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Coming Up in Week 10

After what has truly been an extraordinary semester, we approach the final week before the holidays. The decision to extend classes by three days was made to provide an opportunity for consolidation, review and new work where appropriate after the remote teaching and learning experience.

The three days next week are ‘business as usual’ and normal routines and structures are in place. Active teaching and learning will be happening in the classroom. Year 12 students will partake in Intensive workshops that will continue their preparation for the first ever ATAR external exams. All Year 4 to 11 students will follow their normal Week B timetable with a focus on essential skill development in each subject area. The lessons will also provide an opportunity to provide feedback on assessment tasks and advice as to areas of improvement heading into Term 3.


Staff are working incredibly hard to finalise all assessment and produce the Semester One reports. These are planned to be published on Friday 26 June. You will be able to view reports via SEQTA. After logging onto SEQTA you then click on the tab ’Reports’ to see the Semester 1 2020 Report.

Parent-Teacher-Student Feedback Meetings

These meetings will be held on Monday 20 July. We view the meetings as an important time to reflect on Semester One, affirm each student’s work and discuss strategies for improvement. The meetings will be conducted via Microsoft TEAMs and more details will be sent to parents next week.

Semester Two Timetable

Year 8 and 9 students change their electives each semester, plus Year 7 classes change some of their subjects for Semester Two. This coupled with new staff commencing in Term 3, will result in the College timetable being different for Semester Two. We welcome Ms Lauren Arnell (Year 4-6 HPE teacher), Mr Blake Taylor (Year 7 Case Manager) and Ms Amanda Schiavo (Head of Humanities – Middle School) to our community. The Semester Two student timetables will be published during the first week of the holidays.

Tour morning

We hosted our first Tour Morning this week in many months due to the COVID-19 restrictions. Two groups of 20 parents were introduced to the vision of ATC by Mr Chris Ryan and were shown classrooms in action by members of the College Leadership Team. Again, the majority of visitors mentioned they had heard very positive comments about ATC from current families. You continue to be our best form of marketing. Thank you for telling others your stories of ATC. Enrolments are almost finalised for 2021. If you know of any family potentially seeking enrolment in Year 4 or in the Senior School please encourage them to contact the College as soon as they can.


First Day: Monday 13 July
Monday 20 July Pupil Free Day and Parent Teacher Student Feedback Meetings 10am to 8pm
Tuesday 4 August P&F Meeting
Friday 14 August Exhibition Public Holiday
Friday 4 September Ministerial Pupil Free Day
Last Day: Friday 18 September

Principal’s Message Week 9

The finish line is in sight, but Chris reminds us that there is still much to do if students are to end Term 2 well and be prepared for a different looking Term 3. CLICK HERE to read his blog for a glimpse at sport spectator regulations, Parent Teacher Feedback Meetings and much more.



Year 8 students couldn’t get enough of art this week where they learnt spray painting techniques in preparation finishing their Term 2 unit on ceramics and also to gain vital creative skills for year 9 Visual Arts. With the end of Term 2 edging closer, students used spray paint to add the base colour of their ceramic food sculptures. The final lessons next week will be dedicated to adding the finishing details to make their creations look realistic, delicious and appetising for their audience to enjoy. Yum!


Healthy waterways is a topic close to our hearts with our campus situated on the beautiful Brisbane River and our award winning environmental project ‘The Gully’s’ creek feeding into it. So it’s no surprise that Year 9 students dived into their study on the impact that food waste has on the health of our waterways. Simulating the impact of human food waste on swamp ecosystems, students added milk to water and studied the levels of yeast. They discovered that the higher the concentration of yeast, the faster the oxygen in the water was used up. High levels of yeast have a negative impact on water health. Be clean, be green!

Learning and having fun is part of the experiential work in our Lab sessions. Last week, Year 8 scientists conducted what is best known as the Hydrogen ‘Squeaky Pop’ Test! The characteristic POP is the result of a chemical reaction between hydrochloric acid and magnesium that produces a small amount of hydrogen gas. After observing this process, students lit a match and BANG! … they were excited to hear a loud noise as the hydrogen ignited.


