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Coming Up for Week 2

Welcome back to Term Three. A particularly warm welcome to our new students across the College and to the five new teachers who have joined the ATC community. We hope you have all settled in well to your new routines and met some friendly faces.

It has been great to be back with all the students and staff after having seven weeks Professional Renewal leave. I am very grateful to EREA for providing such an enriching time and experience for me. After spending time in central Australia, in particular hiking for 17 days west from Alice Springs, I have gained an even deeper appreciation of the First Nation people’s connection with their land. It is deeply spiritual and special.


The highlight of the week has been our NAIDOC Mass and celebrations. This is an annual highlight for me as we celebrate our rich connection at ATC with our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. I appreciated the respectful way the student body approached the two Masses we held this week. The sight of the Brigidine College First Nation students joining with ATC First Nation students in the welcome dance at the Year 4-8 Mass was very moving. The theme of NAIDOC 2022 – Get Up! Stand Up! Show Up! is a special challenge for all of us individually as we continue on the path of reconciliation in this beautiful country.

Parent Teacher Feedback Meetings   

Parent, Student and Teacher Feedback Meetings are scheduled with your son’s Semester Two teachers on Monday 18 July 2022, 9am to 7.30pm (Pupil Free Day). These are important meetings to support students and we ask where possible that your son also attends the meetings to be an active player in their own progress. Please see the ATC App for a letter from Lara Morgan, Dean of Learning with full details. If you can’t make your appointment on Monday, please email the Learning Office immediately.

Subject Selection Years 8-10 2023 

Years 7, 8 and 9 Parents and Caregivers are advised that Subject Selection for Years 8-10 2023 will be online and accessed via the SEQTA portal from Friday 15 July at 6.00pm. Parents, caregivers, and students will be able to view Subject Info videos and the Subject Selection Handbooks as well as helpful instructions on the SEQTA Splash Page in Term Three. We encourage families to watch the videos, read the handbook, which will assist you and your son in making the most appropriate selections prior to making choices and submitting your form. Web Preferences, the platform where students will enter their subject choice, will be available from 6pm Friday 15 July 2022 and will close at 3pm Friday 29 July 2022.

Subject Selection Year 11 2023 and SET Plan Meetings

Year 10 students and parents will begin the process of choosing their subjects for 2023. You will be able to view subject videos and the Subject Selection Handbooks on SEQTA, which will assist you and your son in making the most appropriate selections prior to submitting your form online via Web Preferences, the platform where students will enter their subject choices. This will be available from 6pm Friday 15 July and will close at 3pm Monday 8 August 2022.

Subject Information Night and TAFE Expo

A reminder that the College invites Year 9 and 10 parents, caregivers, and students to the ‘2023 Subject Selection and Pathway Information Evening’ on Tuesday 19 July in the NJ Hall at 6pm. From 5.00pm, you will also be able to visit the ‘University and TAFE Display Expo’ in the NJ Hall, prior to the Information session beginning. All parents and students are highly encouraged to attend and speak with industry experts to gather more details on different courses, pathways and tertiary options.

Also, please see the App notice regarding Subject Selection Process for 2023. It is a very important letter from Lara Morgan Dean of Learning.

Book a School Education and Training (SET) Planning Meeting

Year 11 2023 (current Year 10) parents and caregivers are required to book a SET Plan meeting with their son’s academic mentor via Parent Lounge.  These face-to-face meetings will commence on Wednesday 20 July Week 2 of Term 3, with you and your son to discuss his chosen subject selections and chosen pathways. Meetings have been scheduled at the College in 20-minute intervals at a variety of times.  

All instructions and relevant information will be located on the SEQTA splash page. We encourage families to watch the subject information videos, read the handbooks and reach out to the relevant teachers if they have any questions.

Photo Catch Up Day

Get ready for the final photo day of the year on Thursday 18 August. It will be a Co-curricular Photo day plus an individual formal photos catch-up day. If your son is in these categories, please ensure he is in attendance on this day. Students who were absent for the School Photo Day in May, or did not meet the College’s Uniform, Hair and Grooming Policy will have the opportunity to have their school photo taken on Thursday 18 August during homeroom or break times. This is the final opportunity and reminder. CLICK HERE for the Hair & Grooming Policy. CLICK HERE to see the video on How to Wear Your Badges.

