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Building a Sporting Legacy – Burn the Boats

As we have entered the back half of 2018, I am beginning to look ahead to 2019 and the opportunities it will present. 2019 will be a special year for ATC, with the first Year 12 cohort for the college. 2019 will offer a lot of excitement and also a degree of the unknown as every facet of the college looks to build a culture and begin a legacy.

From a sporting perspective, 2019 will be the beginning of something very special. For the first time in College history, ATC will be fielding First teams and Open teams across our range of sports. Boys selected into these squads and teams will carry a great responsibility of creating a legacy for our sporting program that will roll over for years and decades to come. It is our hope that the boys in this situation will take the opportunity with both hands and create something special that our students can aspire to as they reach the final years of their schooling life.

What we will be looking for from these students in a commitment to excellence, a commitment to improving and more importantly, a commitment to the program and each other. When looking at commitment, there is one group of people in history that set the benchmark above the rest, where the famous saying of “Burn the Boats” began. History tells us that the Vikings were fearless and ruthless warriors, a group with unquestioned commitment to each other. When the Vikings first arrived for battle, the first thing they would do is burn their boats as a symbol to each other and their opposition.

This signalled that they were fully committed to the fight, fully committed to each other and that by burning their only way home, there was no easy way out. It is my hope that the boys presented with an opportunity to represent ATC in a First team or Open team in 2019 will carry this “Burn the Boats” mentality. We want boys who are willing to create a legacy of excellence, boys who will turn up to every single training session, gym session and team meeting looking to do better each day and boys who will not make excuses.

Ultimately, we are looking to create a legacy similar to the Vikings – fearless Warriors who are committed to the battle.

Information regarding our First teams and Open teams will be released in two weeks.

What’s Happening in Sport

Here is an overview for the remainder of term:

• Wednesday 5 September – Year 7 & 8 Volleyball Schools Cup (Gold Coast) Trials, 6:45am to 8:00am @ Xavier Centre
• Saturday 8 September – House Basketball Finals, Draw for this day to be released following this weekend’s fixtures
• Monday 10 September – Term 4 Cricket trials commence (trial schedule to be placed on the ATC App)
• Tuesday 11 September – Melbourne and Gold Coast Volleyball Schools Cup Training commences (details to be emailed to relevant families)
• Wednesday 12 September – Final Primary Basketball games (this will be played on a Wednesday instead of Friday)
• Thursday 20 September to Sunday 23 September – Champion Schools Basketball Queensland Tournament (17A Basketball team)
• Friday 21 & Saturday 22 September – Final Club Basketball Fixture for Term 3 (All teams)
• Sunday 23 September – Target Race #1 for ATC Triathlon students – Robina

Have a great weekend of sport!

Nathan Burgess
Head of Sport & Coaching Development