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Average...Who Wants to Be That?

A Day in the Life of Year 11 Students

I’ll be honest – there’s no such thing as an average Year 11 student. By Year 11, every boy is almost fully developed, and has a unique range of skills and experiences. A brief glance at a stereotypical day in the life of a Year 11 student at ATC reveals how unique we really are!

Sometime in the vague early hours of the morning, well before the sun has started to rise…. Wait, that’s not right. Let’s start again. Most mornings start sometime between 6 and 7am with an alarm clock blaring incessantly and so loud that it would raise the dead. Our hero rises slowly, washes his face to ignite some sense of reality into his new day, and heads towards the kitchen for breakfast. After fueling his body and brain, he focuses on packing his bag to get organised for the long day ahead.

Depending on the student or the morning, he is already late to any one of numerous activities. From band or choir, drama club to footy practice, or even yoga with Mr Mapleston, he will inevitably rock up 10 minutes late, half dressed, and with an air of misguided nonchalance. After throwing himself into the activity with a vigour that belies his fatigue, our hero will, for the first time that morning, turn his thoughts toward the learning he will be exposed to over the next 6 hours. A preliminary check to ensure all homework is finished results in a mad dash to the library, where his peers wait to help him on his journey to understand the quadratic formula, or the identities hidden in a text.

With the 8.20am bell signalling the end is near, (or the start) the time has come to fully face the day. He heads off to any number of homerooms across Senior school. Make no mistake though, this is not a time to relax. It’s quite possibly the busiest time in the day for our intrepid Year 11 student. Year 11’s are the lifeblood of the school, a mix of seniority and perceived free time meaning that any one of numerous jobs need to be completed by the end of the day. And homeroom is like a control room for this operation. From sending emails requesting meetings, to organising war-cries, to mentoring younger students, and even squeezing in a game of hand-ball here and there, homeroom becomes a hive of activity.

After an energetic start, the stereotypical Year 11 heads off to the first lessons of the day. No matter what subject he has chosen, it is certain to be challenging but fun. His teachers are always quick to joke around, but rest assured, work will be done. In every class, there is always a magic spell cast to convince every boy that they have done as little work as possible, while still knowing the curriculum through and through by the time an exam comes around. Homework will be jotted down on a variety of planners, One Note and even the occasional hand, to be done at some undetermined time – but always before the next lesson rolls around.

Breaks will find us spread far and wide across the school, engaged in varied ways. Some will head to the library to either catch up on work, carefully consider the chess board, or even in more remote cases get ahead with study. Some will gather around a table to chat and eat. The main topics for conversation will predominately be sport, girls, or which subject is best/hardest/most annoying at that moment.

Others still will decide to head to the Xavier Centre or out the front of the gym, to play sport. These hardcore competitive types will go to no end to win, challenging teachers or younger students to hard-fought games of basketball, handball, soccer, rugby or really anything involving a ball. For some of us there are meetings with teachers to plan the future of the school or their maths assignment, or even the occasional music lesson will fill their breaks. Rest assured, all boys will recharge at lunchtime and arrive at the next lesson on time and ready to learn. Well, maybe not always on time….

The prayer at 3pm signifies the end of another engaging day of learning and fun, and with bags stuffed full with everything they need to complete homework, and the various other extra-co-curricular activities throughout the day, Year 11 men will be released into the wild swarming down the hill with the rest of school. But wait, they cry. This can’t possibly be all. There’s still so much to do. So much to see and lucky for them, they’d be right. The activities after school are almost as varied as the boys that participate in them. Boys will head towards Jack Bowers for whatever sport is on that afternoon. Others will don workout gear and hit the gym where, under the supervision of Mr Jackson, they will endeavour to put some muscle on their developing frames. Some may have more success than others, but everyone puts in 110%, driven on by booming tunes to inspire a new level of effort.

Those more academically inclined, or rather, those with assignments needing completion, will head to the library, where they enjoy the support of a variety of teachers. Together, here is where the school really earns it’s worth. Those in control are always happy to help out others, with the combined goal of all of us achieving our best. Those who don’t understand something can find some help under the watching gaze of teachers, who generously give up their time to help at Homework Club. The resources on display at the library are well trusted by the Year 11’s, and are well known as the saviours of many a history assignment.

There are always a variety of Service opportunities after school, so be sure to watch as Year 11 boys throw themselves headfirst into everything. From selling raffle tickets to helping out as the resident BBQ experts, from supporting Blind Eye Ministries homeless shelter to the backbreaking labour to transform the gully, en masse, Year 11 moves to support the community after school hours.

Then finally, the day ends and you can picture us at home, sitting on desks and beds around Brisbane, studying hard. Homework needs to be done, and even if sometimes with annoyance, Year 11 boys bend their heads over the books, and get into it. This isn’t the most glamorous time of the day, but it’s certainly an important one, and a gruelling one for the majority of hardworking Year 11 students.

And there you have it. The average day in the life of an ATC Year 11 student. It may not always be exciting, but on reflection, it is certainly always fulfilling and definitely not average … and we wouldn’t want it any other way!

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