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Coming Up in Week 8 Term 3

The last month of term 3 signals the beginning of the serious business of assessment. Our Year 12 students enter their final phase of learning before their first ATAR external exams. For students in Years 4 to 11 it is a time for the last topics to be studied, assignments to be completed and preparation for Exams. All Exam Block Schedules are available on the College App and via Seqta.

I have been fortunate to travel around our world quite considerably and have learnt a lot from these experiences. Having visited India on many occasions I have benefited from a deeper understanding of their culture and lifestyle, and how fortunate I am to live in Australia. Students in Year 6 – 9 have one more week to participate in our ‘Indro to India’ initiative. This aims to provide our boys with an insight into the lives of billions around the globe and to feel some solidarity with those who do not have a warm bed to sleep. More details are described below.

The Junior School Gate to Gate challenge was conducted on Tuesday with the winners being Year 4, Ethan Shine, Year 5, Lachlan Hamilton and Year 6, Sam Ellice showing their form. This morning the entire student body gathered along the Race course for the grand final in which all the year level winners competed. It was an exciting climax to this House Challenge. Well done to our year level champions for battling the hill once again in the handicap race of 2020: 1st Place, Year 12 [unnamed] 2nd -Year 4 Ethan Shine, 3rd -Year 5 Lachlan Hamilton, 4th -Year 10 Matthew Power, 5th -Year 8 Jonathon Wong 6th -Year 11 Mitchell Densley, 7th -Year 7 Jackson Moore. Overall House honours after the four races go to Munster Kings, closely followed by Connacht in 2nd, Leinster in 3rd and Ulster in 4th place.

Pupil Free Day

As noted in the College Calendar, Friday 4 September is a gazetted Ministerial Pupil Free Day and students are not required to attend school. There will be testing held for our new 2021 students on site. School resumes on Monday 7 September!

Exams and Wellbeing

Please continue to ensure your son is aware of his assessment schedule as listed on the College App. During Extended Homeroom this week the boys watched a video from Ms Morgan and were encouraged to write down the three tips for success in the upcoming assessment. I encourage all parents to touch base with their son to see how he is planning for his exams and assignments.


Monday 31 August | Year 4 Afternoon of the Infamous

Tuesday 1 September | ICAS Competition (Maths)

Tuesday 1 September | Met West Athletics, QSAC

Tuesday 1 September | P & F Annual General Meeting

Wednesday 2 September | Met West Athletics, QSAC

Thursday 3 September | Last day of Formal Uniform

Friday 4 September | Ministerial Pupil Free Day

Friday 4 September | Formal Music Concert Recording

Upcoming Important Dates

Sunday 6 September | Father’s Day

Thursday 10 September | QLD Volleyball Primary Schools Cup (Year 6 Volleyball teams)

Thursday 10 September | Year 4 Britton Shield Football Tournament

Thursday 17 September | Champion Basketball Schools QLD Tournament

Friday 18 September | Last Day of Term 3

Friday 18 September | Junior School Interhouse Athletics Carnival

Friday 18 September | Interhouse Cross Country


In his blog earlier in the week, Mr Ryan gave clear instructions on the direction ATC will take if there is a need for a spot closure. Please take a moment to read his article, familiarise yourself with key points and the routines that will be put in place should the need arise. “Click here to read.”:

Formal Photo Orders

Online ordering is available until Friday 4 September 2020 and will be sent to the College within 8 weeks of photo day. Any orders placed after this date will incur an $18.00 late fee and photos will be sent to your home address. Click here to order photos online using the login information below.

Enter School Code – ATC20; Once the Pack selection has been made, please enter the Student ID Number; For Sibling orders please include SIB in front of the individual ID; (If the student ID is unknown please enter KIRBY and type in the Student name and class in the required field)

Missed Photos

Students who missed the Formal Photo day last Thursday, can have their individual portrait or sibling photo taken by contacting Studio Kirby. Studio Kirby can organise a catch-up photo day at their studio. Unfortunately, students who were absent will be unable to be ‘photoshopped’ into class groups and will be marked ‘absent’.



