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Combating Poverty Through Education

At ATC we encourage boys to engage with Service and we promote the fact that Service is not easy but it is rewarding. Service isn’t only about helping people in need. It can bring fun, new friendships and cherished memories. For year 6 student Seamus Duell, the effort made this term to raise money for The School of St. Jude in Tanzania, will culminate in a trip to Africa to visit the students.

Our Service program has helped Seamus to strengthen his commitment to the students at St. Judes. The school in East Africa provides quality free education to more than 1800 students from communities across Tanzania. The Duell family decided to travel to Tanzania this Christmas after being inspired by Australian woman, Gemma Sisia from Armidale. Her story has been featured recently on the ABC’s Australian Story and her goal is to combat poverty through education. The Duell family met Gemma in Brisbane this year and heard her speak of how difficult it was to obtain basic items within East Africa. Gemma produced a Wishlist of items that ranged from simple things like crayons, glue, spoons, usb sticks, books to science lab equipment and musical instruments. Along with two other families, the Duells are going to transport some items on the Wishlist to Tanzania. (see the link below to download)

Service at ATC is a great way to connect with our community and other communities. It gives boys the chance to connect with individuals and groups and to make a real difference to this world. Research shows that the advantages in giving to others are tangible and include learning new interpersonal skills, connecting with people from different walks of life and making new friends. I am sure that Seamus’ travels will afford him the opportunity to build on life skills, challenge himself and gain confidence.

The first fundraising venture is being held next Thursday 26 October at Eldorado Cinemas with the screening of Thor. Join in and make a difference (MAD) by coming along to the event knowing that a portion of the ticket price is being used to help educate African children and break the poverty cycle. Seamus will have collection boxes at the cinema in case anyone wants to donate any of the items listed on the St Judes Wishlist.
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We also remind parents to submit their sons Service stories and photos to

Bernard Wong Service Coordinator