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Coming Up for Next Week

It has not been the usual start to a school year, but nonetheless, there is still evidence of the strong partnerships between staff, parent, caregivers and students. Even with the challenges of online learning we have seen 99% of students engaged each day with their online learning and our teachers are proud of them.

This week has also seen three Parent Information Evenings and the first P&F meeting. Naturally in today’s climate, all four meetings were held via TEAMS. But very high attendance numbers indicate the strong partnership and desire to be engaged in your son’s learning and school journey. It has been warming to see such strong engagement for the commencement of the school year. Please continue to communicate with your son’s teachers and Formation leader to share any relevant information regarding your son or to ask any question.

As per the Queensland Premier’s directive, school excursions, camps, assemblies and large gatherings have been postponed or cancelled up to 4 March. Significant events that have been postponed are the Year 12 Opening Mass, Year 10 Retreat, Year 4 Ngutana Lui excursion, and the Junior School swimming Carnival. Major cancellations include the Year 4, 5, 7, 8, 9 and 10 Camps.

The impact of COVID will be considerable over this month as schools reopen and I encourage you to continue to read the details below and all the correspondence that the College will send out over the coming weeks. It will be wonderful to have the boys back onsite next week and some resemblance of normality for the school year. All the best for a safe and positive term ahead.

Drop off and Pick Up Monday 7 February

Monday morning will be very busy with traffic throughout the local area. It is important that we remain calm and positive as a community and work as co-operatively as possible on the roads, with our neighbours and with each other as drop offs and pick- ups are facilitated. It will be busy, so your patience and support are appreciated.

From 7.45am, Year 12 students will be present at the Junior School drop off zone (Twigg St) and the Middle School drop off zone (Twigg and Kate St entry) to meet and support younger boys.

Year 12 students and key staff will meet and greet Year 4 and Year 7 students and assist them with carrying their school materials and getting set up at their homeroom or locker. Parents and Caregivers are asked to please not enter the grounds unless necessary to support a vulnerable student.

Students will be supported by guides and are required to follow these directions:

Year 4 Bags to outside classroom racks and then move to outside Nudgee Junior Hall
Year 5 Bags to outside classroom racks and then move to Year 5 area
Year 6 Bags to outside classroom racks and then move to Year 6 area
Year 7 Meet in the Year 7 Undercroft and boys will be assisted from there
Years 8 to 12 Bags to Homeroom and a locker will be allocated during extended Homeroom time

Year 4 will conclude classes on Monday 7 February at 2.30pm and staff will escort them to the Junior School pick up zone (Twigg Street). Year 4s with older brothers will be supervised until post 3pm for parent/caregiver pick up. Ensure your sons know where they will be picked up from on the first day. Please liaise with your Homeroom teacher with any questions or concerns. Day 1 is normal College uniform requirement and hair and grooming expectations need to be met.

Arrangements for Symptoms and RAT Testing

If a student is unwell (even mildly) with COVID symptoms, please do not attend school. If a student becomes unwell during the day, he will let his teacher know as usual and present to Student Reception where he will be cared for, isolated and parents and caregivers contacted to collect him. The Queensland Government will supply a number of RATs that will be provided to families for testing at home in this instance. When the test result is known, please email When these supplies of RATs are exhausted, families will need to present at a testing clinic for priority attention as a school student. We are hopeful that further supplies will become available in time.

Absence from School

Normal absentee processes need to be followed please. There will be three types of attendance status:
1. Present at school for lessons
2. Absent from school (a parent/caregiver will report this) via the usual channels
3. Learning at Home (the teacher will record attendance on their roll) See further details below in Online Learning. If a student attends online, he will be considered present on our records. If he is absent from online lessons, parents and caregivers must notify the College via the normal channels, and this will be noted on his online attendance record.

If a student is going to be late or absent for any reason parents and caregivers are required to inform us via the College App Absentee tile, or by email or telephone 0738780521 before 9.00am on the morning of the absence.

Textbook Collection Years 7-12

Textbook collection will occur when boys return to campus from Monday 7 February. Teachers have scheduled times for students to collect their textbooks from Westcourt library and this will be conveyed to students in class.


