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Bag Count 50

Boomerang Bags Initiative has taken flight and the Years 7, 8 and 9 boys have been leading the charge connecting and empowering each other to not only invest in our College’s Service program but also actively demonstrating their understanding of the environmental impact of plastic pollution on our planet.

The idea behind these bags is simple. Create them to reduce the number of plastic bags by using re-purpose fabric that is otherwise unwanted. The year seven students have certainly learned some new skills and have been putting them to good use. Whether it is cutting fabric, ironing or running them through the machine; the production line is strong. Students have given up their lunch breaks to create a finished product, they can be proud.

We initially learned of this opportunity via social media so Matt Ribeiro and I decided we could both learn how to sew! With a lot of patience from the lovely ladies at The Gap Boomerang Bags Community this only took a whole day! From there, we created our own ATC Boomerang Bags Community, where boys gathered together, picked their choice of fabric, made a pattern and started sewing. Sounds easy when said like that but there has been a huge commitment from students and staff to get this project up and running. We are now at the point where we have a core group of boys who know how to make a bag from start to finish during one lunch break and they are now teaching their peers how it is done.

Years 8 and 9 students have also held ‘sewing bees’ after school with parents and grandparents helping out. We love seeing cross-generational involvement and these opportunities have allowed us to grow as a group and become a counter-cultural collection of males that can sew – one bag at a time! There aren’t many Service initiatives that students can walk away from and say ‘I made that’ but Boomerang Bags has been really satisfying for those students involved.

We are working towards selling our best ‘arm candy’ bags at Jazz by the River next week! All proceeds will be put back into the Boomerang Bags Global Grassroots Movement which will help us play our part in protecting the environment. Please come along, look out for the pop up store on Saturday 19 October and support our boys and this worthy cause. Our sewers are very happy with their finished products and are ‘fighting’ over the best fabrics to attract their customers!

To learn about this global phenomenon, PLEASE CLICK HERE.

Dave Sullivan
Head of Year 7