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Compassion and Optimism, the perfect ingredients for Service

The start of the school year is always an exciting time. After a long, restful break, it’s full steam ahead into a new year of opportunities, new learning, sporting teams, music groups, cultural activities. A new year also comes with it new teachers, new classes, new routines, new lockers. But whilst there are plenty of ‘new’ things happening around us, there are also some things that remain the same, and as we begin to settle into our school routines for the year, we can lean on one of the constants in our lives, that being, our commitment to Serving others. Just as Brother Patrick Ambrose Treacy, Blessed Edmund Rice and Jesus were unwavering in their devotion to Serving others, ATC Men of Courage are called to follow this lead.

Luka and Markus raising funds for the Rural Fire Service.

Mr Ryan (Principal), Mr Warr (Dean of Faith and Mission), and College Captain Tom Perissinotto challenged the students on their first day back on campus, asking them to demonstrate Compassion and Optimism to start the school year. During a time when the negative is so often over-reported, students are encouraged to turn the tables and create a sense of Optimism in their worlds by taking positive action to improve the lives of others. Positive action might be the small, seemingly insignificant acts of kindness that present themselves every day, such as opening a door for someone, or befriending a new student. Or it might be visiting a Friendship group with a Head of Year or Head of House. It might be signing up for a Service activity at school such as Clean up Australia Day or the Smith Family’s Reading Program. Or it might be something completely of their own accord, away from school. Maybe it’s all of the above! However students choose to accrue their Service hours, and demonstrate their Compassion and Optimism, is entirely up to them.

Let’s Take a Walk

As students begin to plan their Service journey for the year, they are encouraged to adopt a philosophy of ‘walking with’ those living on the margins. When we adopt this way of thinking, we truly promote solidarity, a sense of togetherness. “We are all one family in the world. Building a community that empowers everyone to attain their full potential through each of us respecting each other’s dignity, rights and responsibilities makes the world a better place to live.” – Saint John Paul II – Sollicitudo rei socialis

We open our heads and hearts to those that we meet during our Service, enabling learning and deeper understanding of circumstances to occur in our students. Students are called to ‘take the walk’ with all that they Serve throughout the year.

Stewardship – Clean up Australia Day Save the Date

“In his encyclical Laudato si’, Pope Francis declares, “A great cultural, spiritual and educational challenge stands before us, and it will demand that we set out in the long path to renewal.” (Laudato si’ #215). Edmund Rice Education Australia (EREA) are committed to the concept of stewardship of the land. Over recent years, the ATC community have turned out in droves to support environmental issues. This year, on Sunday the 1st of March, we get that opportunity again. The school will be hosting its own Clean-Up Australia Day event. Students, families and friends are welcome to join us at 7:30am for two hours, to help clean up our natural surroundings. A registration link will be available next week.

Signum Fidei is all Year Round

Delivering for Meals on Wheels

Over the holiday period our Signum Fidei inbox received plenty of good news. Despite school being ‘finished’ for the year, a stream of stories and images of ATC students and families continuing to support those living on the margins were sent through, illustrating that being a Sign of Faith is an all year-round commitment. Thank you for sending these through! We love to share the stories of ATC and of our students completing their Service and we encourage you to email your photos and stories to us.

Andrew McCrohon
Service Program Coordinator