffabilities’ that people face each and every day. Recently a number of ATC Men of Courage and staff did just that. In a remarkable show of community spirit, ATC hosted members and volunteers from Dandalion as well as students from Stuartholme, in a ‘World Record Bake-Off’ that saw 526 cupcakes delivered to Brisbane’s most marginalised communities via Rosie’s Van.

Dandalion is an organisation that “believes everybody has unique gifts and can make a valuable contribution to communities”. The members of Dandalion overcome impairments and challenges on a daily basis and participate in community events that provide assistance and support to others. ATC students and Dandalion members mixed, baked and decorated side by side in a show of solidarity to provide support and relief to others. The mentality of these wonderful Dandalion members who, despite the challenges they face on a daily basis, work towards bettering the lives of others, is a wonderful example to us all.

Life can get busy, we can have bad days; however, we can draw inspiration from those in our communities that overcome challenges on a daily basis, and yet continue to give to and serve others.

Service Snapshots

Red Shield Appeal

Congratulations to the boys who participated in the Red Shield Appeal on the 26th on May. We had 45 students working tirelessly throughout the community to raise $1900 for the Salvos. The boys were a credit to the College, drawing a number of positive reports from community members about their behaviour and conduct throughout the day. Well done gentlemen!

Finland Cross Country Ski Trip to Support Blind Eye Ministries

Ziggy (Yr 11) and Monty (Yr 7) recently donated $2500 to Friendship Group, Blind Eye Ministries. The boys raised this money prior to completing a gruelling cross-country ski trip from the Russian Border to the Swedish Border across Finland. They endured tough conditions such as temperatures of -34c! It’s an incredible effort by the boys, to not only complete the trek, but also using it as an opportunity to raise some money for an extremely worthy cause.

‘Gari Gynda Narmi’ at Goodstart Learning Centre

Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander Coordinator, Mr Brett Greinke, along with a number of Junior and Middle school students visited Goodstart Early Learning – Inala, last week as part of the College’s Reconciliation Week activities. The ATC boys performed a traditional welcome to country dance called ‘Gari Gynda Narmi’. They shared stories about the meaning of the dance and even took the time to teach the steps to the children and staff. ATC students and brothers, Ricky and Dominyc Schiro-Cook, proudly spoke about their Culture and performed demonstrations on how to play a ‘Didgeredoo’ or ‘Yidaki’. Well done to all the boys for taking the time to share their stories with the community as well as continuing to represent their Culture so proudly.

Well done to the entire ATC community for the continued commitment to Service and caring for others that is so often on display. I look forward to sharing more good news stories as the term draws nearer to its end, and seeing the young men of Ambrose Treacy College continue to be such people of influence in and around the many communities in which they are a part of.

Andrew McCrohon
Service Program Coordinator