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Community Spirit and Friendraising

Thank you and congratulations to the Parents and Friends for a terrific evening at West’s Rugby Club on Saturday night. It was a joy to see so many parents and caregivers gather for the Kick off Cocktails event. It was especially pleasing to meet so many new members of our community. Thank you to co-ordinators, Lois Smith, Clare Montwill-Griffin and Suzanne Rosolen for organising a great occasion. We look forward to future events.

There was a wonderful atmosphere at Chelmer on Friday afternoon which I think led into the community event on Saturday nicely. Congratulations to Mr Jarrod Turner, our Head of Sport, on the innovative idea of hosting a cricket match under lights on Friday afternoon and evening. A crowd of a few hundred gathered which was great.

National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence

Our focus on College Assembly tomorrow is on the National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence. The theme of positive relationships is always vital in any community or workplace and is most pertinent given the discourse about consent in recent weeks. The more boys and young men hear and understand that violence, whether it be verbal, emotional, psychological or physical is never the answer, the better.

Wherever there is groups of people, there is the potential for relational tension, discord and potential for escalated problems. Amongst boys, there will be difference, misunderstanding, competition and poor choices from time to time. While it is important to have a low tolerance for these poor choices, it is also important to model and facilitate constructive problem solving and restorative methods of holding behaviour to account in order to support and empower boys to participate in resolving issues.

Please click here for our Anti Bullying Policy. This policy applies to employees, parents, caregivers, students, volunteers and people visiting the school site. The basic beliefs underlying the policy are:

• Every individual has value in a community.
• Every individual has the right to feel safe from bullying or harassment in all its forms.
• Every conflict can be resolved. Victims and Aggressors both need help to resolve conflict.
• Every individual in a community is responsible for the safety of other individuals in that community.
• Every individual in a community is responsible for ensuring that other individuals in that community can reach their potential in a supportive and non-threatening environment.

Future Enrolments

We are presently facilitating the Year 7, 2024 enrolment process and are enjoying strong interest in the College, particularly at the Year 7 entry point. This interest is now developing into a situation where a waiting list is growing. This makes coming to ATC in the Junior School an attractive way of securing a position at the College. I have recently written to our current Year 6 class to confirm numbers who will transition to the Middle School next year and combined with current external interest, our enrolments are very strong. We are also presently preparing for Year 4, 2022 with healthy interest in this entry point. If you have any questions or are in contact with friends or relatives considering ATC, please encourage them to be in touch with our Enrolments Officer. We look forward to our Tour Afternoon this Wednesday. Thank you to our current families who are wonderful ambassadors of the ATC story.

God Bless

Chris Ryan