How to Order Photos

Go to the Studio Kirby website. Even if your son missed his photo on 26 May and will be having his photo taken on Thursday 18 August, you can still order photos now. Orders can be made online via the Studio Kirby website. “CLICK HERE”:

- Enter Student ID: 012345 (Sample ID)
(If the Student ID number is unknown, please click the ‘Forgot Your ID’ link and follow the prompts)
- Payment options: PayPal, Visa & MasterCard
- Finalised orders will receive a confirmation via email to your nominated email address

Ordering on-time helps the Kirby team get your photos to you as soon as possible. To avoid paying extra, please finalise your order by Thursday 25 August 2022.

Photos will be delivered to the school by 21 October. Any orders after this date will incur an $18.00 admin processing and handling fee. Photos are unavailable to view before purchase. If there are any concerns with your photos, please contact Studio Kirby within 10 days of receiving your pack to discuss alternative options.
- A partial refund is available for packs with digital downloads
- A full refund is available for printed packs when prints are returned to Studio Kirby (Please note: if postage applies this is at the cost of the customer) Order here –

Please read on for more details from across the College. All the best for a positive term.


Monday 18 July | Pupil Free Day (Parent, Student, Teacher Feedback meetings)
Tuesday 19 July | Year 11 P.A.R.T.Y Program
Tuesday 19 July | SRC Leaders Afternoon
Tuesday 19 July | University & TAFE Displays
Tuesday 19 July | Years 10 & 11, 2023 Subject Selection and Pathway Information Evening
Wednesday 20 July | Year 10 Drama incursion with Zen Zen Zo
Thursday 21 July | College Tour
Thursday 21 July | Year 9 Connacht & Leinster Retreat
Friday 22 July | Year 10 Geography Excursion
Friday 22 July | Year 9 Munster & Ulster Retreat
Friday 22 July | Years 5-6 Basketball
Friday 22 July | Year 7-12 House Basketball
Friday 22 July | Year 11 & 12 Music, and Year 11 & 12 Drama incursion


ICAS Tests Years 4-10 Registration closes 1 August

The College will run sessions for the annual ICAS English, Science and Maths exams for Years 4-10, on the dates and times below. To register for the ICAS exams you must visit their website below and pay the fee online. The College cannot process payment or registration for students. Please refer to the attached letter from Ms Lara Morgan, Dean of Learning, for further details.

• English: Tuesday 16 August 2022 from 7:15-8:15am; cost $19.25
• Science: Tuesday 23 August 2022 from 7:15-8:15am; cost $19.25
• Maths: Tuesday 30 August 2022 from 7:15-8:15am; cost $19.25

To register and pay, CLICK HERE for the ICAS parent payment link. Use the ATC access code of: BCB794 Please enter your child’s name accurately into the system as it will appear on their ICAS certificate. If you are registering multiple children and different schools, we advise you to clear your cache before placing the new entry for your son. Registration closes Monday 1 August 2022 at 4.00pm Please register and pay via the ICAS Shop Website. NOTE: Tests are not mandatory. If you would like more information on ICAS and the testing, go to the University of NSW website before going to the payment portal.


Year 8 Geography excursion
As part of the study for Term 3 Geography – ‘Coastal Landforms and Processes’, Year 8 classes – only Lynch, Wynne and Nolan will be going on excursion ALL DAY on Tuesday 9 August 2022 to Palm Beach on the Gold Coast, to investigate coastal erosion and the different management practices that have been put in place to minimise the loss of sand from Palm Beach. Whilst on the excursion, students will hear about how the development of residential property on the foredunes of Palm Beach has meant that erosion has a significant economic impact, as well as how climate change is affecting the Gold Coast and the measure that have been taken to protect the beach in the long term. As part of this excursion, students will have the opportunity to visit Palm Beach and during the excursion, students will be required to complete a field trip booklet. This will then be used as part of a report into the management of erosion on Palm Beach, which they will complete in class and homework time. Students will need attend school as by 7.15am for a departure at 7.30am. Students will return to school at 3.00pm. Full details of what to bring are on the ATC App.