As we are an integrated Year 4 to 12 campus, when school returns to onsite, we ask that all students (other than those with medical exemptions) have their own supply of clean and suitable masks. If your son has a medical exemption regarding the wearing of masks, I ask that you communicate such with Main Reception. Students who forget their mask may purchase one at Paddy’s Place or the Bakehouse Tuckshops prior to the start of the school day using the Student ID Card for $1.00. We would ask that students remember to bring masks from home.

Student ID photos

Student ID photos will be taken on Wednesday 9 February in NJ Hall for students in Years 4, 7, 10 and 12 and new students in any other year levels. Student ID’s will be taken on February 9 in NJ Hall for students in Years 4, 7, 10 and 12 and new students. Please ensure your son is wearing the correct uniform – Striped Day Shirt, College tie, Grey shorts, long socks, black shoes. Seniors will wear their white Day Shirt and College Tie. If it is a PE day for your son, he must wear his Day Uniform to school and bring his PE kit with him. NOTE: continuing students in Years 5, 6, 8, 9 & 11 will NOT have a new ID photo taken this year. A new Student ID card will be issued, but will retain their 2021 photo on it. Please refer to the College’s Uniform, Hair and Grooming Policy. Students who do not comply with the ATC Uniform, Hair & Grooming Policy risk not being allowed in photos.


Over the holidays a new commercial kitchen has been installed at The Bakehouse. This new facility includes state of the art cooking equipment, as well as a walk-in cold room and freezer room. All cooking for the tuckshops will now be carried out at The Bakehouse (Years 8 to 12) and Paddy’s Place (Years 4 to 7) will operate as a service only tuckshop. The tuckshop team has welcomed two new cooks, Linda and Miguel, who along with Graeme, are looking forward to cooking and serving delicious, healthy and fresh food, all made on-site for the students and staff of ATC. Dietary requirements including gluten free, vegetarian and dairy free, are catered for each day.

The Term One menu is available to view via the download link below, as well as on the ATC app or via the ATC Shop. It includes two specials each day, as well our regular daily favourites. There will also be a selection of cold sandwiches, wraps, rolls, fruit, sushi and salads which are perfect in the warm weather. The Bakehouse will now be serving breakfast each day from 7:30am. Paddy’s Place and The Bakehouse are self-service tuckshops and cashless. As such, students need to set up an ATC Shop account to pay for any purchases.

ATC Shop

Purchases can only be made if a student has sufficient credit on their ATC Shop account and has their student card at the time of purchase. Details about how to set up a credit card and automatic top-up can be viewed in the video below. There is also the option of paying by credit or debit card at both tuckshops. The tuckshop team look forward to welcoming back students from Monday 7 February.

How to Setup an ATC Shop Account


Saturday 5 February | Year 5-12 Cricket & AFL Fixtures
Saturday 5 February | Year 7-12 Volleyball Fixtures
Monday 7 February | Students return to face-to-face learning
Monday 7 February | Friday Bell Times
Monday 7 February | Co-curricular Music Ensemble Rehearsals commence
Tuesday 8 February | College Assembly
Tuesday 8 February | Year 12 House Leadership morning
Wednesday 9 February | Student ID Photos for Years 4, 7, 10 & 12 students
Thursday 10 February | 2022 College Leaders’ Afternoon
Friday 11 February | Opening Liturgy (Years 4-12) online
Friday 11 February | Year 4-12 St Peters Swim Meet
Friday 11 February | Year 7-12 Colours Cup Volleyball

College Publications

The 2021 Yearbook, 2022 Calendar and Student Diary will be distributed on Monday 7 February. The youngest child in each family from Years 5-12 will receive a copy of the 2021 Yearbook. Students in Years 6-9 will receive a copy of the 2022 Student Planner. The youngest child in each family will receive a copy of the 2022 College Calendar. Year 12 2021 families will be able collect their 2021 Yearbook from the Senior Reception, labelled for contactless collection, from Tuesday 25 January to Friday 4 February only.

Year 7 School Immunisation Program 

Ambrose Treacy College is participating in Queensland Health’s annual School Immunisation Program. Students will be offered free Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and Diphtheria-Tetanus-Pertussis (Whooping Cough) vaccinations.  Please Note:  A consent form has been included with your son’s laptop that has been collected. Consent Forms are to be completed and returned to the College Reception on Monday 7 February 2022.


