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Community News Week 10 Term 3

Eco-steam Holiday and Weekend Programs

The Young Ethos Scholars Program is offering 3 days of exciting eco-STEAM extension workshops for academically advanced students aged 8 – 11 years old. These workshops may be of interest to students who may benefit from an academic extension opportunity.

Ethos Foundation’s mission is to cultivate effective new thinking, values and action for positive, ecologically sustainable futures and support connectedness to nature, community and self. They do this by running a range of hands-on workshops and courses for children and adults: Young Ethos Scholars, Nature Kids, Earth School and Permaculture Life. They have been doing this for over 10 years in South East Queensland.

The Young Ethos Scholars Program is a series of exciting one-day workshops specifically designed for gifted and talented children who care about the future of the planet and are seeking extension programs with heart and meaning, as well as intellectual challenge and an opportunity to meet like-minded children, and be mentored by passionate teachers. The Young Ethos Scholars Program will inspire children to be innovative and thoughtful, and encourage these future leaders to embrace ecological and social justice principles in their decision-making.

3 Upcoming Events

Monday 19 September: Design with Nature with Robina McCurdy
Robina McCurdy is an internationally renowned community development practitioner with over 20 years experience in Permaculture design and teaching, organic growing, the development of environmental education resources and creation of participatory processes for decision making and collective action. She has taught and applied these in Aotearoa/New Zealand, Australia, Southern Africa, British Isles, Brazil, Canada and USA. In this workshop, be a creative designer of a human settlement – thinking through how it works with nature, how it meets the needs of people sustainably, while protecting and restoring ecological integrity.

Wednesday 28 September: Writing & Theatre Masterclass with Dr Melinda and Sam Hammond
This workshop is led by Dr Melinda Hammond who holds a PhD in Creative Arts and Communication from Deakin University, and her daughter Sam- Queensland Theatre Company Young Playwright Award for 2016 . In this workshop, children can hone their writing and acting skills by immersing themselves in a completely creative space for a day – in nature, playing theatre games, creating characters, developing plots, writing stories and acting it all out – with sustainability focus.

Sunday 9 October: Engineer a Bamboo Cubby with Dr Helen Fairweather (USC)
Dr Helen Fairweather is a Senior Lecturer in Environmental Engineering at University of the Sunshine Coast. As an engineer, she is most proud of the work she has done in addressing climate change in agriculture and urban settings. In her workshop, children can be an ecological design engineer for a day – to imagine, design, draw and construct a large cubby using natural materials.

For more information please visit the Ethos Foundation website for more information. The fee for each workshop is $67.50. Bookings can be made through the Ethos Foundation Eventbrite website and you can follow them on Facebook.

Morag Gamble, Program Director