Year 11 Physics Excursion – iFly Chermside
As part of the study for Term 3 Year 11 Physics – ‘Linear Motion and Force’, Year 11 Physics students will be participating in an excursion to iFly Chermside to investigate how different forces impact motion on Thursday 4 August 2022. Please see the app notice with attached files for full details of departure times, what to bring, and how to complete the iFly waiver.

Senior Drama
On Monday 25 July Senior Drama students (Years 10 11 & 12) will be going on an excursion to QPAC to see The Sunshine Club by Wesley Enoch as part of our Senior Drama curriculum. The aim of the learning activity is to provide students with the experience of viewing live theatre, which helps them understand the practical application of Drama and theatre and build their analytical and evaluative skills. Students are to arrange private transportation to and from the excursion. Students are to arrive at the Wheel of Brisbane, South Brisbane at 5:45pm and parents are to collect students from The Wheel of Brisbane, South Brisbane at 9:10pm. See the ATC App for full important details from Mrs Holmes-Blissner.

Learning Events

Maths Space

Maths Space provides a golden opportunity for students in Years 10-12 to come along to practise maths problems, ask for help and seek feedback from teachers. Maths Space is held Tuesdays and Wednesdays during second break in T204 so why not grab your Maths books and lunch and bring your questions to our superb Maths teachers.

Junior School Library ‘Boys, Books and Breakfast’
Mt Sion Junior School Library have a fantastic opportunity for parents and boys to pop into the Library to share quality time viewing and reading new novels or old favourites whilst enjoying a light breakfast on Tuesday 26 July from 7.30am. The staff look forward to you joining us. Mrs Burton looks forward to seeing all our Junior School mums and dads for a cuppa and a read!

Premier’s Reading Challenge
The Premier’s Reading Challenge is well underway, and these school holidays are an excellent opportunity for boys to get busy reading! The PRC encourages students to develop a love of reading for life. Students are encouraged to select a range of fiction and non-fiction books suited to their reading ability and record books read during the reading period, between 9 May to 26 August 2022. To complete the challenge Years 4 ATC students must read at least 20 books and Years 5 to 9 must read at least 15 books. Please see the information letter on the ATC App for more details.

Subject Information Night and TAFE Expo
A reminder that the College invites Year 9 and 10 parents, caregivers, and students to the ‘2023 Subject Selection and Pathway Information Evening’ on Tuesday 19 July in the NJ Hall at 6pm. From 5.00pm, you will also be able to visit the ‘University and TAFE Display Expo’ in the NJ Hall, prior to the Information session beginning. All parents and students are highly encouraged to attend and speak with industry experts to gather more details on different courses, pathways and tertiary options.


Leadership Retreat

The Leadership Retreat our College Captain nominees cooked up a hot breakfast for the Year 11 cohort before they embarked on journey in preparation for their important roles in 2023. It was a day like no other with these amazing young people at the cusp of their final year of schooling. Mr Ryan shared his experience and reflection of a trip to Robben Island which harboured one of the influential and visionary leaders of our time, Nelson Mandela.

Recounting experiences, students learnt today that by demonstrating understanding and compassion, each person will bring their unique characteristics to enhance the final year’s experience. Mr Ryan encouraged everyone, through positive influence and self commitment, to be daring leaders, to continue to build a courageous culture, accelerate their personal best and to make a difference in learning, leading and serving the community.

Leadership Assembly

It bears to remember a saying attributed to Mahatma Gandhi – Be the change you want to see. It captures something key: how sensible it is to be the example. At next week’s Leadership Assembly, our SRC will exhibit the values of the College in this ‘call to action’. Taking pride in the integrity of the position our in  demonstrating the strength ‘as one’ to wear the uniform with dignity, the strength in being an upstander instead of bystander and the strength to be stewards of our environment. We look forward to our community accepting this mission.

Year 11 Formation Curriculum

Our Formation program allows us the opportunity to engage with students about current and emerging trends and topics and this term, Year 11 will be  delivered lessons on Consent as part of our ongoing dialogue with our students regarding Respectful Relationships. See the ATC App for a letter from Mr Conor Finn with further details.