Opening Mass and Senior Commissioning

The 2022 Opening Mass and Senior Commissioning has been rescheduled to take place on Wednesday 9 March. Year 12 parents and students are urged to refer to the letter shared on the ATC App from Mr Warr for further details.



ATC Club and Sport registrations will open on Monday 7 February at 6:00pm through Parent Lounge as per the list below. The registration process is via Parent Lounge is slightly different to previous years. Watch the helpful video for step by step instructions.

• Actors Studio – Years 7 – 12
• Canoe Polo – Year 7
• Paddle Play – Year 4
• Chess – Queen’s Gambit – Years 4 – 12
• Cooking – Year 4
• Cooking – Year 7
• Debating and Public Speaking “Civil Society” – Years 7 – 12
• Dungeons and Dragons – Years 6 – 12
• Gardening – Year 4
• Golf – Years 4 -12
• Hey Startup! – Years 7 & 8
• Hip Hop Crew – Years 4 – 12
• Mountain Biking – Years 4 – 12
• Robotics – Middle & Senior School
• Secret League of Gamers Years 7-12
• Theatresports – Years 7 – 12

• Term 2 Rugby Union – Years 5 -12
• Term 2 Football (Soccer) – Years 5 – 12
• Athletic Development – Years 4-12
• Year 4 Legends: Cricket
• Year 4 Legends: Basketball

For eSports, Audio Visual (AV) Club, Film & Media, Book Club, and Environmental registration process, please see the information letters on the College App under each tag. (You must subscribe to that tag to see the info!)

Some things have changed over the holidays, so be mindful and prepared by following the instructions on how to register in Parent Lounge. Watch this video:


Next week, we will be opening registrations for Year 4 Legends (Cricket and Basketball), Athletic Development (Year 4-12 Gym Club and also Speed, Agility and Endurance sessions), Rugby and Football (Soccer). Other Term 2 sports registrations will take place later in the term. Relevant information and instructions will be found on the ATC app on each sport or Year 4 Legends page. The registrations themselves will take place in your Parent Lounge account.


ATC Club registrations will open on Monday 7 February at 6:00pm through Parent Lounge for all Term 1 Clubs.  The registration process will be slightly different to previous years.  Please see video which explains the new registration process for Parent Lounge. Please ensure you read and fully understand the information letters on the app before registering your son for his desired activity.  Please note that some clubs have maximum participants and may fill quickly. Registrations will close 3:00pm Friday 11 February, unless maximum numbers are reached earlier.


As it currently stands, from Monday 7 February all ensemble, band and choir rehearsals begin as well as all Instrumental, Vocal, Drama & Communication and Production lessons. As always, this will be subject to the latest health advice and all sessions will be run under appropriate COVID 19 Protocols. The Rehearsal Schedule and Lesson Schedules will be available on the College App from next week to assist with your preparations. Teachers will also email new families directly with lesson timetables. Please subscribe to the relevant Culture ‘tags’ on the College App to ensure all timetable and relevant notices are received.


For all new students interested in joining a choir, rehearsals are open to all students with no audition required. ATC Senior Singers (Years 7-12) rehearse on Wednesday mornings from 7am and Junior Choir (years 4-6) rehearse on Thursday mornings from 7am. Both sessions are in the College Chapel. We look forward to seeing you there! CLICK HERE to contact the Music Department.


ATC P&F Parents Book Club

Do you love reading? If so, the P&F Book Club, Read Between the Wines is welcoming new members for 2022. Join other parents for a casual chat about what you’ve been reading over the summer and get to know other book lovers at the first meeting of the year. Be Bradshaw will host the gathering at her home in Indooroopilly on Thursday 10 February at 7.30pm. RSVP to Rachael and join the Read Between the Wines Facebook page for updates and book news.

P&F Meeting

The next meeting is being held on Tuesday 8 March at 6.30pm. If you are interested in hearing the up-to-date news from the P&F and the College Principal, CLICK HERE to email the P&F Secretary to RSVP. Depending on current restrictions, this meeting may be held via TEAMS online, and a link to join the meeting will be emailed to you on the day.

David Gardiner
Deputy Principal