When our students are faced with a decision to either stay within their comfort zone or challenge themselves to solve a problem, Dallas Moffat believes that good learners should take a leap of faith. In his blog this week, Dallas explored the Learning Pit concept and how boys can maximise the learning process. As we step closer to assessment time, I believe his blog is valuable reading for students and parents. There’s a couple of great YouTube videos full of info and tips too! CLICK HERE to read this week’s learning blog.


A melting pot of inquiry, resource and purpose, our Science lab is building a growth mindset in a creative environment. In their everyday learning, students collate information, analyse data and formulate conclusions.
This week, ATC boys have participated in myriad experiments! Year 9 performed an eye dissection to examine the retina and lens and they conquered the challenge of constructing a cell and a battery using lemons and potatoes; Year 8 participated in a student designed experiment to test the effect of salt on potato pieces and researched cell membranes and osmosis. Year 7 designed and constructed rockets and put their knowledge of force and motion to the test.

Year 6 biologist were blown away by their investigation into the effect that sugar has on yeast. Carbon dioxide gas filled in a balloon and students measured the circumference of the balloon, graphed the results and determined the relationship between the amount of sugar added to yeast and the amount of carbon dioxide produced.

Visual Art

Year 4 ATC boys have produced 120 mixed bird species coming together to form our unique flock, reflecting our individual personalities and quirky characteristics! Our youngest Artists have been studying the work transient landscape by artist Cai Guo Cai Guo-Qiang, one of the Queensland Art Gallery/Gallery of Modern Art favourite artists who produced the Heritage installation of the waterhole with 99 animals in the gallery. Our students took inspiration also from Transient landscape – a flock of 10000 porcelain starlings suspended in the NGV. Students learned handbuilding and decorating skills and had a lot of fun creating their unique and very pretty, flight of fancy!

Health & Physical Education

The power of the mind is being explored in Year 11 Physical Education classes with students studying sport psychology concepts such as motivation, concentration and performance anxiety. Through the individual athletics events of shotput and long jump they have competed in a class competition attempting to utilise sport psychology techniques such as goal setting, mental rehearsal and energiser techniques to find the mental state that will allow them to achieve their optimal performance in an competitive environment. The introduction of variables such as photographers, prizes and peer spectators have certainly made for some interesting journaling. Students have been amazed at the physical feats they can accomplish using the power of the mind with Pat M improving his shotput distance from 9.27m to 10.85m and Xavier J improving his long jump from 4.45m to 5.19m in just 5 weeks!


Year 7 students were lucky enough this week to have a fantastic presentation from renowned Brisbane author Michael Gerard Bauer. Students have been studying Michael’s novel Don’t Call Me Ishmael in English, and it was a brilliant opportunity to hear all about the author’s inspiration for the characters, including his own hilarious stories of fainting in public! The students were exceptionally engaged and the line-up to get their books signed was a sight to behold!

Next Wednesday 2 September, the literary journey continues with Dave Lowe, author of ‘My Hamster is a Genius’ and ‘Squirrel Boy Vs the Bogeyman’ visiting ATC to read to boys in Years 4-6 and discuss his writing process and hopefully inspire some creative budding authors.


Year 4 students have been studying the First Fleet, focusing on life in England in the eighteenth century, the reasons for the voyage and what life was like on the ships themselves. As part of this study, every student has been researching an individual convict and preparing a display on that convict. The display will include a biography, timeline and evaluation of their chosen convict. To showcase their work, the boys will be setting up their displays in the NJ Hall on Monday 31 August. These displays will be viewed by students from rest of the Junior School together with their teachers. Due to COVID restrictions, this will be a student only event. On the day, your son has the option to dress up as a character from that time. This can be worn to and from school unless he is travelling by public transport. We will take lots of photos and share them on our Facebook page!