Year 12 2023 – Senior Jersey

With their final year approaching, it is time for Year 11 students to mark the occasion by ordering their Senior Jersey for 2023. The College has worked closely with the manufacturer Canterbury to produce a quality product whilst maintaining a reasonable cost. Students will vote on the final design later this term. Please login to Parent Lounge to purchase. If you do not wish to proceed in purchasing a senior jersey, we kindly ask for you to decline the tour and you will receive no further follow-up correspondence. Please see the letter on the ATC App for more information and follow the link to select your preferred size.

Year 11 P.A.R.T.Y. program 

On Tuesday 9 August, Year 11 students will participate in an engaging workshop, front loading students’ understanding of road safety. The workshops sessions are led by a team of Police, driving instructor and community sector experts. We thank  the support of the Rotarians who enable ATC to support this valuable program. RYDA is more than a program, it is partnership that has become part of the College culture, providing our students with the tools and understanding to see themselves as active, responsible road citizens; motivating them to create good habits and stay safe on the roads.

Year 11 SociABLE

The SociABLE is an important formative event for the Year 11 students. It will be held at The Greek Club, 29 Edmondstone Street, South Brisbane on the 9 August. It will begin at 6:30pm for a 7:00pm start and will conclude at 10:00pm. See the ATC App for full details of this event.



Year 9 Service
As part of Term 3 Service initiatives, the Year 9 cohort will be raising funds to support a very worthy cause, with all proceeds going towards much needed educational resources such as gym mats, iPads, interactive whiteboards, and assessment tools. Students have already been registered through the AEIOU foundation and have an email with their details. They are encouraged to copy the URL on their personalised page before sending it onto family and friends. As a culminating activity and as a display of support, Year 9 students will complete laps around the Jack Bowers oval, standing in solidarity with families affected by the disorder. We encourage you to get behind the cause by supporting students through sponsorship as they complete laps around the college oval. Students who are successful in raising $100 and completing the minimum 5 laps (approx. 3km) will earn 5 service hours, contributing to the 20 hours required by Year 9 students. See the letter on the ATC App from Mr Wong.


The Wind Ensemble were rehearsing for their big performances this term and featured on our social media pages today. Check out their work and a welcome from Mr Bolt in our Stories as well.


The QCMF performance times have arrived!  In 2022 we have many ensembles performing so please keep an eye on the College App to see who and when you are performing. Detailed information for each ensemble may be emailed to parents so please also watch your inbox for further details for our August performances. CLICK HERE to find out more about QCMF 2022 and follow their Facebook page.


ATC’s Got Talent is back for 2022! The competition is open to all ATC students for any type of performance and online registration is free. We are calling for musicians, actors, dancers and talented performers to enter with a video recording of up to 3 minutes of their performance. To be in the running for great prizes students can submit videos online now via the ATC’s Got Talent site via the link HERE  

This week-long event is being held from Monday 10 – Friday 14 October 2022. Students must adhere to the following when recording their performance:
Wear school uniform (academic or sport); Record in a common area; Record using a high-quality video/audio device; Use respectful and appropriate language; Check the video before submission; Not upload the video to social media.

Entries are due to be uploaded by Monday 5 September (Term 3 Week 9). Please see the Terms & Conditions document on the ATC App. If you have queries, please email Music Department.

Performance Calendar

The Semester Two Performance Calendar is available on the ATC App, and we have a full calendar of great events coming up!


Term 3 sport is underway with fixtures for Junior AIC Basketball and Tennis, and Club Basketball beginning this this weekend. We are excited for the sports on offer this Term with GBC Football (Soccer) and Basketball seasons as well as the beginning of internal Tennis Fixtures coming in Week 2. Please keep an eye on the App for further information especially with Colours Cup Basketball beginning in Week 3.


Term 3 Clubs will commence from Week 3, Monday 25 July for all registered students, with the exception of the below –
Golf (Sunday 24 July)
Homework Club (Week 2)
AV Club (Week 2)
Actors Studio (Week 2)
Please check the ATC App for the Term 3 Clubs Timetable, along with any updates throughout the term.


