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Being MINDFUL at Exam Time

As we hit Exam Block students may be thinking they are prepared, know their stuff and presume the exam will be a piece of cake, however, that feeling of confidence can quickly turn to panic if they haven’t put in a consistent effort all term.

Enter meditation and mindfulness – and no, before you ask, it’s not just a fad! If you haven’t practiced mindfulness or if it is a new concept to you, the website Smiling Mind is a fantastic resource that explains in simple terms how your household can come together to help your son through the dreaded assessment time. Practicing being in the moment and being open to what you need to focus on are two very important skills that can help during stressful times.

Research suggests practicing mindfulness builds resilience, tolerance, patience and self-acceptance. In fact, the benefits of meditation can be endless. Click here to read the Smiling Minds ‘Top 10 Tips for Taking Care of Your Mind During Exam Time’, which offers simple strategies that will help get boys through to the end of next week. You may like to download the the Smiling Mind App which is a completely free mindfulness tool that you can use on your smartphone at anytime.

ATC SchoolTV also offers some very useful resources and advice from Dr Michael Carr-Gregg for reducing exam anxiety and improving concentration, productivity and sleep. I hope these online resources assist you in supporting your sons and become part of the arsenal in conquering exam jitters.

Best of luck to all students in their assessments.

Paul Towner
Head of Munster House