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Compassion and Optimism - Two Essentials for Life

A warm welcome to 2022. It has been wonderful to welcome our students and staff to campus today. Thank you for your support during our shared week of online learning and we look forward to the journey ahead with compassion for each other and optimism for what lies ahead as we work together through this challenging time.

The presence of our students on site has added the colour, movement, laughter, and fun we all need as they start their learning, leadership, and service journey for 2022 on site. I especially welcome our new students in all years and particularly our boys in Year 4 and 7 and their families and wish our Year 12 students the very best in their call to leadership ‘As One’ in 2022.

As One: Compassion and Optimism

It was my father-in law’s 90th birthday on Saturday. He has six children, sixteen grandchildren and seven great grandchildren. He has seen much in his life and is a touchstone for our family for compassion and optimism. His life has brought us together as one. We are a diverse family, a loud mob with all sorts of characters but we are united in relationship, support, good humour and service to one another and our communities in which we live and work. As we enter this next phase of our immediate journey at ATC, I find his life and his simple, realistic, and humble perspective inspirational as we as the ATC community are also a diverse family, a loud mob with all sorts of characters and it is this that makes us great. As Jontay, our College Captain and Mr Finn, our Dean of Formation have said in their welcoming videos, “we’ve got this!”

I am sure that you all have these wisdom figures and role models in your own lives; some of them of a good age and very often in the young as well! Another figure of inspiration I like to visit is the Melbourne Catholic Priest, Father Bob Maguire. His compassion and optimism and constant call for solidarity in the human experience is inspiring and his pragmatic example challenging. He recently had COVID and his little video blogs about that experience have been wonderful. Thus, I thought I might share a little clip from some years ago of Father Bob discussing the key to happiness with Anh Do. His perspective is much like the example of my Father-in-law that the key to happiness is helping each other and Father Bob’s reminder of the great African wisdom of Ubuntu, “I am, because you are” is vital for us as we look after one another in the months ahead and respond to our Seniors of 2022 to come together ‘As One’.

Welcome to New Staff

We wish to welcome the following new staff to Ambrose Treacy College. Their skills and experience will be an asset to us, and we hope to achieve great things together. Welcome aboard.

Sam Bebendorf, MS/ SS Teacher
Alexander Bickerton, English/ SOR Teacher
Timothy Booth, College Accountant
Rhett Cope, Athletic Development Coordinator
Christopher Crane, Digital Technology Teacher
Paul Degenkamp, Junior School Teacher
Louise Evans, PA to the Principal
Kastelle Gane, Senior School Chemistry & Mathematics Teacher
Jenny Harding, PA to Dean of Learning
Sarah Heard, School Officer
Josh Hoffman, Operations Officer, Clontarf Foundation
Jake Hogan, School Officer
Miranda Jack, Middle School/Senior School Geography Teacher
Adam Knott, Acting Head of Year 8 and MS/SS
Gareth Kolkenbeck-Ruh, Assistant Head of Year 7
Samantha Kolkenbeck-Ruh, Middle School Maths/ Science Teacher
Monash Lal, Casual Music Tutor (Flute)
Gerry Leahy, Finance Officer
Daniel Mahler, Casual Music Tutor (Guitar)
Liam Maguire, English/ SOR Teacher
Ian Morris, Design Teacher
Yugeindran Nair, Middle School Maths/ Science Teacher
Carrie Radzevicius, Art Technician
Sally-Bess Richter, Teacher Librarian
Dennis Russell, Middle School Maths/ Science Teacher
Liam Thomas, Music Teacher

Community Prayers

I ask the community to please keep these members of the ATC community in your thoughts and prayers following their recent losses.

Jacob Craig (Year 7) on the passing of his mother, Melinda; Christian Callander (Year 7) on the passing of his Stepfather, Kurt Ebert and Harrison Spooner (Year 9) and Eli Spooner (Year 5) after the recent passing of their great Grandfather. 

We also pray for staff member, Ms Raissa Martin on the recent passing of her mother, Chantal.

We hope that the passage of time will help heal the pain of their passing. Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord, may perpetual light shine upon them, may they rest in peace. Amen.

Best Wishes

Congratulations to Alicia Madigan, Coordinator Religious Education (Middle School), and her husband Luke, on the safe arrival of baby Theodore last week. Best wishes and blessings from the Ambrose Treacy College community.

I take this opportunity to thank our community for the cooperation, communication and support that will be forthcoming in the weeks ahead and to wish all our families all the best for our first term of 2022. We look forward to another positive year, our eighth, as a Catholic school in the Edmund Rice tradition where our students are formed to be and become Signum Fidei, Signs of Faith for our world.

Chris Ryan

Dr Craig Wattam’s Welcome to the EREA Community