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Busy Bees in Year 5

Busy is the best way to describe Term 2 for the Year 5 boys. Years 5 Bodkin and 5 Nolan visited St Mark’s, Inala to help celebrate St Mark’s Day. The community of St Mark’s opened their arms and welcomed the boys for a day of fun activities and learning. The boys got to participate in Baked Beans eating competitions, Musical Statues, Author trivia, bubble blowing and other fun and enjoyable games.

The community of St Mark’s provided a delicious lunch and cold drinks for the boys as well. Our relationship continues to grow between our two schools and St Marks will visit us at ATC very soon so we can reciprocate the hospitality.

This term we have completed NAPLAN. As usual, it was either just another day at school or a slightly anxious time for some students. The good news is that it is now complete and we have moved on to other exciting learning. In the lead up to NAPLAN, Mr Stewart ran the first ever Junior School Spelling Bee competition. This was a difficult competition to have a winner in with so many boys demonstrating their outstanding spelling skills. In the end, Ethan Draheim and Adrian Archila were the last competitors and after a fierce battle Adrian was announced our inaugural Spelling Bee Champion.

The Year 5 boys have also embarked on the first Year 5 retreat, coordinated by Mr Warr. The day was spent at Rocks River Park at Jindalee where groups of students rotated and learnt about the story of Ambrose, Edmund and Jesus through the lens of sustainability and how we are all called to be stewards of the earth. Once again, we were able to focus entirely on the unique needs of boys, to be learning outside the classroom, making the history of the area relevant to real life and to offer an opportunity for the boys to connect as a cohort.

By this time next week, we will have all been over to St. Helena Island on our Term 2 excursion to look at its convict history and why it was such a success as a convict settlement. Who will get locked up in the cells will be anybody’s guess!

As well as these wonderful learning opportunities, the Year 5 commitment to co-curricular activities continues with Public Speaking, Chess, Band and the numerous sporting opportunities. It was the boys in Year 5 who gave Mr Hassett his first win in any competition as a coach of a school team last weekend. Well done 5C green football team and Mr Hassett. The boys in Year 5 will continue to evolve and grow over the coming months and as always, their teachers are surprised at how quickly the year passes by in the busy and engaging learning environment at ATC.

Brett Cashmere, Year Level Coordinator