Paddy’s Place and The Bakehouse are serving up the new winter warmer daily specials and all the old favourites. The Tuckshop Menu for Term Three is available on the ATC App. Top up your son’s account via the ATC Shop.


Trivia Night

The ATC P&F invite you to their Trivia Night event on Saturday 30 July from 6pm – 9.45pm in NJ Hall. Please save the date in your calendars! It is an exciting Themed event and this year it’s “Fairy Tales & Nursery Rhymes”. Tables were released for sale on Tuesday 12 July at 5pm on Parent Lounge. Cost per table for up to 10 persons is $200. THERE ARE ONLY TWO TABLES LEFT FOR SALE! Table Captains are now to choose their theme. Raffle tickets will be sold separately to table sales in Parent Lounge. Please click here to email the coordinator if you have any questions.

Raffle Trivia Night

Thank you to our sponsors who have kindly donated prizes for our Trivia Night Raffle. You don’t have to be there on the night to be a winner. Everyone can purchase raffle tickets through Parent Lounge. Tickets are 2 for $10 or 5 for $20; 8 for $30 etc. Please click here to email the P&F secretary if you would like to donate a prize for the raffle.  Please support these generous College sponsors when you are shopping in our community:

Kenmore Village Shopping Centre
Name My Stuff, Sherwood
Presents of Mind, Indooroopilly
VetShop Australia

Fitness & Health:
Fig Tree Yoga, Fig Tree Pocket
Jetts Kenmore
Movement Vitality Yoga & Mobility, Indooroopilly
Studio Pilates

Food & Drinks:
Ananas Espresso, Graceville
Domino’s Pizza, Chapel Hill
Gambaro’s restaurants, City
Peach & Billy, Chapel Hill
The Kenmore (Tavern)
Wests Bar & Bistro, Toowong

Cru Hair, Chapel Hill
Monsoon Hair Design, Chapel Hill

Event Cinemas, Indooroopilly
Cinebar, Rosalie Village

Year 11 Parents and Caregivers Gathering

The Year 11 P&F Parent Liaisons invite parents and caregivers to a Parent Gathering while the boys are at their Semi-Formal. We are in the process of securing a venue and making arrangements to keep it as flexible and cost effective as possible. Please SAVE THE DATE - Tuesday 9 August from 7pm at a venue to be advised. Further details will be shared on the Year 11 Facebook page.

Year 12 Barefoot Bowls Afternoon

The ATC P&F Liaisons invite all Year 12 Parents and their sons to a Barefoot Bowls afternoon on Sunday 14 August from 2-7pm at West Toowong Bowls. Your sons are welcome but optional depending on their schedules, but need to be included when purchasing tickets. The cost is $17.50 to cover the canapés and buy your own drinks. The cost for a game of Bowls is $10pp . Alternatively drop by, say “Hi” for a drink and nibble, and don’t play Bowls  but please still register so we know numbers. GF and veggie options limited but let us know early. Please visit the App to see all the information regarding registration details. 

Save the Date Ladies Spring Lunch

This year the ATC P&F invite ladies to the Rose Room at Cloudland on Friday 14 October at 11.30am to celebrate spring and to support breast cancer research at this special lunch. Tickets are $78 which includes a 2 course lunch and glass of bubbles on arrival. Tickets will go on sale in August, so save the date and get your friends together for a wonderful day out.

P&F Meeting Dates Term 3 and Term 4

All are welcome to join the Principal, Deputy Principal and the P&F President, Mr Ben Prain at the scheduled meetings which are held in Mt Sion Library.

Tuesday 30 August 6.30pm AGM
Tuesday 11 October 6.30pm
Tuesday 22 November 6.30pm – Planning Meeting for 2023

Enjoy the week ahead.

David Gardiner
Deputy Principal

Thank you to these generous businesses who support our P&F


TERM 1: Wednesday 25 January 2023 to Friday 31 March
TERM 2: Monday 17 April to Friday 16 June
TERM 3: Monday 10 July to Friday 15 September
TERM 4: Tuesday 3 October to Friday 24 November (Year 12 last day is Thursday 16 November)