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Be Busy and Be Healthy

Junior School students have made a fantastic start to Semester 2 and I would like to congratulate all students on the way they have participated during lessons and socialised during break times. I have been really impressed with the calm, cooperative manner of students in the classrooms and it is clear that all students are taking their learning very seriously.

This term is loaded with beneficial Formation initiatives across the Junior school. We have seen the commencement of the Let’s Chat program with sessions aimed at encouraging students to make informed decisions about their lifestyle. These sessions are implemented in a manner that supports the role of parents and reflects the Catholic values and ethos of the College. The content is delivered by experienced educators and these programs and workshops create positive and interactive opportunities for good discussions around the topics of ‘The Changing Body’ and ‘Who am I?’.

Year 6 visit an Aged Care Facility each week.

There has been a buzz in the air with the commencement of the “Gold Rush” game in Year 5. You may see boys around the college wearing their miner’s license on a lanyard. They are all wary of the Bush Rangers and are hiding their hard earned pounds in safe places. The game is on and who will be the next one to strike it rich? Year 4 got their hands dirty recently by planting trees in the gully to contribute to the award winning environmental rejuvenation program. The boys are very keen to follow their tree’s growth as they journey through the College.

Students will present speeches as part of the Inaugural Year 6 Inter-house Public Speaking Competition. Round 1 is set for Thursday 16 August with the finals to take part on Friday 24 August. It does not stop there…. We have the World of Maths incursion, Afternoon of Infamous and the Raft Day in Year 4, Gold Rush excursion and Stockade day in Year 5, Australian Maths Competition and Swagtember sleep out in Year 6 along with major events such as Book Week and QCCMF. Excitement is also growing as we make final plans to welcome our new 2019 students to Orientation day which takes place in week 8. But wait there is more….. Let’s not forget the involvement of Junior School students in the Annual ATC Cook-Off Competition this term and the service initiatives such as aged care visits, Montessori visits, brownie drives and other community initiatives.

There is never a dull moment in the Junior School because there really is something for every boy!

So, why is it good for boys to be busy, productive and give back to the community?

At ATC we value the benefits these opportunities provide our boys. It allows our boys to learn more about their personal motivations, develop critical thinking skills and to think about problems and social issues in new ways. A recent study indicated researchers at the London School of Economics and Political Science found a link between self-reported levels of good health and happiness and volunteer work. The United Health Group reported that 76% of people who have volunteered in the past twelve months said it made them feel happier, and 94% of people indicated that it improved their mood. Our Junior School students are busy, they are active and engaged in wonderful community service initiatives. This means we have happy and motivated students who are making Br. Ambrose Treacy’s message of justice and compassion a living reality.

Michael Stewart
Head of Junior School