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Coming Up Week 9

The sight and sound of so many attending training and rehearsals before and after school has been uplifting. As energy levels wain a bit towards the end of an extreme term, the buzz around the campus is very uplifting. We are also approaching a very important week of assessments across the year levels and the application inside the classrooms has been positive.

Last Day of Term 2

A reminder to all parents and students that the last day of Term 2 is Wednesday 24 June 3pm. The decision to extend classes by 3 days was made to provide an opportunity for consolidation, review and new work. It is important that the boys understand that these days are ‘business as usual’ and normal routines and structures are in place to support students.

More information regarding the Exam Block Schedules and Arrangements is shared in the (Learning) section below. A reminder reports will be issued on Friday 26 June and Parent-Teacher-Student Interviews will be conducted via TEAMs on Monday 20 July. More details regarding the PTS meetings will be provided to parents on Monday 29 June after the Semester One reports are released. This will be conveyed via the App and email to all parents.


With so much information and so many activities on offer at ATC, communication is critical. Can I encourage all families, including students, to have the College app downloaded. I appreciate some people are concerned about the number of notices they receive but if the subscriptions are set correctly this can be minimised. I also encourage students, particularly in the Middle and Senior boys, to install, subscribe and utilise the College App. This will allow them to keep up to date with their training and games and encourage a sense of responsibility for organising their own commitments for Sport, Music and Club activities.

Contacting the College

I also remind parents that any communication for students goes through College Main Reception who will pass on messages. But please be conscious of the demands placed on Reception Staff. Direct contact with teachers can be made by email.

Year 4 2021 Enrolments

Following on from Chris Ryan’s comments in his blog this week, I remind families who may know someone who is considering ATC for their son in 2021 to please make contact with our Enrolments Officer, Robyn Donaldson in the first instance. Our College Mascot, Eamonn, was on the road again last weekend, visiting next year’s Year 4 students and you can keep an eye out for him this Saturday around Paddington and Bardon! Remember, he loves a soy latte!

We will also hold small group tours next month on campus, on Tuesday 28 July and Thursday 30 July from 1.30pm until 2.30pm for anyone who hasn’t had the opportunity to take a closer look at ATC. CLICK HERE to share our Enrolment Office contact details with your friends and show them our Year 4 video.

Teachers are planning work for students during the extended Term 2 days of Monday 22 June to Wednesday 24 June. These additional lessons will focus on essential skills that students need to develop in each subject area. Years 4-11 will operate their normal Week B timetable for those 3 days. Year 12 students will be involved in intensive workshops.

Please continue reading for upcoming events and a wrap up of Week 8


Monday 15 June to Thursday 18 June | Years 7-10 Exams
Tuesday 16 June | Monday Bell Times
Wednesday 17 June | College Tour morning
Monday 22 to Wednesday 24 June – Extended Term School days
Thursday 25 June – School Holidays commence
Monday 13 July – Term 3 commences
Monday 20 July – Parent -Teacher-Student Meetings (Pupil Free Day)


Exam Block Schedules and Arrangements for Weeks 8-10

Students in Years 4-6 will be completing assessment and testing as per assessment calendar, during weeks 8-9. Information about assessment and testing is available on the assessment schedule on SEQTA. Students will continue with normal classes in Week 10.

Students in Years 7 to 10 will be exam block from Monday 15 June to Thursday 18 June. See all current Exam Schedules on the College App. Students will attend normal classes in Week 10.
Year 11 Students will be in normal classes in Weeks 9 and 10. No exams scheduled.
Year 12 students will not have classes in Week 10 Monday 22 to 24 June, and instead will have intensive workshops to prepare for their external exams. Year 12 students are reminded that external exams in Maths and Science will form 50% of their result for that subject, and these workshops will further prepare them to successfully complete high stakes assessment. Year 12 students are only required to attend workshops for subjects they currently study.

Year 12 Timetable


Year 11 Chemists used the power of air pressure to make a soda can implode this week in their lab work! By heating a little water in a soda can we create water vapour forcing air that is inside the can into the atmosphere. When placed into a container of ice cold water, nature creates an equilibrium or balance so that the internal pressure and external pressure are equal, hence the drink can implodes as a partial vacuum is created.

