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Coming Up for Week 4

Congratulations to the hundreds of students who were recognised at the three Academic Assemblies this week. The number of students excelling at their school work and receiving an award is very impressive.

It is a positive sign of not only their ability and hard work but also of the partnerships between the students, staff and families. ATC strives to support each student in achieving his personal best. Ms Morgan spoke at each assembly about the dreams, goals and hard work it took to land on the Moon over fifty years ago.

We encourage each student to set personal goals, put some actions into practice and strive to do his very best. I also acknowledge all the young men who are doing their absolute best currently. Even if an award is not the outcome, the consistent effort and striving to do one’s best is the important part. Photos from the three assemblies will be shared on our Facebook page on Monday.

This week also celebrated Catholic Education Week which acknowledges all that makes us a community of Faith, Hope and Love. ATC is proud to be a Catholic school in the Edmund Rice tradition and so much we do every day recognises our distinctive ethos and mission. Our Service program is a wonderful example of the actions our young people take to make a difference in the lives of those both in our school community and the wider communities.

Next week a highlight is our Signum Fidei breakfasts where we will acknowledge all the quiet achievers who uphold our pillars of learning, leadership and service. As well, there are excursions planned, co-curricular activities and celebrations. Read on for more details, and have a great week.

Photo Catch Up Day

Get ready for the final photo day of the year on Thursday 18 August. It will be a Co-curricular Photo day plus an individual formal photos catch-up day. If your son is in these categories, please ensure he is in attendance on this day. Students who were absent for the School Photo Day in May, or did not meet the College’s Uniform, Hair and Grooming Policy will have the opportunity to have their school photo taken on Thursday 18 August during homeroom or break times. This is the final opportunity and reminder. CLICK HERE for the Hair & Grooming Policy. CLICK HERE to see the video on How to Wear Your Badges.

How to Order Photos

Go to the Studio Kirby website. Even if your son missed his photo on 26 May and will be having his photo taken on Thursday 18 August, you can still order photos now. Orders can be made online via the Studio Kirby website. “CLICK HERE”:

- Enter Student ID: 012345 (Sample ID)
(If the Student ID number is unknown, please click the ‘Forgot Your ID’ link and follow the prompts)
- Payment options: PayPal, Visa & MasterCard
- Finalised orders will receive a confirmation via email to your nominated email address

Ordering on-time helps the Kirby team get your photos to you as soon as possible. To avoid paying extra, please finalise your order by Thursday 25 August 2022.

Photos will be delivered to the school by 21 October. Any orders after this date will incur an $18.00 admin processing and handling fee. Photos are unavailable to view before purchase. If there are any concerns with your photos, please contact Studio Kirby within 10 days of receiving your pack to discuss alternative options.
- A partial refund is available for packs with digital downloads
- A full refund is available for printed packs when prints are returned to Studio Kirby (Please note: if postage applies this is at the cost of the customer) Order here –


Friday 29 July | Year 8-10 Subject Selections due
Saturday 30 July | Year 5-12 Tennis fixtures
Saturday 30 July | Year 7-12 Football & Basketball fixtures
Tuesday 2 August | Years 10-12 Leinster House Mass
Tuesday 2 August | Junior Guitar Parent Information Evening
Wednesday 3 August | Junior & Senior Signum Fidei Breakfast
Thursday 4 August | Middle School Signum Fidei Breakfast
Thursday 4 August | Year 11 Physics excursion to iFly Brisbane
Thursday 4 August | Year 10 Japanese excursion to Okuman Japanese Restaurant
Friday 5 August to Sunday 7 August | Year 11-12 QLD Volleyball Schools Cup
Friday 5 August | Year 5 Mass & Retreat
Friday 5 August | Year 5-6 Basketball fixtures
Friday 5 August | Year 7-12 House Basketball
Friday 5 August | Lip Sync House Challenge


ICAS Tests

Don’t forget registration for this year’s ICAS tests close Monday 1 August. To register and pay, CLICK HERE for the ICAS parent payment link. Use the ATC access code of: BCB794 Please enter your child’s name accurately into the system as it will appear on their ICAS certificate. If you are registering multiple children and different schools, we advise you to clear your cache before placing the new entry for your son. Registration closes Monday 1 August 2022 at 4.00pm Please register and pay via the ICAS Shop Website. NOTE: Tests are not mandatory. More info is on the ATC App.

Year 5 Gold Rush Game

This term, all Year 5 students will participate in the annual ‘Gold Rush Game’. Boys will be learning about life on the goldfields and the hardships and rewards the early prospectors encountered. This experience fosters students’ resilience, creativity, and entrepreneurship. It is designed around experiential learning and is a mainstay, having been facilitated at ATC/NJC for over twenty years. Next week, all boys will be issued with a ‘Gold Licence’. This will give them the right to receive gold throughout the duration of the game. As part of the game, students (gold prospectors) will be asked to produce their licence if requested by a teacher (Commissioner/Police Officer). If they are unable to, they will receive a fine. They will be given the chance to assay (cash in) their gold and will receive ‘pounds’ for good work and good deeds. For more information, visit the ATC app.


