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Basketball Overview

The ATC Basketball Program continues to expand and develop. Special thanks to John Dean for his enthusiastic coaching and contribution to all aspects of the program. The outdoor courts were recently changed to be one and a half courts, which has actually created a purpose built 3on3 half court that has drawn a lot of boys to shooting and games during the lunch hour.

The program as a whole has also begun using an indoor facility for many training sessions which is a fantastic addition to the development of the program. We have had a record number of boys registering their interest in basketball and have expanded our offerings so all boys have a chance to engage and compete with Ambrose Treacy Basketball.

3on3 Ambrose Treacy Basketball

The Ambrose Treacy 3on3 Competition kicked off in Term Two and the boys competed with enormous enthusiasm for the six week season. Boys were trained by coaches for 30 minutes of each round and then put on court for a series of games for the remaining 45 minutes. We had music pumping and snacks on hand and the boys had a blast. ‘Spirit of 3on3 Medals’ were awarded to boys that displayed skillful play, good sportsmanship and enthusiasm for the competition.

School Basketball

Ambrose Treacy College planned to nominate two teams to join the AIC Schools competition but when we held tryouts for boys to join the program, we had an overwhelming response and nominated a third team to represent the school. The boys travelled far and wide throughout Term Three and enjoyed playing against a number of different boys’ schools around Brisbane.

Club Basketball

We launched our own club in the South West Metro Pirates Basketball Association, nominating two teams in the U15 age group and one team in the U13 age group. This provided better quality opportunities for our boys in testing their skills against other clubs. Our new uniforms were an exciting addition to the program, creating a real ‘collegiate’ feel to the program with great support from the parents. From this group of boys Charlie Cooper, was selected in the Premier League team for Brisbane Basketball and Toby Hannan, and Kihi Bond have been selected to represent South West Metro Pirates in the U16 Boys Representative teams.

Development Squad

A small group of 20 athletes were chosen to be a part of the Ambrose Treacy Basketball Development Squad. This squad provided extra specialist coaching and group sessions to these boys with a view to accelerating their skill development. Early morning training sessions were surprisingly popular and the boys showed enormous enthusiasm in the sessions with the music pumping and basketballs going in all directions.