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ATC Sport in Focus - Our State Representatives

Finn with his Emerging Reds Cup teammates

Welcome to our first blog in a series that will highlight the achievements of ATC students across the co-curricular areas of sport, music and clubs. Today we introduce you to some ATC sportsmen who have represented Queensland in 2021. We congratulate these students on their achievements and we look forward to seeing what 2022 holds for them.

Rugby Union

Year 10 ATC student Finn Mackintosh represented Queensland in the 14 – 15 Years Rugby Union team. Finn was part of a three-day competition at Riverside Rugby Club, which he claims was a tonne of fun but equally challenging due to the chemistry and skill sets of the other teams. Finn thrived playing with others of a similar skill level and being part of teams that combined people from all different clubs and schools was a memorable experience.

Finn Macintosh barging through

2021 has been a big year in his Rugby Union journey seeing Finn be part of Met West, Northern Eagles, Brisbane, and then the Queensland team. Finn is an ambitious young man who has big goals for the future, which include selection in the ATC First XV, and playing professional Rugby for the Queensland Reds. At ATC, Finn has enjoyed our Athletic Development sessions which are aimed at developing sporting capabilities and performances, combining physical and game sense elements. Finn’s advice for other students is to train hard in every session and hit the gym to improve strength and conditioning.


Year 6 ATC student, Andre Venter, was selected for the 10 – 12 years Queensland Swimming team. After placing third at States, he is hoping to achieve a State title in December, secure an official position in the State team, and possibly even get selected for Nationals! Andre spoke of the great comradery he now has with the boys that he competed against, acknowledging that despite the fact they were all fighting for the same position, they were all mates at the end of the day.

Andre Venter on the blocks

This ties nicely into the advice Andre has for other boys stating, “you may have a bad meet, but you will be able to look back on those moments once you have succeeded and see how they helped you grow and achieve your goals.” At the state titles event, Andre said that although he was focused on being his best self, meeting new people and the environment of the event has a significant impact on one’s growth. Andre has felt the support of ATC throughout his swimming journey especially from coach Mr Paul Jones who Andre said, “tells me what I did right and wrong after each race, and what I can do next to improve on it, which I really appreciate.” An important aspect to Andre’s Club swimming is knowing he has represented the club well and worked hard for his coach.

Year 6 ATC student, Tom Stegeman, was also selected for the 10 – 12 years Queensland Swim team this year. At the ATC pool Tom is coached by Mr Jones and Mr Wells, who he says are great coaches and really supportive of his swimming journey.

Tom poolside with friends and coach Mr Paul Jones

Although Tom is multitalented in the pool, his favourite strokes are butterfly and backstroke Tom enjoyed every aspect of the QLD trials, getting out and racing, being at the pool and just having the chance to get times. He found it exciting to be a part of the Queensland meet and trials, but was also a little nervous about the competition. Nonetheless that hasn’t stopped him wanting to achieve his goals.

Tom wins a Sport Award for his outstanding ability.

Tom had some simple, but solid advice for other boys who might be wanting to reach the next level in their sport, “keep trying and push your limits”. Tom is hoping to take the next step in his swimming career and has set a goal to make Nationals for Multi-Class in April 2022.


Year 9 ATC student Sebastian Lever was a member of the 12 – 15 years Queensland Volleyball team, competing at the end of Term 2. Although Sebastian understands the competitive and often serious nature of tournaments and carnivals, he knew how important it was for him to have fun and enjoy playing sport even at a high level. Noticing a big jump in the level of competition, Sebastian said that it was great to be recognised and see his own improvement from last year.

Seb Lever showing his talent

At ATC Sebastian has been under the guidance of Mr Westphal, who, for the last three years has been a positive influence, developing a great coaching bond and is someone Sebastian can talk to outside of training. Sebastian has a goal to make the Australian Volleyball Schools Cup team and compete at the tournament in December. Looking further into the future, Sebastian has an ambition to join the Australian Institute of Sport and play college Volleyball. Sebastian recommends that players speak with their coaches, ask questions and participate in club sport. He said the biggest enjoyment comes from being part of a team environment.

Year 11 ATC student, Lachlan Macnamara, was a member of the Queensland U18 Volleyball team this year. This team selection was available to anyone in QLD, with several trials, leading up to his selection. Lachlan trained with the team until they travelled to Bundaberg, playing six games over two days. From his time with the team Lachlan said he learnt several new skills, as well as refining his existing skills, playing against some tough competition, adapting to new situations in a new team and environment, and meeting new people.

Lachlan Macnamara hitting one back

Lachlan is grateful for the help and guidance of Mr Walker, stating. “if it wasn’t for him then I probably wouldn’t be playing any level above school”. Looking into the future, Lachlan intends to trial for the QLD School Boys team next year as well as the QLD U19, ATC Firsts, and his journey through club volleyball and QLD representative Volleyball. Lachlan’s advice for any other boys is that if you want to succeed then you need to give your best and work hard.

Current Year 9 student Cameron Messenger was selected in the U15 Queensland Volleyball team. From his time with the team, Cameron enjoyed learning new skills including learning to be mentally strong, improving his elevation, which is vital to his role as pass hitter in Volleyball, and the overall team environment. Cameron said that Mr Westphal has been a major influence on his development as a player, stating “without him our team wouldn’t be where we are”.

Cameron Messenger on fire

Goal wise, Cameron would like to make the ATC Volleyball Firsts and be part of a QLD team but a big long term goal is to make the 2032 Olympics. Cameron has spoken of wanting to be a role model, a good captain that inspires others to play, and letting everyone know the fun nature of Volleyball. Cameron’s advice for other students is simply “put in the work, don’t give up, and remember to have fun”.


Luka Cuda who is in Year 9 here at ATC, was a member of the Queensland State Performance Program (SPP). Luka currently plays for the Brisbane Capitals and this year trialled for the SPP and was picked in the squad as a training member. Throughout his time training with the team, Luka said he enjoyed the diversity of skills within the team and the opportunity to analyse other’s strengths and weaknesses.

Luka Cuda

As well as learning new skills, Luka learnt how to better perform in a team environment, and gained knowledge of new positions. . Luka was challenged in several aspects of the SPP program, including the athleticism, size, and skill level of the other players, an area that differed from his club competition. His advice for other boys is to get involved in a club or basketball program outside school, as more opportunities can arise when you open yourself up to different pathways. Luka is hoping to be part of a QLD state team in the coming season. Looking further into the future, Luka would like to play Basketball in America.

Year 9 student Matt AmoAmo was part of the Queensland State Performance Program (SPP) and a reserve player for the U16 South Team. Matt has now applied for the National Performance Program. Whilst being a part of these programs and teams, Matt enjoyed playing against, and learning from, the older guys who are more experienced. At ATC Matt has enjoyed the structured environment of training with Greg Martin who is the ATC First X Basketball coach.

Matt AmoAmo on court

Matt not only developed as a player from the SPP, but also learnt a great deal about what being a professional athlete entails, such as how to behave appropriately on and off the court. From his time with the SPP, Matt has also changed his diet in preparation for that next step, which for Matt, is to make the National Performance Program and support the ATC CBSQ Seniors into Division 1. Further down the track Matt has hopes for the National Basketball League (Australia) and the National Basketball Association (USA). Matt is a believer in that the harder you work the easier the pathway, saying “hard work takes precedence over natural ability.” Matt believes that if your ego comes into it then game becomes hard. He abides by the motto “leave your ego at the door”.


Archie's efforts recognised by Sherwood Magpies AFC

Year 11 student Archie Sinfield has taken a different pathway from Queensland Representative sport, not as a player, but as an AFL umpire at the U15 State Championships in Mackay. Umpiring has provided a different outlook on the game of AFL and as an umpire Archie said he has become an enabler of the game, an aspect which he has relished in. Archie thrived during his time umpiring at the State Championships, saying that umpiring at a higher level was enjoyable as the players understand so much more about the game. In October, Archie’s dedication was recognised by his local club Sherwood Magpies when he received their ‘Umpire of the Year’ award. Archie’s advice for boys who may want to transition from playing to umpiring or try their hand at both, is to sign up, get involved at a Juniors club level, gain an understanding of the basics, and then gradually move your way up. We are very excited to hear that Archie is currently training and trialling with the High-Performance group of umpires.

The College is focused on recognising boys’ achievements throughout the year and if your son has represented the State in his chosen sport, please let us know by clicking here to email us.

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