This term year 7 RE have been studying the Holy Bible. Their assessment was to research a chosen biblical figure from the Old Testament and present to their class. The students chose different figures such as Abraham, Moses, Jonah, Prophet Jeremiah, Joseph and King David. Many boys dressed up and acted in character as they told the class about their figure and how we can learn from them today at ATC. They did wonderful presentations and put a lot of effort into being creative and engaging for their audience.

Senior School News

REMINDER Year 11 Students will be in normal classes in Week 10. Year 12 students will not have classes in Week 10 Monday 22 to 24 June, and instead will have intensive workshops to prepare for their external exams. Year 12 students are reminded that external exams in Maths and Science will form 50% of their result for that subject, and these workshops will further prepare them to successfully complete high stakes assessment. Year 12 students are only required to attend workshops for subjects they currently study.

University of Queensland College Intensive Courses
UQ College offer an intensive summer program that allows students to acquire the necessary pre-requisite required if the course they choose at UQ requires Maths B, Biology or Chemistry. This is a 4 week intensive program that starts Tuesday 24 November – Saturday 19 December 2020. UQ College then uploads the results to QTAC on Monday 21 December to show that you have completed the pre-requisites before any offers are made. If you need any further information, CLICK HERE to go to their website or contact the Program Coordinator, Malar Ganendran via email or phone: 0733461018 CLICK HERE to email the Program Coordinator.

ATCareers Bulletin
Apprenticeships & Traineeships, Year 12 important information and University updates. If you have any queries regarding any of these articles, or call Senior School Reception on 073878 0545


Looking Forward Photograph Competition

Which school has the best spirit? Brigidine has challenged ATC to a photograph competition themed ‘Looking Forward’. Watch the video for details on how to enter. All submissions are due by the 26 June. So come on ATC, let’s represent and bring on some healthy competition.


Service Story

Each time Year 5 student Zac visited his Grandfather, he noticed a young boy climbing and playing in a tree outside the house. This young boy seemed to have so much fun in the tree; so much fun in fact, that Zac and his Grandfather decided they would make a sign to attach to the tree and name it after the little boy. As it turns out, this young boy, named Sid, was the son of ATC Service Coordinator, Mr McCrohon! When Sid saw a beautiful sign had been placed on ‘his’ tree, he was very excited! He now takes great pride in caring for his tree and is watering it every day. We thank Zac for being so thoughtful and putting a smile on little Sid’s face. A moment of kindness, orchestrated by Zac and his Grandfather made a big impact on a little boy. Who could you make happy today?

Service to the Environment

Over the last couple of weeks students have been assisting with planting and weeding the Gully Precinct alongside the ATC boundary. Our College is proud of the work our students and staff undertake in caring for this important environmental area. More opportunities for students to get involved with the work in the Gully will be offered in Term 3.

Yellow Brick Road

Follow the Yellow Brick Road… Building on the theme of micro-service, the 4-week yellow brick road will provide students with weekly tasks that they can complete at home and in their neighbourhood. This collection of small, yet meaningful tasks will provide students with opportunities to continue to develop their sense of Service, something that we hold so dear at Ambrose Treacy College. Check out details from Mr McCrohon and Mr Warr on the College App. Follow the yellow brick road, and click here to share your stories and pictures with us to log your 10 hours!



With over 900 Sport Registrations across ATC it has been another great week of training across all year levels. Thank you to all the students and coaches for their understanding and support of the restrictions we are having to follow. Week 10 Training Timetable is available via the link below and is now live under each sport tag on the College App. Please analyse it closely as there are some changes due to the shortened week.

July Holiday Clinics

Holiday clinics will be held for students registered in Football, Rugby Union, Basketball and Tennis. Registrations are OPEN via Parent Lounge and will CLOSE 9:00am Monday 22 June. Note: NO LATE REGISTRATIONS WILL BE TAKEN July Holiday Clinic Information Letters are on the ATC College APP under the relevant sport tags.


