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Courageous Leadership

We arrived at school with our backpacks, pillows and sleeping bags, but with no expectation or prospect of what we might learn on our Year 11 Leadership Retreat. The cooked breakfast by the 2020 Captains and House Captains was welcomed on the cold morning. As the bus pulled into Moogerah Dam, it’s safe to say we were all taken aback by the serene view of the lake through the gum trees.

The first day was full of highlights, from House Challenges, fire ceremonies, to what Year 12 could look like. Enlightened sessions by Ms Little, Mr Warr and Mr Robertson on Learning, Servant Leadership and Men of Courage were the first lessons on how to future proof our Leadership.

Raft building, mountain biking, and not to give too much away but some outrageously fun House Challenges and Brain Breaks had us working as a team, connecting and problem solving to come together as a single, accepting cohort.

Days 2 and 3 however were where the barriers were broken down and minds were opened, all thanks again to Ms Chapman, the Heads of House and the inspiring Matt Griggs. Each session making us stronger, more resilient and accountable. Matt Griggs challenged us to connect mind, body and craft bringing us out of our comfort zone and allowing us to relate as a cohort, providing connections between people that may otherwise not have occurred back in a school environment.

You could feel a change in the atmosphere as we returned to the College on the bus on Thursday. We were closer than ever and pleased to relax and be in each other’s company.

Year 11 Retreat is such an important part of the ATC journey. It offered us a time to reflect on what sometimes feels like a very long 12 years. It gave us the opportunity to look back on the highs and lows and decide how we want to spend our final year at ATC.

It came to an end all too quickly, but it lit a spark inside us and we’ll never forget those moments we shared as a cohort by the campfire affirming and acknowledging we can make mistakes along the way and grow to be better versions of ourselves. Thank you to the College, Heads of House and the Formation team for providing this opportunity to us.

Year 11 Students