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Bring the Best to the Crest

The coveted trophies!

Life is not always smooth sailing for everyone. We are constantly challenged and asked to perform tasks under different circumstances, whether it be in our personal or professional life. When meeting a challenge as an individual, we are filled with empowerment and satisfaction. A challenge in a group builds resilience, teamwork and kudos.

Rising to the Challenge

The introduction of the House System across the Senior school has seen the creation and rise of the inaugural House challenges. These House challenges will become folklore within our school community as our young men endeavour to bring the best to the crest.

In Term 1, the Houses competed for Connacht’s ‘Golden Boot’. This challenge required competitors to put their hearts on the line in the infamous beep test. Each House warrior that was selected, fought valiantly for their House with Ulster taking a narrow win over second placed Munster.

Ulster House threw down the gauntlet this week with The Thinker Challenge, pitting the brightest engineering brains against one another. Again, in another hard fought campaign, Ulster came out on top but only by a narrow margin of two points over the mighty Munster.

With two remaining House challenges this year, Leinster and Connacht are hungry to chase down their rivals and take out a win. As Sam Brown, Head of Leinster said, ‘Every challenge is an opportunity for growth.’

Paul Towner
Head of Munster House

Thinkers' Challenge