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Celebration BBQ Lunch

On Thursday 18 October staff and students will enjoy a BBQ lunch and games on Brothers oval.

2500 sausages, for 1050 boys, cooked and served in just one hour? Challenge accepted! The meat, bread and sauce will be abundant as we celebrate our Irish traditions and House groups during big lunch. Following a long held College tradition of a ‘Sausage in Bread’, each School (Junior, Middle and Senior) will compete across their House Groups in a series of lunchtime activities.

These include Handball, Red Rover, Capture the Flag, Basketball Shootout and the mysterious, ‘Fill the Bucket’ challenge. Sources tell us that Ulster are rightfully the red hot favourites to take the honours but Munster, Leinster and Connacht will be competitive and ruthless when it comes to winning the 80 Years Cup. All boys are encouraged to participate with enthusiasm, passion and pride and wear their House shirts.

+Please CLICK HERE if you can volunteer on the BBQ.

Uniform: All students are to wear their PE uniform or their House shirt with PE shorts.