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Coming Up Week 10!

It has been a full-on term, but Week 10 is in our sight with exams completed and the holidays beckoning us all. Remarkedly we have had no disruptions to the past nine weeks of teaching and learning and there should be no excuse for boys to not be doing their personal best in exams.

R U OK? Day is a reminder to all Australians that every day is the day to ask, “Are you OK?” It’s not always easy to keep the conversation going when someone says they’re not OK and so our happy ATC mascot, Eamonn and some students were at the drop off zone on Thursday, offering some advice and greeting students as they arrived at school. Students held up signs reminding us all to take the time to listen to our friends and, if things are tough, to ask someone for help. The ATC Counselling team and Formation staff are always here to offer support.

Our prayers this week have been with our friends at St Edmund’s College Ipswich as they navigate the processes following a confirmed COVID case of a Year 11 student. The closure of St Edmund’s for a few days will result in significant disruption to their exam schedule in addition to many other important College events. I remind all our families to be familiar with our Spot Closure Plan previously emailed to all families, in the event of us having to follow a similar path.

We have a large amount of lost property in College Reception located in the Edmund Rice Building.  Please ask your son to check for any missing items before the end of this term.  Homeroom time in the morning may be a good time for students to visit College Reception to check. As most of the lost property is not labelled with a name, it is a timely reminder for all caregivers to carefully label all personal items with your son’s name.

The final day of the term is Friday 18 September and we will hold a mixture of lessons and activities. The different schools will have different programs running across the day but we will celebrate the end of term with a Liturgy via TEAMS in the morning. The Junior school will have their Inter-house Cross Country plus an Inter-house Athletics Carnival during the day.

The Middle School will have a mix of lessons, their Inter-house Cross country Carnival and Year level/Homeroom activities. Senior school students will have two lessons followed by their Inter-house Cross Country and the House Lip Sync Challenge to conclude the day. It is expected that every student be in attendance to enjoy and support the various activities.

Next Friday is the final day to log service hours to be recognised for 2020. Get out there and make one final effort to add to your hours. Thank you to all students who have made a huge effort in quite challenging times for service.

Get ready for some great music on Saturday night 6.30pm when the video of the ATC 2020 Formal Concert will be shared on Facebook. It will feature all the ATC Bands and Ensembles in a glittering array of talent and entertainment. Do not miss it! The password has been emailed to all parents and you will need this to access the video link.


Saturday 12 September | GBC Fixture vs Sheldon (Redeemer Lutheran College)
Wednesday 16 September | Year 5 Eureka Day
Thursday 17 September | Champion Basketball Schools Queensland Tournament (First V Basketball)
Friday 18 September | Last Day of Term 3 (students finish at 3.00pm)
Friday 18 September | Junior School Interhouse Athletics Carnival
Friday 18 September | Middle School Interhouse Cross Country
Friday 18 September Senior School Interhouse Cross Country and Lip Sync Battle

Term 4 Important Dates

Friday 2 October | Year 12 Formal (Brisbane City Hall)
Monday 5 October | Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday
Tuesday 6 – Friday 16 October Normal Year 12 classes/revision and study for ATAR External exams
Thursday 8 October | EREA ATSI Graduation (Year 12 ATSI students)
Friday 9 October | 2021 College Leaders Investiture Assembly & VET Recognition Assembly
Friday 9 October | Year 8 Retreat
Monday 12 October | Arts Week
Thursday 15 October | Co-curricular Photos
Monday 19 October to Friday 23 October Year 12 Swotvac
Tuesday 20 October | Night of Excellence recorded on site to be shared with the community
Thursday 22 October | Year 7 Immunisations
Monday 26 October to Tuesday 17 November Year 12 Qld External Exams – students attend exams/study sessions only
Thursday 29 October | Year 10 St Vincent de Formal
Wednesday 11 November | Remembrance Day
Tuesday 17 November | Year 4 End of Year Celebrations
Wednesday 18 November | Year 5 End of Year Celebrations
Wednesday 18 November | Year 12 Retreat and Reflection Day
Thursday 19 November | Year 12 Mass and Valedictory Lunch
(NOTE: On 19 November Years 4 to 11 conclude the school day at 12pm and can travel home)
Friday 27 November | Last day of Term 4


After the excitement of meeting our 2021 new students last Friday (the cohort of 2029!), Chris gave kudos to the resourceful ways that staff have adapted to our ‘new life’ in 2020. With modifications to many of our programs, school life has played a vital role in keeping us positive and energised for the future. Check out his blog from this week with more updates and news for the community.



Year 7’s investigated the effect two forces have on the downward fall of a Robocopter. The downward force of gravity and the upward frictional force of air resistance play a key role in the fall time of the Robocopter. Students designed their Robocopter and thought of variables such as weight using paperclips to determine the time taken for the Robocopter to fall.

