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Choose Love Instead of Hate

The event in Christchurch on Friday is one of the most extreme acts of terrorism the world has seen in recent times. For New Zealand, it was a loss of innocence.

The impact of this tragic event will have a lasting effect throughout Australia and New Zealand. Some parents and caregivers may struggle to explain this tragedy to their sons, many of whom are already struggling with high levels of anxiety about the state of their world. It is important to put this event into context for children of all ages.

Although we cannot control what happens in our world, we can choose the way we respond. Michael Senior spoke to our community this morning about love instead of hatred. The distressing nature of this event will never be forgotten, but at the same time we should not allow it to permanently disturb or destroy future generations. In this SchoolTV special report, parents and caregivers are provided with practical strategies on how to talk to their children in a reassuring manner.

It will also highlight the necessity to be aware of the signs of trauma, should a child be adversely affected by Friday’s events. We hope you take time to reflect on the information offered in this special report, and as always, we welcome your feedback. If you do have any concerns about the wellbeing of your son, please contact his Formation Leader, Head of House or the College Counsellors.

Click here to watch the report.

Conor Finn
Dean of Formation