In our second week back after a break from rehearsals, the ATC Jazz Orchestra was swinging up a storm with “Hayburner” by Sammy Nesitco. The band is very excited to be preparing material for upcoming recordings. Performing a piece on stage for video has become our new normal but rest assured we would rather be sharing wonderful live music with you at our regular concerts! Looking at the positives though, our musicians have learnt to be adaptable and have begun sharing their music with us via live recordings.

Recently the Clarinet Ensemble performed Claire Grundman’s advanced piece ‘Caprice for Clarinets’. With cameras at various angles and professional sound and lighting, the pressure was on and the boys performed at a very high standard. This group are very committed and some are looking to further their music studies at the Conservatorium. There are also the musicians who love playing for the sheer enjoyment and use music as an outlet for their creativity. With the challenges we have faced recently it has been very therapeutic for all the ATC Ensembles to be able to gather, rehearse, connect and enjoy performing together this term.

We would like to invite all new, current and past students to please now enrol for Instrumental Music, Vocal, Piano, Production and Drama & Communication lessons in Term 3 & 4 2020. Please enrol via the online form for Term 3 & 4 by CLICKING HERE. If you are enrolling in multiple instruments or lessons please complete a separate form for each.

A reminder that there will no rehearsals or scheduled lessons in Week 10 from Monday 22 to Wednesday 24 June. If applicable, staff may communicate make-up lessons directly with some students. Lessons begin day 1 Term 3. Watch the app for the latest Timetable which will be released next week.

Further information is available on the College App or please CLICK HERE to email the Music Office or call 0738780547


Both Paddy’s Place (Years 4-7) and the Bakehouse (Years 8-12) will be open for the extended three days of term, from Monday 22 June to Wednesday 24 June. Both tuckshops will be closed on the first day of Term 3, Monday 13 July. Please ensure your son brings his morning tea and lunch on that day.


A message from the Executive: Like all other aspects of our daily life, the work of the P&F has been significantly impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. We hope that all of the ATC community is keeping well as we endure these unusual times. The P&F has been in contact with the College Leadership Team over the period of isolation and where ever possible we have looked to support the school on your behalf. Having said that, it is a challenge to contribute as much as the parents of the school would like while we are under social restrictions.

Sadly, some events were not able to go ahead this year. The much anticipated (by boys and mums alike) mother’s day breakfast fell right in the middle of the most stringent social restrictions and so could not proceed. The committee has been discussing the idea of altering father’s day this year (assuming we are able to socially mix by then) into a celebration of both mums and dads – more a parents’ breakfast if you like.

It is hoped that the trivia night might still be able to proceed with some modification and events scheduled for later in the year are being prepared for in the usual way, as we hope there will be opportunities for ATC families to come together in the spirit of friend raising before the year is out. This is especially important for those families with sons in year 12 whose close connection with the school will move into a new phase at the end of this year.

As sporting and cultural events come back on line next term, there is likely to be a need for additional parent volunteers around game day events given the obligations to ensure we control numbers and access to events, and so we will all have an opportunity here to put our hands up to ensure our boys are able to get back into those co-curricular aspects of school life that are held so dear.

We would like to take the opportunity, on behalf of the P&F community, to thank all the staff of ATC who have demonstrated great resilience and courage in continuing our boys’ education during this time. The move to a remote learning platform had to be pulled together on incredibly short notice and presented a number of challenges to teachers and families alike. Nonetheless we have come through this together and that would not have been possible without the dedication of our ATC staff, from teachers to those working in front office to our wonderful grounds staff and administrators. We thank you all.


College Reception Office Hours June/July Holidays

Please note that College Reception will close at 1pm on Friday 26 June. Reception will reopen Monday 29 June at 8am and remain open over the June/July holidays, Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm. The First day of Term 3 is Monday 13 July.

Have a great weekend! I know you will be looking forward to a shortened week 10! School finishes at 3pm Wednesday 24 June. Remember to set your App subscriptions for Term 3 activities. A helpful video is below.

David Gardiner
Deputy Principal