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We have a natural-born desire to belong; to find – and own – our place. In his study on the effects of community living, head of Psychology at Stanford University, Gregory Walton found that belonging is inextricably tied to increases in motivation, health, happiness and even life expectancy.

We belong when our voices feel heard, when our actions matter and our vision aligns. Ambrose Treacy College prides itself on an inclusive community which was formed with our first Seniors in 2019 and continued with our Seniors of 2020. It is on these foundations that our vision will be realised. This is a vision crafted over our years here, a vision that we are confident in, and a vision that involves us all, from the smallest Year 4 to the tallest Year 11. It is centred simply around one word:


Very early on I began to form a strong connection towards this school. The values of service, learning and leadership always resonated with me, providing a sturdy backbone for my journey. My connection to Ambrose Treacy was born through a community which enabled my belonging. In all aspects of ATC life, from having a laugh in Percussion Ensemble on a Tuesday morning, to fun banter at a basketball game at Kedron on Friday nights, this always has been and always will be, somewhere I belong. But I would be naïve to think everyone feels the same way about our school. We are all on an individual path to belonging, but as Seniors we are dedicated to help every single member of our community realise that at ATC, you belong.

How do we do that? In three words: Believe Build Become

We BELIEVE This starts with believing in ourselves; we are capable of anything we set our minds to. Trust in yourself and be humble enough to seek help from those more experienced than you. Believe in each other, lift one another up, do not push them down. Their success is your success. Your success is our success. We move forward when we believe in one another. Then, believe in us.

By us, I mean your 2021 Seniors. We are committed to providing you with the best year possible. Sure, we could look at it through a lens of newfound power, but that will not get us half as far as if we choose to look back. We have all been where you are, we know how it feels and we have the choice to use our experience, our collective wisdom, and our talents to help YOU belong. Believe in us, and we will commit to you. At ATC, you belong.

We BUILD We will work with existing relationships and build new ones around are newest members. We will show our lasting belief in one another through an appreciation of our College’s growth and an inclusive attitude to those joining us. During our leadership, we build on the inclusive identity of our school. Ambrose Treacy College is a school that strives for individual and collective success, and a school that accepts anyone and everyone. At ATC, you belong.

We BECOME As Seniors, Semester 2 is when we reap the fruits of our labour. This is when our vision is put to the test. Our College will be unified. Our voices will be heard, our actions will be felt, and our vision will be aligned. We will form a culture, earn respect, create a brotherhood, and inspire others, but above all, we will give Ambrose Treacy College something to be proud of – a sense of belonging that permeates through the school, staff and student alike. Our plan will define our legacy as Seniors, so we need everyone to get onboard. By the end of the year we are hopeful for a collective unity of Ambrose Treacy College that will echo across Brisbane. At ATC, you belong.

It feels like we have experienced a lifetime of change in these nine years. But through all of this, we have remained welcoming and unafraid. Though we may, at times, falter we rise again to any challenge and I am confident that this will continue in our leadership in 2021.

Our Promise

We will search for opportunities to lead as servants, building on the strong foundations set by the Seniors before us. We will set an example that is influential, respectful, and kind. We will form a legacy so strong, it will seep into the bones of Ambrose Treacy College, our school, our place.

At ATC, you belong.

Charlie Neumann College Captain 2021