ATCareers Bulletin

The latest edition of the ATCareers Bulletin is now available via the link below. In this edition there are articles about Apprenticeships & Traineeships, Year 12 important information and University updates. If you have any queries regarding any of these articles, please click here to contact Michelle Kath, Head of Pathways or call Senior School Reception on 073878 0545



If you’re looking for more ways to accrue some Service Hours or you just like a challenge, don’t forget to register for Steptember. This annual event raises money to support those living with Cerebral Palsy. The challenge? Rack up 10,000+ steps each and every day in September. This is a great goal to have for health and wellness purposes also, but over the next month you have the added bonus of doing it in the name of a very worthy cause close to our heart Ambrose Treacy College. Accruing 10,000 steps for 28 days will give you 10 Service Hours.These will need to be logged prior to, or on the cut-off date Friday 18 September.

To register, CLICK HERE
- register as ‘Just Myself’
- join an organisation by typing in Ambrose Treacy College
- in ‘which business unit are you participating in?’, select Year 9 student and teachers. This does not mean you have to be in Year 9, this is the name because the Year 9 cohort are driving this initiative
- complete the registration process and get active!

Year 7 Service Learning Project

Our students’ ongoing commitment to Service is no fluke. As part of a holistic education, our students spend dedicated curriculum time exploring the role that Service plays in our lives. That’s exactly what our Year Seven cohort have been doing in their Religious Education lessons this term. As a part of that unit, students have been working on their Service Learning Projects (SLP). Using their own unique skills and talents, students are tasked with creating an activity or initiative that helps, supports or brings joy to others.

Some of our students have utilized their love and passion for sport by committing to helping coach a Junior School sporting team. Others have put their energies into baking and preparing meals to raise money for Meals on Wheels, while others have been busy performing a range of jobs so that they can purchase items for care packs that will go to people in need of some of the more essential items in life. Regardless of the activity or initiative that these boys have come up with, they are learning the necessary skills that will enable them to be fine examples of a Sign of Faith.

Indro to India

Students in Year 6 – 9 are encouraged to register for this initiative like the boys have done, by sleeping rough in their own backyard between 7 August to 5 September, in solidarity with those who do not have a warm bed to sleep. Spend a night in a swag, sleeping bag or tent, take a photo, log your service hours and send your pics to SIGNUMFIDEI@ATC. Parents are asked to register via the link below. All details can be found in the attached letter to parents. If you have any queries please click here to email Mr Andrew McCrohon. See the College App for full details. CLICK HERE to register.

Service Hours and Awards

As our ATC students continue to be Signs of Faith in our communities we encourage them to log their Service Hours with their Homeroom teacher. With so many wonderful Service activities happening, students are reminded to get their Service hours logged and recorded by their Home Room teacher. How can I check Service Hours? If you are unsure of how many Service Hours your son has logged, you are able to check this via SEQTA Engage. As we are over halfway through Semester Three it is worth noting that all Service Hours for the year must be completed, logged and recorded by the final day of THIS TERM,  18 September. All hours completed from Term 4 2019 will also contribute to Service Awards Totals for 2020. CLICK HERE for more information regarding Service Awards criteria and minimum hours per age group .


Year 5 Retreat

With some modifications to our normal processes, the Year 5 students were able to participate in their Retreat today. Retreats form an important component of our holistic education for the boys. The Year 5 theme was ‘Stewardship’ and Psalm 115:16 ‘Heaven belongs to the Lord alone, but he gave the Earth to us humans’. In the changing world we currently live in, such days and taking time to reflect on ourselves and the environment is important for every student’s well-being.


Thursday September 3 is the last day that students must wear their formal uniform to school. Students may elect to wear their suit coat after this date, particularly if the weather is cool, but it will not be compulsory.

