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Coming Up Week 1 Term 4

Term 3 is but a distant memory and as the start of Term 4 draws closer, parents are reminded to check and update their details via Parent Lounge. Your contact details are used in the case of an emergency and for all email communication from the College so it is imperative that these details are kept up to date to ensure important information can be passed on to you in a timely manner. I appreciate you attending to this before Tuesday 6 October.

We encourage you to log on to your Parent Lounge account and check your personal details and your son’s medical details which includes permission to administer paracetamol and ibuprofen.

Please see the College App for a list of names of Music Concert Raffle winners. Thank you for supporting our fundraiser and for watching the Formal Music Concert. If you didn’t catch it, CLICK HERE to view using the ATCMUSIC password.

Office Hours

Please note that College Reception will close on Friday 2 October at 4pm. Monday 5 October is a Public Holiday and the Office is closed. On the first day of Term 4, Tuesday 6 October the office will resume normal timings from 7.30am to 5pm

Co-curricular Photos

On Thursday 15 October the photos for Co-curricular Sport will be taken for:
• Rugby
• Football
• Basketball – Club, Colours Cup, Year 4 GBC
• Term 4 All Schools Touch Football

Please make sure your son brings the appropriate sport uniform for his team photos. The photo schedule will be released on the College App in Week 1.


Monday 5 October | Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday
First Day of Term 4 Years 4-12 students: Tuesday 6 October
Thursday 8 October | EREA ATSI Graduation (Year 12 ATSI students)
Friday 9 October | 2021 College Leaders Investiture Assembly & VET Recognition Assembly
Friday 9 October | Year 8 Retreat

Term 4 Important Events

Monday 12 October | Arts Week
Thursday 15 October | Co-curricular SPORT Photos
Monday 19 October to Friday 23 October Year 12 Swotvac
Tuesday 20 October | Celebration of Excellence video recorded on site
Thursday 22 October | Year 7 Immunisations
Monday 26 October to Tuesday 17 November Year 12 Qld External Exams
Thursday 29 October | Year 10 St Vincent de Formal
Wednesday 11 November | Remembrance Day
Wednesday 18 November | Year 12 Retreat and Reflection Day
Thursday 19 November | Year 12 Mass and Valedictory Lunch Last Day for 12s
Friday 27 November | Last Day of Term 4 Years 4-11 students at 12pm


Learning Blog

At ATC we aim to prepare students to step beyond the confines of the classroom and shine a light out to the world as they live our motto, ‘Signum Fidei.’ In Religious Education classes we unpack the messages of the Gospel stories that can be difficult to fathom, to help students see that no good deed is too small to make a difference. Danika Ehlers, Head of Religious Education, said the stories of people like Edmund Rice, Mother Teresa or Mary MacKillop – people who have influenced the world, resonate with our students and reinforce that they too can be conduits for change. Her blog today highlights how teaching and learning can form young people of action. CLICK HERE to read Danika’s blog.

Year 4

One of the highlights for the year 4 boys next term will be the Milk Carton Raft Regatta. This will be held on Thursday 26 November at the ATC Pool. Over the term, the boys will be learning about buoyancy in Science and capacity in Mathematics and this race will be the culminating activity of these learning units. More details will be provided about this event early next term. To prepare for this, we ask that your son commences collecting plastic milk cartons (1, 2 and 3L), wash them and store them in garbage bags at home. The bottles are to be brought to school Monday 23 November so building can begin on the rafts in preparation for Regatta races. The aim is that, on average, each student brings in 15 milk bottles and 1 roll of packing tape .

Year 5

Year 5 ATC boys have been immersed in the goldfields of the 1800s and investigating the events that led to the Eureka Stockade, a pivotal moment in the formation of our country. This could be taught in the classroom; however, our wonderful teachers have created an experiential learning opportunity called The Gold Rush game. Students have been collecting money (pounds), ounces of gold and weighing up the advantages of banking or hiding their cash. The perils of life on the Victorian goldfields were many, including having to hold a mining licence, paying licence fees, understanding the cost of supplies and facing the harsh reality that not everyone can strike it rich in Ballarat! To keep boys on their toes, bushrangers have invaded classrooms and stolen from those who hid their money away and with the strain on finances, discontent has been brewing. A rebellion took place against the unfair conditions and general law and order was replaced with anarchy as troops armed with water blasters stormed the diggers’ flimsy stockade! This hands-on, engaging learning helped students understand the events of history and allowed them to show tremendous creativity. The challenges presented in the Gold Rush game tested boys’ problem solving and interpersonal skills as well as drawing a parallel to the historic events they have been investigating. Well done to all Year 5 miners! Now onto Term 4 learning!

Year 6

In preparation for their upcoming unit on Chemistry, Year 6 have been briefed on vital safety standards and procedures necessary for experiments. Demonstrating and modelling safe practices in the science lab ensures the welfare of students and staff which is why Mr Quinn was teaching students how to use wear PPE and showing them the location of the eye wash, safety shower, fire extinguisher and fire blanket. Ready for Term 4!

