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College Procedures

These simple procedures will assist you and your son adhere to College procedures and protocol in situations such as being absent, arriving late to school and lost property, as well as other incidences. This is very helpful reading before beginning at ATC.

Absent from school:

Caregivers must phone Absentee Line (3878 0500) prior to 8:25am on that day or submit Absentee Form via the College App. If your son is likely to be absent for several days parents must email the Year Level Coordinator. Extended absences of more than a week should be requested in writing to the Principal.

Late to school:

If your son arrives after 8.25am he must report to Student Reception and scan Student ID card.

Leave school during the day:

Your son must have a note or email from a caregiver requesting permission to leave at a certain time. The note or email is to be shown to the Homeroom teacher who will sign it. For all students, a caregiver must sign out the student at Student Reception by scanning the Student ID card. It is the student’s responsibility to present the note to Student Reception. Senior School students are required to sign out at Student Reception and to sign back in at Student Reception if they return later that day.

Being picked up late

It is suggested that all parents enrol their sons in the after school care program so that you can send your son to ASC at Holy Family Primary School in the case of unexpected delays in the afternoon or in any family emergency situation. ASC look after students mainly in Years 4-6 but can care for older children in Years 7-9 if required although most of the activities are tailored towards the younger students.

Be excused from Physical Education:

Provide a note or email from parent/caregiver, outlining the reason your son cannot participate, and present it to PE teacher.

Lost property:

To avoid lost property all items of clothing should have your sons name clearly labelled on it. Boys should check the collection of unmarked lost property in Student Reception. If you find an item you wish to send to lost property please place it in the designated area in Student Reception.

Feeling sick:

Any time your son is sick, he should report to Student Reception with a Student Pass from a teacher. If he is required to leave the College as a result of being sick, you will be notified and this information will be recorded in SEQTA.

Being injured:

In the case of an injury during lunchtime, your son should report to Student Reception and relevant teachers will be notified via email of his presence. If he is required to leave the College as a result of being injured, you will be notified, and this information will be recorded in SEQTA.

Forgotten lunch:

If he has forgotten lunch, he can report to Student Reception to obtain a blue slip. The blue slip is then to be presented to the Tuckshop to obtain a $2 scroll. Funds will be deducted from your Flexischool account or noted in the IOU book if no funds are available.

Missing an item of uniform:

If you are missing an item of uniform it is your son’s responsibility to inform his Home Room teacher at 8.25am who will issue him with a Uniform Pass.

Parent /caregiver wants to contact student during the day:

With the busyness of the College at the end of the school day messages cannot be guaranteed to reach your son after 2:00pm. If he is a Middle School student or Senior School student, you are asked to email your son directly or leave a message onhis phone. If your son is a Junior School student, you are asked to contact the College Office by phone (3878 0500) and, where possible, the message will be directed to your sons teacher.

Missed assessment due to illness?

Parents are asked to make contact with the Dean of Learning or relevant Head of Department, to advise of student illness. When the student is well, the College will arrange for assessment catch up. Students are asked to bring written evidence of their unavailability for medical reasons. In Middle School, this may take the form of a parent letter or medical certificate. In Senior School, this may take the form of a medical certificate.

Need an extension on assignment due to prolonged illness or significant personal upheaval?

Students and parents may complete a ‘Request for Extension’ form which should be submitted to the appropriate Head of Department 48 hours in advance of the due date. The form can be located in the School Documents section of SEQTA. Students will be required to show evidence of their work progress. Sickness in the immediate period before an assessment item is due, does not qualify as grounds for extension. Most often students are given many weeks to work progressively on tasks and should be in a reasonable position to submit work, in advance of the due date.

Unable to attend a scheduled lunch time or after school detention:

It is hoped that scheduled detentions will take priority over all other commitments; however, the College understands that this may not always be possible due to external appointments. If you are unable to attend your scheduled detention, please contact your son’s Head of Year to make alternative arrangements.

Conor Finn
Dean of Formation