Year 12 Formal

Year 12 Formal will now be held at the Main Auditorium, City Hall Adelaide Street Brisbane, on Friday 2 October at 6:30pm.


The excitement is building and preparations are well under way with only 1 week to go until the Formal Concert Recording at RiverLife Church – Friday 4 September. We are expecting close to 100% attendance across all the ensembles, if you are unable to make the recording and have not yet notified us please email as soon as possible. Please remember to arrive in your full Performance Uniform. We are aware many students are juggling multiple commitments but we ask that all students please attend music rehearsals in Week 8. We are also excited to announce our first Co-curricular Music Support Group raffle for 2020 – if you can assist with a donation of goods or vouchers we would love to hear from you!

Virtual Formal Concert

Next week we have 8 of our bands and ensembles heading to Riverlife Church, 17 Mile Rocks, for a full day of recording in this world class venue, and will be presenting it as the 2020 Formal Music Concert to be streamed for all ATC students, family and friends to enjoy. Look out for more information soon regarding this very special virtual event. To add to the excitement of this event we will be having a raffle! If families can assist with a prize donation of any type it would be much appreciated. Please send donations to the Music Department office.


Mountain Biking

Enjoying the last vestiges of the glorious winter weather, the ATC MTB Club made the trip out to Bayview Conservation Park last weekend for a fun and challenging afternoon on the trails. Under the guidance of Mountain bike Coaching Brisbane the boys honed their climbing skills through navigating technical climbs. They also learned how to descend rocky gardens and approach bermed corners.


It is amazing to see so many budding cooks in the ATC Hospitality Kitchen. These young men are taking part in the Grade 4 Cooking club, that runs over a 4 week block. Each week students engage in preparing, cooking, and making different food items to take home and share with their families. Although the food is delicious, there is so much more to the experience. While working in the Hospitality Kitchen, students learn the importance of safety, listening to others, working as part of a team, reading a recipe, and sequencing and following instructions. Maths skills such as measuring, weighing, and portioning are also developed.


Thanks to our ATC students who participated in the 2020 Athletics Age Championships last Sunday morning on Jack Bowers Oval. It was a successful day in deciding who came out as ATC Athletics Champions for 2020. Winners will be announced very soon! Watch our Facebook page.


Making milestones, last Saturday we hosted our first home game round for the GBC season against Redeemer Lutheran College. ATC Basketballers showed their class on the outdoor courts battling the wind, as well as the opposition, ending the round undefeated. Best of luck to our GBC Teams in their fixtures this weekend against The Springfield Anglican College. Please note: This weekend’s COVIDsafe plans for Saturday GBC Fixtures: One (1) Parent/Guardian per player for Outdoor Courts, NO Spectators for SFX (indoor facility), no siblings, family friends or grandparents. 

Football and Rugby Fixtures

Football fixtures continue this weekend for the Primary AIC competition against Padua as well as Nudgee College on Friday afternoon.  Our Year 4 teams are playing great Football in the GBC competition. Saturday morning sees our youngest players here at ATC playing against TSAC, Rivermount and Redeemer Colleges. Our secondary teams have a busy weekend against Nudgee here at ATC on Jack Bowers Oval and against The Springfield Anglican College at Springfield in the GBC competition.

Rugby this weekend has some of our teams playing against Canterbury College in the TAS Competition at Canterbury. Our Primary Rugby teams have a local tournament Friday night against Kenmore Bears Rugby Club and the 6A team take on Nudgee College on Saturday morning. Please check the College App for all draws and team information as well as strict COVID regulations across the various venues and organisations.

GPS Fixtures: Two (2) Parents/Guardians per player (no siblings, family friends or grandparents)

TAS Fixtures: Two (2) Parents/Guardians per player (no siblings, family friends or grandparents)

Saturday GBC Fixtures: One (1) Parent/Guardian per player (no siblings, family friends or grandparents)

Check out our Album of rugby photos on Facebook by clicking here.