ATCareers Bulletin

The latest edition of the ATCareers Bulletin is now available via the link below. In this edition there are articles about Apprenticeships & Traineeships and University updates. If you have any queries regarding any of these articles, please click here to contact Michelle Kath, Head of Pathways or call Senior School Reception on 073878 0545

Senior Learning News

The Department of Employment, Small Business and Training wants to keep young people informed of opportunities that may assist them in gaining a job and or accessing further training. They provide a 2020 Year 12 School Leaver’s Guide which provides valuable information on industry opportunities, tips on career exploration, subsidised training and a lot more. They also provide a “Connected jobs and training” regular e-newsletter that you can subscribe to. If you are interested in subscribing to this newsletter and also receive the 2020 Year 12 School Leaver’s Guide, please CLICK HERE to subscribe.

Year 11 students considering completing the UCAT in 2021 should consider the early preparation opportunities available. The UCAT website  provides free trial tests.  They also provide a UCAT preparation book to work on your foundation skills.  Another opportunity is through the National Institute of Education. They provide a variety of workshops to prepare you for both the test and the interview. They also provide Online training courses.  “Please click here if you are interested in what NIE offers.”:  (Please be aware that we do not endorse any particular program, just provide the information as it comes to hand.)

Library News

Energising and inspiring our future authors, David Lowe visited us last week and had the audience eating out of the palm of his hand! With the ‘Stinky and Jinx’ series, including ‘My Hamster is a Genius’ and ‘My Hamster is a Spy’ being some of the most borrowed books in the Junior School library, it was no wonder #ATCboys were starstruck by our visiting author. Our avid readers discussed parts of his hilarious books that they have been #reading together in library lessons and were treated to an exclusive sneak peak of his latest, yet to be published book: ‘The Incredible Floating Boy’. Fun writing games, treasure hunts and plenty of practical writing tips were presented in an interactive and engaging session and some lucky boys even got their David Lowe books signed!



Chores for a Cause – Service Opportunity – Some of our staff and students have opted to take part in Chores for a Cause as a way to support “Women’s Community Shelters.”: WCS works with communities to establish new shelters which provide a safe bed and support that enables homeless women to rebuild self-esteem and achieve control of their lives. During the month of September, we’d love you to complete chores in exchange for money that can be donated to WCS shelters. You might want to clean up the garage at home, wash a teacher’s car, mow a neighbour’s lawn, sort out that messy third draw in the kitchen… You can negotiate what you think is a fair rate for your time and work, and then donate that money to the shelter that you’d most like to adopt. This is an opportunity for everyone to feel they can pitch in and do their little bit. Because solving domestic and family violence and homelessness needs everyone to care and contribute.

Spring Clean in September – In the words of world-famous “super organiser” Marie Kondo, if it doesn’t spark joy, it’s time for that item to find a new place. As we say good-bye to the winter months, perhaps your household will take part in some spring cleaning. This is always a good time to go through your old belongings and pass them on to someone else who might get better use out of them. There are a few organisations that may be able to benefit from you parting ways with some of these items, and who knows, perhaps your old items might ‘spark joy’ in someone else’s life.

*The Great Book Swap*- Bring any unwanted books to ATC’s Great Book Swap to the Westcourt library. By gifting another child one of your favourite books helps promote reading and promote improved literacy levels of disadvantaged children. Students can bring in their old books and swap them for a whole new collection! We will donate $1 for every book donated.

The Smith Family – Stationary Packs Year 7 student Max is looking for donations of stationary items so that he can put together some stationary packs. He needs spare colour pencils, lead pencils, texta’s which will be repurposing into ‘Primary School’ and ‘High School’ packs for donation to The Smith Family.  Gladly accepting new items as well! Please put your donations in the boxes labelled ‘Max’s Stationery Drive’ at the Faith and Mission Office or drop them to student reception.

Material for Boomerang Bags Our committed crew of bag makers are seeking donations of old material that can be turned into one of our stylish Boomerang Bags. Any donations can be brought to the main student reception or the Faith and Mission office.


If you’re looking for more ways to accrue some Service Hours or you just like a challenge, don’t forget to register for Steptember. This annual event raises money to support those living with Cerebral Palsy. The challenge? Rack up 10,000+ steps each and every day in September. This is a great goal to have for health and wellness purposes also, but over the next month you have the added bonus of doing it in the name of a very worthy cause close to our heart Ambrose Treacy College. Accruing 10,000 steps for 28 days will give you 10 Service Hours. These will need to be logged prior to, or on the cut-off date Friday 18 September. To register, CLICK HERE. Then follow these steps:
- register as ‘Just Myself’
- join an organisation by typing in Ambrose Treacy College
- in ‘which business unit are you participating in?’, select Year 9 student and teachers. This does not mean you have to be in Year 9, this is the name because the Year 9 cohort are driving this initiative
- complete the registration process and get active!