Year 11 Physics Excursion – iFly Chermside
As part of the study for Term 3 Year 11 Physics – ‘Linear Motion and Force’, Year 11 Physics students will be participating in an excursion to iFly Chermside to investigate how different forces impact motion on Thursday 4 August 2022. Please see the ATC App for full details of departure times, what to bring, and how to complete the iFly waiver.


Visual Arts in Practice

Exploring the theme of identity, Year 12 Visual Arts in Practice students planned and constructed a ceramic clay bust using hand building and paper armature to hold the form. During the planning stage, students were asked to consider images that relate to their interests or their cultural identity and add it to the surface. Mrs Willoughby said, “Our enthusiastic and focused group of artists have worked consistently over the last two weeks to get their work ready to be dried before being fired in the kiln. We have our fingers crossed that the kiln will treat these sculptures with kindness so that students can enhance the surface of their sculptures in the coming weeks.”


Year 6 are using microscopes to investigate them by examining cells in onion skins, bananas and leaves. This week they discovered the meaning of multi-cellular – meaning they have the same genetic information that makes up their DNA. The boys love this practical component of their Science unit and Mr Tompson was pleased with the way they worked collaboratively and tabled their results. Middle School teachers support this early introduction to using microscopes and report that it helps students transition smoothly into their Year 7 lab sessions. Their next lesson is on Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic cells,


In English this term, Year 8 are exploring the concepts of dystopia and utopia and understanding why dystopian fiction is so popular. By considering a range of canonical dystopian fiction and a selection of contemporary popular culture texts, students will investigate the representations of dystopia over time. Boys will write and perform a monologue from a character’s perspective from the novel as their assessment. Mrs Metcalf said the debut novel by Ambelin Kwaymullina, ‘The Interrogation of Ashala Wolf’ is utterly compelling, and students are being drawn into the futuristic thriller!


Mt Sion Library is the place to be in Term 3 – it’s literary heaven! This morning’s Boys, Books & Breakfast event was a fantastic opportunity for parents and students to pop into the library to share quality time browsing the shelves for new titles or old favourites, and the freshly baked muffins and warm drinks were the perfect companions. Mrs Burton invites Junior School families to the next BBB on Tuesday 16 August which will be during Book Week!


The razzle dazzle of musical theatre entertained our Senior Drama students last night at QPAC when they watched Marcus Corowa perform in the highly acclaimed play, “The Sunshine Club”. This terrific play tells the story of First Nations boy Frank, who returns to Brisbane after WWII filled with optimism and hope ready to start the next chapter of his life. It is a love story filled with joy, determination and pride but also a play that has a message for future generations – create communities that stand for reconciliation, inclusion and compassion. Mr Towner gave it 5 stars and recommends you get along to see this one!


Mr Crane is guiding Year 9 Digitech students through the twists and turns of python programming language. Kicking off Week 3, boys were learning how to write functions which are segments of code that will be used multiple times. Students learned conventions and syntax used through the python language as well as comparing python to another programming language called Java. They then learned how to manipulate multi data objects with an activity where they used the real-life example of the Uno card game. Boys created a basic program that simulated the cards in separate decks as if they were creating an online Uno game. The demanding assessment task will require our geeks to create a turn-by-turn battle game such as Pokémon and in the coming weeks, they will learn how to create a virtual Pokémon object.

Constitutional Convention

This week, Year 11 student Matthew Perissinotto participated in the Queensland Schools Constitutional Convention where the topic was ‘Does Australia need a Bill of Rights?’ The Convention was addressed by a range of leading legal and human rights experts discussed the pros and cons of the topic and the Australian Constitution. As part of the Convention Matthew had to develop and present a speech to persuade his peers on his view in relation to a Bill of Rights. His speech was reviewed by teachers from other schools, and he was selected to attend the National Schools Constitutional Convention in 2023. Matthew described the experience as “enjoyable and informative” and said he particularly enjoyed the opportunity to discuss issues with other like-minded students. As with many meetings over the past two years, this convention was held online. We congratulate Matthew on his involvement.



Year 5 Bodkin are the writing allstars! Last week Ms Gillespie awarded her whole class a commendation for their enthusiasm with their English structured writing lessons. Students researched Edward Hargraves by reading an informative text and identifying and highlighting key words. They then completed their first Cornell notetaking by converting the highlighted text into dot points. Following that boys composed a TEEL paragraph based on the dot points and finally edited their writing and transferred it to a decorative background for display in the classroom. Ms Gillespie said, “I was impressed by the boys’ enthusiasm, reading skills and writing results, and I can’t wait for our future writing tasks!”