Year 6 Science

Mr Pickering’s Year 6 students lit up the Middle School lab again this week by constructing circuits using a breadboard. They discovered that an innovative circuit board can be reused to set up and check circuit arrangements. Students integrated LEDs and resistors into their circuits and checked the voltage with a mulitmeter. Miss Moffat’s students discovered the wonders of science Lab sessions this week too and their faces lit up, literally, when they added different coloured LED’s. LED’s or ‘light emitting diodes’ emit light when a current passes through it. LED’s have many uses in everyday applications and dazzle us not only with their exceptional colour range but also because they are super smart! They are kinder to our environment with their extended lifespan, energy efficiency and high brightness and intensity.

Year 9 Science

As we all remember from our school days, photosynthesis depends on the energy from the sun and during the day most plants convert some of the sugar they make into starch. Year 9 scientists joined me in the lab to examine whether plants make starch in the light or dark. After following a detailed procedure, boys were able to test which conditions plants generate starch and store it in the leaf. They discovered that in the dark, this starch is used up by comparing leaf samples from the light and others that had been stored in the dark.


Some of our Senior students are completing a fencing project as part of the Certificate 1 in Building and Construction. These talented young men are being assessed on their ability to work as part of a team to safely complete a construction project within the College grounds. This project required them to plan the task, calculate material quantities and manage the day to day production activities. The 42 metres of fencing forms the boundary to our award winning environmental precinct, The Gully.

Year 12 University New England

Based on the school’s recommendation, UNE will guarantee a student an offer to start university with them in 2021. Students will be able to choose up to 3 course preferences in their free online application which can be accessed by clicking here. The school’s recommendation combined with academic performance will determine the best offer of a university place. ATAR’s ARE NOT REQUIRED. UNE guarantee an offer to every student, if not for one of their 3 preferences then for an alternative course. You will receive an offer directly from UNE in November. This does not exclude you from applying through the normal processes of QTAC to any other university. UNE offers fully online study options for most courses. Study on-campus options are also available with affordable accommodation in their on-campus residential system. Find out more about UNE’s Early Entry Program by clicking here. This offer is only open until 25 September 2020.


Looking Forward Photograph Competition

Which school has the best spirit? Brigidine has challenged ATC to a photograph competition themed ‘Looking Forward’. Watch the video for details on how to enter. All submissions are due by the 26 June. So come on ATC, let’s represent and bring on some healthy competition.

Senior Jersey 2021 ORDERS CLOSING

With orders for the Senior Jersey closing on Friday 19 June, it is the last week for parents to log into Parent Lounge to purchase. After payment is made, please click here to complete the online form to choose your son’s size.

Driving Guidelines

In the Senior School, more and more of our students are driving to and from school. While most young drivers are careful, safety conscious and considerate when driving, they are one of the most vulnerable road user groups. Travelling with teenage passengers adds to the risk for these young drivers. With this in mind, at Ambrose Treacy College we have a responsibility to take all reasonable measures to ensure the welfare and safety of students. Students who intend to drive to school must complete the Driver’s Guidelines Form, register any passengers and have a dashboard pass approved. These forms are available from the Formation Office.


Walk the Walk Senior School Initiative

Serving through Advocacy … a chance to walk in someone else’s shoes. The Walk the Walk service initiative has been presented to all Senior School students (Years 10-12) over the last week as a means of raising awareness of and advocacy for those in society that carry a burden or disadvantage of poverty, physical disability or living without privilege.

Senior Students and their parents have been emailed details of this initiative outlining the tasks and guidelines for each of the four houses. Parental permission is required and can be completed through the online registration link. Please contact Mr Andrew McCrohon, Service Program Coordinator, should you have any queries.

Yellow Brick Road

Follow the Yellow Brick Road… Building on the theme of micro-service, the 4-week yellow brick road will provide students with weekly tasks that they can complete at home and in their neighbourhood. This collection of small, yet meaningful tasks will provide students with opportunities to continue to develop their sense of Service, something that we hold so dear at Ambrose Treacy College. Check out details from Mr McCrohon and Mr Warr on the College App. Follow the yellow brick road, and click here to share your stories and pictures with us to log your 10 hours!


It is our intention to foster in ATC men an intrinsic desire to help others. We also hope that our students develop an innate awareness of the challenges that people face and we were so pleased to hear a report of an ATC boy who was spotted helping a pedestrian cross a busy intersection. This member of the public was so appreciative of the act of kindness that she felt compelled to contact the College. After some great detective work, we discovered that a Year 11 student, Ryan, was the courteous young man. Ryan stopped to assist an elderly lady with vision impairment, offering his arm to guide her safely across the road. A small gesture, but a meaningful sign of what it is to be a sign of faith.


Sport Training

It was a busy and exciting start to training taking into account the restrictions but it was awesome to see so many of our little and big blokes enjoying sport again!! TWIS: Week 9 Training Timetable is available via the link below and is now live under each sport tag on the College App. Please analyse it closely as there are some changes from Week 8 timetable which impact various year levels.

July Holiday Clinics

Holiday clinics will be held for students registered in Football, Rugby Union, Basketball and Tennis. Registrations will OPEN 9:00am Tuesday 16 June via Parent Lounge and will CLOSE 9:00am Monday 22 June. July Holiday Clinic Information Letters are on the ATC College APP under the relevant sport tags.


Registrations for Chess Club and Hip Hop Dance Club will CLOSE 9:00am, Monday 15 June. Please accept the invitation via Parent Lounge if you would like your son/sons to participate. Parents of members of Actors Studio, Robotics or SLOG Clubs, are asked to go to Parent Lounge to see the details relating to Term 3 arrangements. All sessions next term will be implemented in alignment with the Queensland Government’s “Roadmap to easing Queensland’s restrictions” and under the guidance of Queensland Catholic Education Commission (QCEC). While we are hopeful and confident that we will be able to deliver each program, we will be guided by the relevant regulations at that time. Thus, all proposals are ‘in principle’ until confirmed.

  • Registrations for Chess Club and Hip Hop Dance Club will CLOSE 9:00am, Monday 15th June. Please Accept the invitation via Parent Lounge if you would like your son/sons to participate
  • Parents of members of the following Clubs, can you please go to Parent Lounge for details relating to Term 3 – Actors Studio, Robotics, SLOGs

All information regarding sports and clubs, is on the College App. UPDATE YOUR SUBSCRIPTIONS to TAGS via the Setting Cogwheel on the App face. See helpful movie below.


The performance of ‘Storm Break’ by Percussion Ensemble A radiates the moodiness of our weather this week mirroring the drumming of rain on our rooftops, the tempest of the windy squalls and the bursts of sunlight through dark clouds. What an uplifting and dynamic percussion piece. This is just the first in our 2020 Ensembles’ Series recordings for ATC Music. This is a significant opportunity for our musicians to perform in a studio context with videography and audio equipment. What a way to kick off the 2020 Ensembles Series under the direction of Mr Bannon.

We would like to invite all new, current and past students to please now enrol for Instrumental Music, Vocal, Piano, Production and Drama & Communication lessons in Term 3 & 4 2020. Please enrol via the following online form: Term 3 & 4 2020 If you are enrolling in multiple instruments or lessons please complete a separate form for each.

A reminder that there will no rehearsals or scheduled lessons in Week 10 from Monday 22 to Wednesday 24 June. If applicable, staff may communicate make-up lessons directly with some students.

Further information is available on the College App or please feel free to contact the Music Office at any time: or call 38780547 Please feel free to contact the Music Office at any time: or call 38780547


Both Paddy’s Place (Years 4-7) and the Bakehouse (Years 8-12) will be open for the extended three days of term, from Monday 22 June to Wednesday 24 June. Both tuckshops will be closed on the first day of Term 3, Monday 13 July. Please ensure your son brings his morning tea and lunch on that day.


To facilitate works for Brisbane City Council’s Indooroopilly Riverwalk project, traffic changes and footpath diversions will be implemented on Witton Road, between Twigg Street and the Indooroopilly Canoe Club from the Saturday 27 June to Saturday 11 July during the upcoming school holidays. Please see the document below for details.

Have a great weekend! Hopefully the much-needed rain will come over the weekend.

David Gardiner
Deputy Principal