Service Hours and Awards

As we are headed towards the last week of Term 3 all Service Hours for the year must be completed, logged and recorded by the final day Friday 18 September. All hours completed from Term 4 2019 will contribute to Service Awards Totals for 2020. CLICK HERE for more information regarding Service Awards criteria and minimum hours per age group. NOTE: Any further Service hours accrued in Term 4 2020, will be added to your son’s 2021 total Service hours.

Emmanuel Mission

Emmanuel Mission sent a big shout out in appreciation of the generosity of ATC boys this week. The College is donating milk supplies to the mission and assured the mission that our continued involvement, service and commitment to helping those in need will never waiver.

Service Story Week 9

We recognise that all ATC boys bring unique skills and talents to our school. Through our Service Program we encourage students to utilise these skills when Serving others. Over the last couple of months Year 7 student Jack, has taken an interest in photography, taking many photos of the Brisbane and Gold Coast landscapes. He plans to use the photos to create gift cards for nursing home residents. Jack is eager to wish the residents well, and hopes that the cards along with his hand-made crossword and puzzle books, will put a smile on their face.



Bravery and resilience are being commended this week with Junior School student, Ethan, showing an understanding and emotional strength far beyond his young years! Ethan in Year 5 is taking part in the Gold Rush unit with his classmates and in the recent bushranger attacks he remained optimistic and showed leadership to others. It was great to see him understand that these trials and tribulations were difficult events that the miners endured in the Victorian Goldfields of the 1800’s. He was mature and realised that the bushrangers were play-acting and were part of making this amazing experiential learning scenario more meaningful. Well done Ethan, you are a true Signum Fidei in our Year 5 cohort.

House Touch Football

Year 12s weekly ‘Feel Good Friday’ event brought staff and students together for a Touch Football competition. Some fit and energetic types from the Senior School took the field against a team of brave staff members. ATC boys showed great skill with a bold on-field presence but in the end youth was not to their advantage as the mighty ATC Staff team took the boys into extra time at 2-2. With some sharp footwork, ball skills, and awesome teamwork combined with the blistering pace of Mr D’Roza, Team Staff sealed the win with a last-minute try. The positive energy, good humour and cheering spectators created a great atmosphere, and we thank our Seniors for their sportsmanship, organisation, leadership and good grace in defeat! Needless to say there were some smug faces in the staffroom that afternoon!

House Basketball

Hoops, free throws and dribbles, the Colours House Basketball strengthens community spirit and that sense of House belonging. The competition was thrilling. Well done to Connacht House for alley-ooping and taking out the Grand Final with Munster Kings a close second. A big shout out to the volunteers, umpires and coaches assisting this event so that boys could have a fun and friendly competition.

R U OK? Day

Year 6 ATC boys were taken to the Police Station yesterday, but they weren’t in trouble! They went to check up on our local officers who serve our local community. Did you know that a high percentage of police and their families experience stress due to the nature of their work? Students delivered morning tea and coffee to Indooroopilly Station and thanked the police for keeping the community safe. The police kindly shared tips on ways for children to keep safe and reminded them to be vigilant when online.


Check out the Hot Brass Squad performance as they jam together over a few chords as part of the 2020 ATC Ensembles Series being streamed. Enjoy solos from Oliver, Zach, Jake, Euan, Jamie and Rory and stay tuned for more amazing performances on Saturday night as the ATC Symphonic Winds, ATC Jazz Orchestra and more ATC bands entertain you at the streaming of the 2020 Formal Music Concert.

Formal Concert streaming

Thank you to all the students and families who supported the Formal Concert recording last Friday. We appreciate the extra effort that went into organising students to be dropped off and picked up on the Pupil Free Day.  The event ran very smoothly and we look forward to showing you the final product from 6.30pm Saturday 12 September.  Keep an eye on your emails for the streaming details and password which were sent on Friday to all parents. A final thank you to the families and businesses who supported our very successful raffle.  The donations were overwhelming and we had over 20 high quality prizes to win. Please continue to support these local businesses whenever you can.


Wanting to win, being willing to lose and handling your victories and failures with grace is what sport inculcates in boys. It is the essence of leadership which is why we offer so many sporting opportunities to Year 4 ATC boys! The GBC Primary competition is a new addition to our Junior School Sporting calendar and our Year 4 Basketballers have had some great inter-school fixtures this term. It is awesome to see their skill development and understanding of the game evolve and most importantly to see our young athletes having fun being active.