Inter-House Chess Challenge

Interhouse Chess has been re-scheduled to Week 5 – Tuesday 9 August – Friday 12 August. Represent your House in a Brains V Brains: House v’s House Chess Champions Match in the Year 7 Undercroft and  NJ Hall at second break . Who can beat the reigning Champions Connacht House? No experience necessary. Staff and Students all welcome. Join us to play or cheer you house on Tues 9 August (Year 7 Undercroft),  Thurs 11 August NJ Hall and Friday 12 August NJ Hall at second break.

Formation Lessons Junior School

As part of our Formation program for 2022, students in Year 6 will explore the topic Sexual Self in lessons on 29 August 5 September and 12 September). Year 5 students will explore the same topic on 15 and 22 August in their Formation lessons. To assist in the delivery of this topic, the College is fortunate to have the services of Let’s Chat Education which will deliver much of the content. If you have any queries after reading Michael Stewart’s letter on the ATC App, please don’t hesitate to email him. 

Year 11 RYDA Program

On Tuesday 9 August, Year 11 students will participate in an engaging workshop, front loading students’ understanding of road safety. The workshops sessions are led by a team of Police, driving instructor and community sector experts. We thank  the support of the Rotarians who enable ATC to support this valuable program. RYDA is more than a program, it is partnership that has become part of the College culture, providing our students with the tools and understanding to see themselves as active, responsible road citizens; motivating them to create good habits and stay safe on the roads.

Feel Good Fridays

Rain, hail or shine, our Seniors relish the opportunity to connect with their younger brothers and are always there on a Friday to welcome them and their families at the Junior School drop-off zone. This is how we kick off our famous “Feel Good Fridays” each week, and no matter whether it’s pouring rain or bright blue skies, there is always a friendly smile and a helping hand!


Year 5 Mass and Retreat Day  

The Year 5 Mass and Retreat Day is being held on Friday 5 August at ATC.   The purpose of the Retreat is to provide an opportunity for the boys to gain a greater understanding of the story of Ambrose Treacy College and what makes this school such a wonderful community to be a part of. There will be three key components to the retreat; The story and values of the College, how to maintain a sustainable environment and team building and communication. It will be a fun day which engages students in the College’s story and informs them of our responsibilities as citizens of our College community and the wider world. Boys are to bring pen/pencil, Clipboard (to lean on), Hat, Sunscreen, Water Bottle, Morning Tea. Please note, a sausage sizzle will be provided for lunch. Students can wear their House Shirts and PE Shorts. Further details are on the ATC App.

Elder’s and Grandparent’s Day Postponed

The Year 4 Mass and Elders’ Day scheduled for Tuesday, 9 August has been postponed. Our hope had been to welcome families, including grandparents and elders of the boys, to the College for Mass and morning tea. However, given the present Covid numbers across the State, the decision has been made to move this scheduled celebration until Term 4.


Junior School Catholic Education Week challenge
To round out Catholic Education Week Mr Stewart is offering a challenge to the Junior School students. In keeping with the theme of Faith, Hope and Love, Junior School students have been tasked with three activities to complete in order to not only spread joy to others, but they will also earn themselves two service hours. Please see the flyer that outlines the actions required on the ATC App.

Year 9 Service
Thank you to all families and friends who have supporting the Year 9 ‘Laps for Autism’ service initiative. The opportunity has created an improved awareness about Autism and the students have been wonderful in raising a large sum of money which will go towards educations resources for the learning centres. As a culminating activity Year 9 students are asked to wear their PE uniform to school on Friday 5 August, allowing them to complete their laps around the oval – walking in solidarity with families and students. We will end the walk with a shared BBQ breakfast on the oval before sending students to Period 1. Students who have successfully raised their target amount and who have completed the 5 laps will accumulate 5 service hours, which will go towards their 20 required hours.


Junior Guitars Information Evening

Families of new and continuing guitar students in the Junior School are invited to attend a short session on Tuesday 2nd August at 6.30pm presented by Mr Matthew Carpenter and Mr Daniel Mahler, to introduce the Contemporary Guitar and Bass program at ATC. Further information has been sent via email – if you had any questions, please contact  All welcome.

QCMF | 11- 14 August

A reminder that our QCMF performances at Villanova College are coming up! Please ensure you are regularly checking the ATC App for updates, arrival times and transport details.  Please also RSVP your son’s attendance.


