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Co-Curricular | End of Term Wrap Up

The end of another semester at Ambrose Treacy College is looming and as always at this time of year, I look back on the past six months and reflect on our journey as a College.

Only moments ago we had our opening rounds of volleyball, our beginner music testing and our pre-season cricket carnival in Toowoomba, yet in the past week our rugby and football season has come to an end, we have celebrated another amazing semester of music with a concert featuring every boy in our instrumental music program and our Year 7 boys are just about to set off on their end of term fishing trip!

At staff prayer at the beginning of the week, one of our teachers, Dianna Leonardi challenged us to find slices of happiness in our lives and this resonated with me. With so many big things happening, we sometimes lose sight of the little things that are so meaningful. The little ‘slices’ are everywhere if we find time to see them.

Whilst watching the Concert Band last night, Conor Finn and I saw a ‘slice’ that Brijette Brooks gave one of our boys through a quick thumbs up during their performance when he nailed a particularly difficult part of the song. I saw it during the athletics carnival today when Will Swalwell was chosen by the parents in the Sport Support Group to receive a best dressed prize and received a block of chocolate and was genuinely stoked. I saw it on Elliot Beauchamp’s face when the crowd applauded his courage and talent whilst singing with the Jazz Orchestra and I saw a ‘slice’ on Jonah Lashbrooks face when he finally made it into the second row of a photo for the first time in his short (pun intended) life at formal photos on Tuesday. Tiny moments, but massively important to those involved.
It has been a big, busy semester and the boys are ready for a well earned rest.

Yesterday’s athletics carnival was a great way to celebrate the end of term with students, staff and parents, enjoying perfect weather, finally, and the opportunity for healthy competition and rivalry. It was a very closely fought competition with a number of houses in the lead throughout the day. In the end, Munster House pipped Ulster by 6 points, leaving Leinster and Connacht in their wake. A real highlight of the day was the ATC Gift, an event that we haven’t held at the carnival since 2012. This is a handicap event that sees boys in Year 4 to Year 11 competing alongside each other in a 110m dash. Fittingly, the top three runners were Julius Doyle-Prentice Year 4 in 2rd, Tom Coe Year 10 in 2nd and Julius Sauer Year 11 in 1st place. This was a great finish to the day and a real celebration of life as a Year 4 to 11 College.

I am on long service leave for the first month of next term and will be spending plenty of time with my family in the outdoors finding slices (and hopefully chunks!) of happiness. Brett Henschell will be doing additional duties to support Nathan Burgess in Sport and Jono Bolt will be Acting Director of Co-curricular Activities in my absence. I look forward to coming back next term rested and ready to share in the many great opportunities that lie ahead.

Enjoy the holiday period, I hope families are able to find some quality time together and boys get the chance to relax, binge a little on screens if that is their thing and then get outdoors and enjoy some time away from school.

Warriors go Brach !

Dave Capra
Director of Co-Curricular Activities