Year 7

We don’t need a catapult to propel ourselves into the long weekend but Year 7 students have a design if you need some energy! In Term 3 they busily researched, collaborated and designed a ballistic device with the same principles as an ancient catapult using only the equipment supplied. And just as ancient civilizations did, students worked in teams and problem solved in order to achieve the common goal of launching their projectile (a tennis ball) the greatest distance possible. Students grasped concepts such as forces of tension, torsion, and gravity and enjoyed a competition to see who’s device created the most energy to launch their ball the farthest.


Faith & Mission Blog

College Captain Tom Perissinotto is an outstanding student and has just been named as one of Brisbane’s most influential students! Tom has always been very active in fundraising for charities and supporting awareness initiatives and at the beginning of the year, he and a group of ATC students travelled to India as part of our Immersion Program. CLICK HERE to read his very touching recount of the experience and how it impacted on his life.


At ATC we are huge advocates for the promotion of mental health, or mental ‘wealth as we like to call it! And with students like Hamilton, our commitment to student wellbeing will only grow. Hamilton spent a number of hours putting together packs for the RUOK Mental Health program. These packs will be sent out to 400 people promoting the importance of checking in with each other and raising awareness for mental health. What is one way to bank some wellbeing points? Do something good for someone else and be a true sign of faith.

Chores for a Cause – Service Opportunity
Some of our staff and students have opted to take part in Chores for a Cause as a way to support Women’s Community Shelters. WCS works with communities to establish new shelters which provide a safe bed and support that enables homeless women to rebuild self-esteem and achieve control of their lives. During the month of September, we’d love you to complete chores in exchange for money that can be donated to WCS shelters. You might want to clean up the garage at home, wash a teacher’s car, mow a neighbour’s lawn, sort out that messy third draw in the kitchen. You can negotiate what you think is a fair rate for your time and work, and then donate that money to the shelter that you’d most like to adopt. This is an opportunity for everyone to feel they can pitch in and do their little bit. Because solving domestic and family violence and homelessness needs everyone to care and contribute.

Please CLICK HERE to register for Term 4 Service Opportunities. Boomerang Bags, The Gully and the Great ATC Clean Up will be offered over various dates throughout Term 4. Please note that, due to restrictions, numbers may be capped on activities and a roster will be published.



It is fantastic to hear stories of students who demonstrate the values of Br Patrick Ambrose Treacy. Kindness, understanding and empathy are character traits that were shown by Year 8 student Henly Terry. His teacher Mrs Ehlers said ‘Henly showed tremendous care and concern for his peers today in the Maths exam. During the exam a student became upset and had to leave the room. Henly was so concerned for his friend he asked his teacher if he was okay, showing kindness and concern for his peers. Thank you for being so caring Henly.’‘

2021 Leaders

The College will commission our 2021 Student Leaders at our virtual Commissioning Assembly on 9 October at 8:25am in the Saint Francis Xavier Centre. We continue to look forward to working with this talented group of courageous men and the anticipation of invaluable contributions they will make in the upcoming year. We are proud of our College culture which is formed by the foundation of our three pillars: Learning, Leadership and Service. We aim to form young men for their family, community and the world who through their actions are Signum Fidei: Signs of Faith. This week our Homeroom Teachers acknowledged and celebrated their students contributions at their Year level Assemblies. Congratulations boys and well done to all the recipients!

Year 12

As we prepare for the final weeks of our Year 12s journey at Ambrose Treacy College, our consistent message to the boys has been to continue to be Men of Courage as they continue their holistic engagement with our College Pillars of Learning, Leadership and Service. In support of Year 12 men and their families during this time please find below some information regarding a range of formative events in Term 4. The finer details are all included on the College App.

Friday 16 October: Senior School House Assembly (Students Only) An informal occasion for the House to acknowledge the contribution of the Seniors.

Student external exams run from the 26 October to 17 November. Please refer to previous correspondence from the Dean of Learning, Mrs. Lara Morgan.

Wednesday 18 November: Year 12 Reflection Day (Students Only) This is a compulsory occasion for students to reflect on their journey at Ambrose Treacy College. All Year 12 students are to meet at Sherwood Magpies Australian
Rules Football Club. The day will conclude at 2:30pm. Please refer to previous correspondence from the Dean of Faith and Mission, Mr. Matthew Warr and the College App.

Thursday 19 November: Year 12 Celebration Assembly (Student Only) This Celebration Assembly, in the St. Francis Xavier Centre from 8:25am. Students are required to wear the College uniform including suitcoat and senior tie. Students are transported from Ambrose Treacy College via bus following the Celebration Assembly, where they will meet parents and caregivers at Riverlife Baptist Church. Students are required to wear the College formal uniform including suitcoat and tie. Parents and caregivers are required to meet at 9:45am at Riverlife for a briefing on their important role during the Welcome Ritual. Mass will commence at 11:00am. Following this, the College will host a light lunch for parents and students at Riverlife.