ATC’s Got Talent is back for 2022! The competition is open to all ATC students for any type of performance and online registration is free. We are calling for musicians, actors, dancers and talented performers to enter with a video recording of up to 3 minutes of their performance. To be in the running for great prizes students can submit videos online now via the ATC’s Got Talent site via the link HERE  This week-long event is being held from Monday 10 – Friday 14 October 2022. Students must adhere to the following when recording their performance:

Wear school uniform (academic or sport); Record in a common area; Record using a high-quality video/audio device; Use respectful and appropriate language; Check the video before submission; Not upload the video to social media. Entries are due to be uploaded by Monday 5 September (Term 3 Week 9). Please see the Terms & Conditions document on the ATC App. If you have queries, please email Music Department.


Congratulations to six of our Senior ATC Volleyballers who are celebrating a wave of achievements in recent weeks! Dan M, Ryan L, Reily W, Matt G, Lachlan M and John P represented Met West at the QLD State Titles taking out the Bronze medal. At the conclusion of this tournament the 16-19 Years Merit team was also announced, and Dan was named in the team. He was also named in the U18 QLD team that will play in the National Champs in Bendigo during the next school holidays. Congrats to Ryan L and Lachlan M who also represented QLD in the U19 National Championships in Sydney.

Year 5 athlete Ben Schinard recently competed at the QLD State trials for Cross Country and had an awesome run coming in 4th place overall, with an exciting sprint finish! Having now qualified for the Queensland team, Ben is off to Nationals in Adelaide at the end of August.

Track & Field

Track and Field training has commenced in preparation for the GBC and AIC Championships. As mentioned previously, there has been a slight change due to the large number of registrations we have received. This change is as follows:
Track and Field training year groups now being split across two venues. Year 4 to 6 will now be on site at Jack Bowers Oval, whilst Year 7 to 12 will be at Jack Cook Park at Toowong as originally planned. Buses will transport the Year 7 to 12 boys to Jack Cook Park, however, a reminder that families will have to collect their son from Jack Cook Park after the conclusion of training. Times remain the same. We look forward to a great season ahead.


Our Theatresports team competed in the Semi Final rounds of the Youth Theatresports Competition on Tuesday 26 July. This was a competitive round where seven teams played for two positions in the finals. Although we did not secure a finals position, ATC played four strong rounds packed with entertaining improv drama and laughs. It was a team effort to be proud of. Our team opened with one of their favourite one-minute games ‘I love you scene’ played in the setting of ‘the tuckshop.’ Finally ending the evening with a four-minute game of ‘Survivor’ in a setting of ‘virtual reality,’ definitely some quick thinking was involved. Looking forward to the club continuing to grow and provide entertainment and development of improv skills.


Trivia Night

Trivia Night starts at 6pm on Saturday 30 July in NJ Hall. All table captains have been contacted by the coordinator Suz Rosolen so please check your inbox for any final communication from Raffle tickets will be for sale on the night and payment is via EFTPos.

Year 11 Gathering

The Year 11 P&F Parent Liaisons invite parents and caregivers to a Parent Gathering while the boys are at their Semi-Formal. We are in the process of securing a venue and making arrangements to keep it as flexible and cost effective as possible. Please SAVE THE DATE - Tuesday 9 August from 7pm – details are shared on the Year 11 Facebook page.

Book Club Read Between the Wines

Avid readers are invited to join the P&F Book Club on Thursday 11 August as we breakdown the novel “Disgrace” by J.M. Coetzee. Rachael will host the evening at her home in Kenmore Hills starting at 7.30pm. All new members are welcome. Please RSVP for her address Ph: 0422844622

Year 12 Barefoot Bowls Afternoon

The ATC P&F Liaisons invite all Year 12 Parents and their sons to a Barefoot Bowls afternoon on Sunday 14 August from 2-7pm at West Toowong Bowls. Your sons are welcome but optional depending on their schedules, but need to be included when purchasing tickets. The cost is $17.50 to cover the canapés and buy your own drinks. The cost for a game of Bowls is $10pp . Alternatively drop by, say “Hi” for a drink and nibble, and don’t play Bowls  but please still register so we know numbers. GF and veggie options limited but let us know early. Please visit the App to see all the information regarding registration details. 

Save the Date Ladies Spring Lunch

This year the ATC P&F invite ladies to the Rose Room at Cloudland on Friday 14 October at 11.30am to celebrate spring and to support breast cancer research at this special lunch. Tickets are $78 which includes a 2 course lunch and glass of bubbles on arrival. Tickets will go on sale Thursday 4 August, so save the date and get your friends together for a wonderful day out.

P&F Meeting Dates

All are welcome to join the Principal, Deputy Principal and the P&F President, Mr Ben Prain at the scheduled meetings which are held in Mt Sion Library.

Tuesday 30 August 6.30pm AGM
Tuesday 11 October 6.30pm
Tuesday 22 November 6.30pm – Planning Meeting for 2023

Enjoy the weekend and see you in Week 4!

David Gardiner
Deputy Principal

Thank you to these generous businesses who support our P&F Trivia Night raffle: