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Culminating Brotherhood

Ambrose Treacy College dedicates an enormous amount of time and energy into building a community and deepening the sense of belonging. We bond with people and places.

Aspects of our community that draw most recognition as representing a rite of passage is the visual separation of the ‘Seniors’ at the College as distinguished by their white shirts, Senior ties and leaders’ badges. Each student in Year 12 has left their mark on the College. Whether it is through their academic success, co-curricular achievements, leadership skills or their contribution to the Service program. Each young man has had the chance to reflect, to grow and to be courageous.

Last Tuesday marked a very special occasion for our Year 12 students – ‘A Night in Hollywood’ themed Formal, which, amongst the many rites of passage, has now become a new tradition as we continue to build as a strong school community. It was also reward and celebration for the contribution these young men and their families have made to the College. Whilst the evening was centred on the students and their partners, it is important to recognise what this day meant for our families who have supported them in their journey at ATC. A new practice, a culminating experience and one that will be remembered for years to come but most poignantly, I noticed the pride of the parents as families gathered on Hillstone’s terrace under the canopy of fairy lights. The smiles were infectious and the emotion was palpable.

Also, I acknowledge the significant effect the evening had on College staff. Many of the teachers working side by side with these Year 12’s have helped them reach this milestone point in 2019. Seeing these young men grow as learners, leaders and servants to the community has been a privilege. We are immensely proud of the boys and look forward to seeing them achieve even more during their final months on Year 12.

This year has been full of opportunities and challenges for our Year 12s with exams, assessment, retreats and leadership responsibilities. The boys have demonstrated a willingness to take the lead, leaving their mark as they cut a swathe through what is their final year of schooling and our inaugural year of seniors.

Accepting that they are learning their craft but still giving of their best made the Formal event a successful night but more importantly it was a night to celebrate all their achievements and their Brotherhood. A ceremonious culmination to 13 years of formal schooling. Congratulations men.

Sam Brown
Head of Leinster House