Our Basketball teams continue their great season in the BBI Club games on Friday night and GBC games on Saturday against Sheldon College.  Please notify Mr Elliot Jackson and your coach if you are unavailable on Saturday to enable us to field full teams. COVID Info: Saturday GBC Fixtures: One (1) Parent/Guardian per player for Outdoor Courts, NO Spectators for SFX (indoor facility), no siblings, family friends or grandparents. 


Cricket trials are now underway for our registered Cricket players.  Please check the Week 10 training timetable on the app for details.  A reminder for those registered for Cricket to register for the September holiday Cricket clinics.  Please log onto your Parent Lounge account for details and registration.  Registrations close Friday 18 September.

Football and Rugby Fixtures

After a busy term for our Football and Rugby teams, this Saturday sees the final round for the season. Football fixtures for the Primary AIC competition end with games against SPLC. Games are held at either St Pat’s Shorncliffe or St Laurence’s playing fields at Runcorn. Please check the app carefully for where your team is playing.  Our Year 4 teams continue with great Football in the GBC competition. Saturday morning sees our youngest players against Rivermount and Redeemer Colleges. Our First X1, 10A and 8A end their season playing at ATC against Sheldon College.

It was emotional rugby last Saturday as our Year 12 boys led their 1st XV team mates onto the field against West Moreton Anglican College, for their final home game. This season has been longer than ever before, but the boys have shown great resilience and determination. There was a great atmosphere on Jack Bowers Oval and the crowd could see that players were hungry for a win. Whilst the first half was fairly evenly contested, the second half showcased some of the best team rugby we’ve seen all season. #ATCmen attacked creatively by playing what was in front of them – in connection with some great strategic play. The second half saw four unanswered tries and a sealed win for our Firsts! Well done gents. Good luck to our Rugby First XV, 10A and 8A teams who will wind up the season against John Paul College and to our Primary teams who end their season with games against Grammar and Nudgee College. 

Please check the app carefully for game details and confirmation of which team is playing and where, along with all COVID information and regulations across the various venues and organisations:GPS Fixtures: Two (2) Parents/Guardians per player (no siblings, family friends or grandparents) TAS Fixtures: One (1) Parents/Guardians per player (no siblings, family friends or grandparents) GBC Fixtures: One (1) Parent/Guardian per player (no siblings, family friends or grandparents)


Thursday 10 September was the last session for Term 3 Actors Studio. Well done to all the young men involved. We look forward to kicking off again in Term 4 to begin filming out Short films. Tuesday 1 September was the final day for Theatresports for Term 3. We thank students who attended this term and participated in learning a new set of skills and a range of game strategies while joining the team-focused performances. The Year 4 Cooking club finished on Tuesday 8 September. There is no club in the last week of term. Gardening Club will continue in Week 10 and start again first week of Term 4. Thank you to the keen ATC Gardeners who continued to show their patience and commitment while waiting for the fruits of their hard work to bloom!

The end of Week 10 brings a close to another successful term of Fishing Club. We would like to thank those students who attended Fishing Club this term. Although Homework Club has finished for the term, Students are encouraged to fish over the holidays and send photos of their catch to Week 10 operating hours are : Monday 7.00am-8.00am – Years 7 & 8; Friday 7.00am-8.00am – Years 9 – 12. No Year 4 fishing in week 10.


P & F News

The Vice President’s position currently remains vacant. If you would like the opportunity to become involved with the College community by sitting on the ATC P&F Executive,    The P&F aim to build community spirit and have a focus of friend-raising. Being part of the P&F gives you the chance to contribute ideas, meet enthusiastic parents and have lots of fun planning events. Meetings are held once a month on a Tuesday evening.

Year 12 Gift

As is tradition in many schools, Year 12 Seniors will present a gift to the College as symbol of their gratitude and so that other students can benefit from it into the future. This year, the College has requested a gift in the form of a Courage Stone’ that will contribute to the Leadership Pillar narrative. The Courage Stone will be collaboratively made by staff and students and in order to cover the costs we hope to raise $2,500. This is a fitting gift and one that will enhance the reflective space for future students and parents and caregivers of Ambrose Treacy College. Please login to your Parent Lounge account and proceed to the “Make a Payment” option in the Tours and Excursion tab. If you do not know your password please click on the “Forgot Password” at the top of the login screen and a reset password will be emailed to you. Click here for Parent Lounge Access.


Volunteers Helpers are needed for the Bakehouse next Tuesday and Thursday. If you are able to help please email

Closing Days Both Paddy’s Place and The Bakehouse will be closed on the last day of term 3, Friday 18 September. The tuckshops will also be closed on the first day of term 4, Tuesday 6 October.  Please ensure your son has morning tea and lunch on both of these days.

Have a great weekend and see you for the final week of term! Remember to follow our Facebook Page and keep an eye on the College App for all our communication and updates.

David Gardiner