Congratulations to our Year 10/11 Volleyball team who came third at the recent QLD Schools Cup in Division 1.  Also to John Pham, Rieley Wickings, Hayden Smith, and Dan Mulloni on being selected for the Under 15 Met West Representative team. Well done all! 

AFL Primary School Cup Gala Day

An outstanding performance from our young AFL players today at the AFLQ School Footy SEQ South West AFLQ Cup Primary Gala Day. We came into the afternoon’s Grand Final undefeated with four solid wins across the day. Our ATC boys played out of their skins but had to accept runners up going down to Algester State School. 2021 will be our year!


P&F Fundraiser for Father’s Day

2020 has been a challenging year for the ATC P&F with many of our signature events unable to proceed due to COVID-19. It has been disappointing not being able to connect with the wonderful ATC community and promote friend-raising in our normal capacity. These difficult circumstances have called for some thinking ‘outside the box’ and we are pleased to announce that we have been offered a great opportunity for fundraising and at the same time making our dads and grandads feel loved! ATC parent, Tea Poulson, owner of ‘Name My Stuff’ has kindly offered to help the ATC P&F with some fundraising for Father’s Day. There’s no need to look any further for the perfect gift for Dad as Name My Stuff have some amazing ideas and at the same time you will be supporting the ATC P&F as Tea will be donating a 15% of all sales of Father’s Day gifts {either in store or online.} Please mention in store or use online the Code: ATC when purchasing. Address: 1/385 Oxley Rd, Sherwood and hours are: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 9-2pm Thursday 9-5.30pm.

Name My Stuff is all about reusable sustainable products – with the option of getting some products personalised. Ideas for Father’s day are personalised coffee mugs, drink bottles, wine sippy cups, key rings, wine cooler bags or maybe a bamboo tooth brush, shaving soap, handkerchief or a bowl made from recycled bread tags. See the website for great ideas and order early. CLICK HERE to shop online using the donation code – ATC.

Annual General Meeting of P&F

Please join us for the P&F Annual General Meeting being held on Tuesday 1 September in Nudgee Junior Hall at 6.30pm. Two P&F Executive positions will be voted in on the night as Brett Solomon steps down as P&F President and Helen Dunn steps down from her role as P&F Secretary. This is your chance to have your say and to contribute to our great ‘friend-raising’ initiatives for 2021. If you cannot attend the meeting, but would like to nominate for a position, please email your intention to by Sunday 30 August. If you are attending, please RSVP via email to assist us with preparation and social distancing plans.

Year 12 Gift

As is tradition in many schools, Year 12 Seniors will present a gift to the College as symbol of their gratitude and so that other students can benefit from it into the future. This year, the College has requested a gift in the form of a Courage Stone’ that will contribute to the Leadership Pillar narrative. The Courage Stone will be collaboratively made by staff and students and in order to cover the costs we hope to raise $2,500. This is a fitting gift and one that will enhance the reflective space for future students and parents and caregivers of Ambrose Treacy College. Please login to your Parent Lounge account and proceed to the “Make a Payment” option in the Tours and Excursion tab. If you do not know your password please click on the “Forgot Password” at the top of the login screen and a reset password will be emailed to you. Click here for Parent Lounge Access.

Event Cinemas

Event Cinemas will welcome moviegoers back in the September school holidays. They will offer a wide range of films that will entertain kids of all ages including an inspiring Australian film Swimming for Gold as well as family animated movies Trolls World Tour and Astro Kid. Social distancing and hygiene measures will be in place. Go to their website for more details. Senior students with a valid student ID card, can access $7 tickets when purchasing at Indooroopilly only. Cinebuzz also offers other deals including a Grandparent’s pass which includes 1x Senior and 2x kids for $30*.

Have a great weekend and see you for a big Week 8! Remember to follow our Facebook Page and keep an eye on the College App for all our communication and updates.

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