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Days are Long and Years are Short

We welcome the Ambrose Treacy College community to Term 2! They say that the ‘days are long, and the years are short’. It appears that 2019 is no different with Term 1 a distant memory, summer sports coming to a close, Camp Week done and dusted, Interhouse Cross Country raced and won, Lenten Fayre celebrated and our liturgy wrapped up the term.

Rest over the holidays for some was short-lived with the various camps and competitions keeping both staff and students busy. It is always fitting to return to school with the celebration of Easter. This keeps our sights on the Jesus story by grounding us in the importance of kindness, new beginnings and love. We hope that all families celebrated some time together over the break and managed to wind down from such an active Term 1.

What’s On

ANZAC Day Liturgy

Year 11 have their first ‘formal occasion’ at the SociABLE tonight at Victoria Park Golf Course. In addition to this will be the leadership process that will see Year 11 students nominating for 2020 College Leaders. By now, boys will know that these positions of added responsibility do not carry with them any special powers or privileges. They do however, enable successful recipients, the ability to be men of service to the College – staff, students and families alike. Where our College Pillars are foundered by men of courage and service, so too should our College leadership positions be inspired to do the same. Year 11 have also been entrusted to raise funds for the College Mascot – ‘The Irish Warrior’. They will therefore be responsible for the House BBQ each Thursday morning which will see them connecting further with the Junior and Middle Schools, whilst challenging their leadership abilities in designing initiatives to achieve their goal. In all these endeavours, we wish them well.

Leading the Way
Year 12 continue their responsibilities as College Leaders by developing school culture amongst the students and the wider community. How well a school is functioning can sometimes be attributed to how cohesive and relational the Seniors are operating. If this is the case, then Ambrose Treacy College is in good hands. The boys will have a unique year where there will be many ‘first’ and ‘last’ times. At present, they are setting an admirable standard for the younger members of the College to aspire toward – through action in both behaviour and academic rigour. In my short time at ATC, I have found these boys to hold the College Pillars as their foundation and display a genuine humility that assures hope for the future of the College. The leadership of this cohort is an example for the rest of the school. This will most definitely be a starting point for our Middle and Junior School students to centre their leadership upon. As the Student Representative Council (SRC) in the school continue their service to their respective year levels and home rooms, we challenge them to have the courage to act selflessly, with strength of character, and with a moral compass guided by the values of the College. There will be opportunities for all boys to step up as titles and badges are not required in order to lead. It will merely depend on a boy’s choice to do so.

Term Focus – Formation

As the ‘Forming Men of COURAGE’ initiative builds momentum, it would be timely to mention that our focus for this term is ‘Accountability’ and ‘Respectful’. In this light, boys will be challenged to acknowledge themselves and others through these qualities. Unfortunately, staff are required at times to contact boys and families for concerns around College expectations and rules such as uniform standards and behaviour. This will continue to occur, however, we would like our community to look past the exterior of people and find the positives in others and self. The shortest poem ‘Me, We’ will allow this focus to develop further meaning. A basic explanation of this can be found by clicking here

How much do we place the ‘me’ before the ‘we’? Hopefully we may lead our community this term to answer this question and also to determine what it means to be accountable and respectful. Positive communication will play a large part in this endeavour.

Student Expectations

1. Uniform – Staff will be conducting a uniform audit for week 1 and 2 and then again in week 4 when our formal uniform is worn. Please know that from next Monday 29 April, students will be detained each break time until presentation issues are rectified. This includes: hair, uniform, laptop stickers and graffiti as well as non-religious jewellery. We thank parents in advance for supporting their son’s education at the College, by understanding these standard expectations that enable our boys to be both accountable for their attire and respectful of themselves, others and their families.

2. Parent Teacher Feedback Meetings – Please ensure that your son accompanies you to any meetings with teachers. For boys to be accountable for their education, they must be present in order to be responsible for change, improvement, feedback and acknowledging success/failure.

3. Inclusive Community – Research is finding that students who actively seek engagement in activities are finding increased success within the classroom. Making connections with others through the co-curricular program allows boys to develop relationships that can improve self-worth, raise the levels of the natural chemicals in our bodies such as serotonin, oxytocin and endorphins and encourage challenge which can improve self-efficacy. This is the first school that has a ‘Fishing Club’ and I am keen to see the boys in action. There is something for everyone to be involved.

How to Wear Your Badges

I would like to thank the College community for such a warm welcome in Term 1. The staff and students at Ambrose Treacy are incredibly hospitable and kind and my connection with families has been overwhelmingly positive. I look forward to meeting more students and their families throughout the year but for now, welcome to Term 2!

Brendan Flanagan
Assistant Dean of Formation