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Cook Off Finalists

Thank you to all the boys who entered in the heats of this years ATC Cook Off. It was a great morning and very encouraging to see so many quality dishes served. The feedback from the ‘tasters’ was all positive. Year 4 will be competing over 2 weeks now due to the large number of boys involved. This was the best turn out of budding chefs we have ever seen in the 6 years of the competition, especially in year 4. It was a tight race with only a point deciding which boys made it to the next round.

Congratulations go to:

Year 4

Cailem Wickman
Harry Spencer
Elliot Smart
Josh Leavitt
Sam Pearce
Ben Bladen
Lachlan Roberts
Josh Jackson
Harrison Folliot
Tom White
Sam Bell
Charlie Stewart Koster
Michael Neumann
Gus Clifford
Mason Connelly
Tobie Williams
George Hammer
Jack Rosolen
Will Kuiper
Will Musgrave
Harry Smith
Aidan Brennan
Teo Luxford
Andrew Whittle
Aidan Warriner
Oliver Fay
Matthew Heers
Flynn Neilsen
Jamie Collins
Sean Reid
Max Hammer
Archie Molloy
Dominic Parcel

Year 5

David McIntyre
Darcy LeBlang
Matt Perissonotto
Fergus Robertson
Rob White
Matt Smith
Tiago Ganhao
Oliver McMeniman
Tom Davis-Taylor
Harvey Cole
Isaac Barnes-Cleary
Calum Bonner-Jerrett
Dylan Brockhurst
Oscar Plant
Jack Sadler

Year 6

Max Stevens
Sam Smiley
Sam Pandy
Owen Greer
Zac Smith
Zac Williams
Dan Mulloni
Haydn Roberts
Oscar Barry
Harry Handy
Matt Neroni