For the 3rd consecutive year, a group of talented Year 4 footballers travelled to Ipswich for the Britton Shield in Term 3. This fast paced tournament saw teams play six matches over a 3 hour period with minimal time in between. We are proud of our boys and the fact that the two ATC teams finished on the podium; in 1st and 3rd place. There are certainly positive signs for next year’s Year 5 season. It has been a very busy term for all teams, so there is no doubt that everyone is looking forward to a well-earned break over the holidays.


The final Rugby match of the season saw the First XV up against John Paul College. The boys battled the first half to go into the break ahead of the JPC team 26-24. A quick pep talk challenged our players to dig deep and do the simple things right in attack and defence and so our boys took the field with a simple game plan – ‘keep the ball in hand’. Some excellent play occurred with some standout performances from the whole team. Some of the best running lines of the 2020 season enabled Ambrose Treacy College to get across the line several more times to seal the win with a final score of 57-24. A huge thanks goes to our parents, coaches and Sport and Activity Office for supporting our players this season – in particular Mr Elliot Jackson, Director of Rugby. The off-season starts now and players are encouraged to get into the gym in order to build on our strength and conditioning. The most noticeable improvements this season was from players who are regulars in the gym. Well done to our boys for a great final game!

All Schools Touch Football

Teams are now into training for the Queensland All Schools Touch Football competition taking place in the first week back in Term 4. Please check the app for any communication and updates in regards to training and competition.

Term 4 Sport Training and Strength Timetables

Term 4 Sport and Gym timetables are available to download via the links below and are also on the College App this week. Please make sure you have subscribed to your sons’ chosen sports for Term 4 to receive all information and updates via the App. Edit your bespoke subscriptions via the SETTINGS cogwheel on the lower right of the App. Only select the activities your son is involved in, and you will only get notices for those chosen areas.


Fishing Club

Whether it’s an eel or a bream, a catfish or river weeds, ATC boys just love being by the water! Every week, avid and beginner fishermen hang out on the pontoon patiently waiting for a nibble and, when there’s no fish biting, there’s always the jet skis and boats cruising by to keep them entertained! The boys are most excited when a fish is on the hook and everyone celebrates with high fives and a photo… even if it’s only a slimy eel that’s been pulled in! The Michael Senior Pontoon is a unique feature of the school and is fast becoming a favourite spot for our fishermen to gather with their teachers. Thanks to Mr Martin, Mr Pickering, Mrs Madigan and Mrs Gillespie for sharing their top fishing tips.

Gardening Club

Gardening with the ‘Green Team’ is more than just growing veggies. We have developed an outdoor learning space away from the regular classroom. Students take a level of responsibility in maintaining the garden beds and developing an understanding of the process of planting, cultivating, and caring for plants. Students in Years 4 to 6 enjoyed being outdoors, digging in the dirt and watching their hard work flourish. They gardened, weeded, watered and pruned in the mornings, before school and used their lunchtimes to check on their blossoming garden. The Green Team’s mission is to continue to energise and inspire other members of the community to utilise, enjoy and participate in this ever-changing space.


Please see the link below to download the Term 4 Cocurricular Music timetable.

Providing opportunities for our musicians, singers and drama students to showcase their works studied for external exams helps them grow in confidence and develop empathy and insight into the paradoxes of performing for an audience. Our AMEB Soloists Concert, recently held in the Chapel of St Joseph, showcased not only the amazing talents of ATC boys but also the adaptability and fluidity of staff in these unique times, and the evening was captured on film for families to enjoy. We congratulate the boys on a wonderful evening celebrating The Arts at ATC.


P&F Year 12 Gifts

The P & F has asked that each year level offer a small surprise gift to Year 12 boys who have had a tougher year than most. Some other year levels are giving ice-creams, colourful socks and chocolates in support of the seniors as they approach and sit their final exams. See the list below for guidance and check the College App for updates on your Year Level’s involvement.

Senior’s Gift to the College

As is tradition in many schools, Year 12 Seniors will present a gift to the College as symbol of their gratitude and so that other students can benefit from it into the future. This year, the College has requested a gift in the form of a Courage Stone’ that will contribute to the Leadership Pillar narrative. The Courage Stone will be collaboratively made by staff and students and in order to cover the costs we hope to raise $2,500. This is a fitting gift and one that will enhance the reflective space for future students and parents and caregivers of Ambrose Treacy College. Please login to your Parent Lounge account and proceed to the “Make a Payment” option in the Tours and Excursion tab. If you do not know your password please click on the “Forgot Password” at the top of the login screen and a reset password will be emailed to you. Click here for Parent Lounge Access.


Both Paddy’s Place and The Bakehouse will be closed on the first day of Term 4, Tuesday 6 October.  Please ensure your son has morning tea and lunch on the first day.

I hope that you have had a safe and relaxing holiday and we look forward to welcoming the boys back to Term 4 on Tuesday 6 October. Please note, Monday 5 October is a public holiday. Remember to follow our Facebook Page and keep an eye on the College App for all our communication and updates.

David Gardiner