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The Economic Divide – Budget Impacts Youth

Staff Blogger Patrick Howell, Head of Business

This year has been a very unusual year for students of Business and Economics. COVID19 has thrown up many challenges to businesses and individuals around Australia and across the world. The 2020 Federal Budget was unrecognisable from any other post-war Budget. Young people will likely be economically disadvantaged, as the following video explains.

But how do the students at ATC think this 2020 Budget will affect them? Through no fault of their own they look like being significantly disadvantaged over the foreseeable future. Recently, the Morrison government released the Federal Budget, outlining their plan for tackling the economic devastation caused by Covid-19. Ambrose Treacy College students, Owen, Oliver, Atticus, and Josh presented their perspectives on the Federal Budget as Economic students. Overviewing tax cuts, youth employment, university tuition, national debt, and mental health, the boys express the typically underrepresented opinions of teenage students entering this broken economy.

Time will tell how the youth of Australia will be affected by the economic events of 2020, and the repercussions may be felt for decades. I am pleased that our students are very aware of what is happening and the impacts of the pandemic on our economy. Their research and learning this year has informed them and helped prepare them for what lies ahead.