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The Colourful Autumn Concert

The traditional end-of-term concert is a crucial part of any school music program as a forum for sharing our musicians hard work in lessons, rehearsals and practise rooms. It is a celebration, and a bringing together of a community to share in music making full of unexpected moments and where individuals overcome great challenges and teams work together in accomplishing common goals.

For so many music students, sharing their music making in front of an audience is the primary motivator for all of the hours of work and dedication that is required to play an instrument to a high standard. For junior ensembles they listen to and learn from more senior ensembles and look up to those role models and are inspired to work harder again to perform to the same high standard.

The years that have been 2020 and 2021 have been remarkable in many ways, and for school music programs have required significant innovation through variations of performances, postponements, distancing, limited audiences, and “virtual” pre-recorded and streamed concerts and events.

Everything that 2020 and 2021 delivered to the Music Department has made the 2022 Autumn Music Concert even more significant. Despite a delayed start to the year, a natural disaster that rendered the Music Department’s teaching rooms unusable, and the ongoing impacts of a pandemic, seven bands, ensembles and a choir took to the stage for this very special occasion.

After a week of rain and flooding the sun shone as the pre-concert entertainment began with the Jazz Ensemble treating our early guests with their first public performance for 2022. As the gathering grew, the Big Band and ATC Jazz Orchestra took to the stage, as a prelude to the main event of Concert Bands and Choral music to follow.

The Concert Band opened the formal proceedings with a very exciting and energizing performance of “Defender of Time”. This was especially well received by the families of those boys in the ensemble who started their musical journey just 12 months or so ago in the Junior Band. To follow was the Wind Ensemble who performed two very impressive numbers including the soundtrack to “Pirates of the Caribbean”. The College’s most senior Wind Band, the ATC Symphonic Winds then took to the stage and performed two very sophisticated pieces of repertoire including ‘Brick Street Encounter’ at an impressive standard, particularly given that the group did not have a rehearsal with the complete line-up at any stage in Term One. The final performance of the evening was delivered by the ATC Senior Singers, who with a number of missing members were able to entertain the audience with “Take me Home Country Roads” in a very fitting conclusion to this important occasion.

For those students who were not able to attend for a range of reasons including Covid quarantine protocols we look forward to having them back and involved in one of the many performances opportunities there are to look forward to next term.

Jonathon Bolt
Head of Co-curricular Music Performance

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